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  • Max18400
    407 posts

    @rodrigo20121 maybe so. But the fact its been advertised that Eivor's gender is customizable and confirmed that either option is Canon in the assassins creed lore
    , then record a lot of gender specific lines is a bit weird and badly planned.

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @max18400 i dont coment the marketing stupidity, and both are Canon, in odyssey chosing Alexios or kassandra changes the villains and the Canon changes with the choice.
    In valhalla there you play as eivor, but the animus cant understand the presence of male sage DNA, the historical eivor is female, but She as the male Odin DNA. Só yes She is a female with male DNA. Both até tecnically Canon. Not like the chose the strand San the nothing changes

  • Max18400
    407 posts

    I get it in the story that that is the case. And you are absolutely right. However, from a gameplay perspective, it is immersion breaking when you're playing a macho, bearded viking then someone calls you she, or their beautiful daughter. They needed the two concepts to meet in the middle, whereas they don't. Using non-gender pronouns (except from 'it' haha) would have made it less jarring and more inclusive for all players, whether they choose to play male or female Eivor. So in the overall story it does work, but in gameplay and in certain missions in particular, it really doesn't.

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @max18400 the solution is to not have the choice, that would also solve the bad voice acting

  • aldrichm8
    23 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Transmog system.. Please.. Upgraded gear looks hideous and honestly im quicksaving before upgrading my gear and if i dont like the new look i just load it back and dont touch the item. I thought this was gonna be available at launch as Ashraf mentioned during an interview.

  • Max18400
    407 posts

    @rodrigo20121 Yeah absolutely, also a good option haha

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @aldrichm8 Corona happened, looking at the post game roadmap i think they Will ad things Over time

  • aldrichm8
    23 posts

    @rodrigo20121 Corona has been around for almost a year and the interview was 3-4 months ago so thats no excuse, even if it impacted the work they should simply notify us and we wont dwell on it, i mean just communicate with us players better thats all i ask. Also can you provide me with an official roadmap if theres one ?

  • Fractal009
    Original poster 63 posts


    Yes, communication please 🙂

  • customer_x
    15 posts

    Dissappointed about many things, settlement very underwhelming and pointless, side quests, raids, lack of armor sets and loot in general but most of all the EMPTY lifeless roads - no traders, people or patrols, small towns and the lands in general.

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @aldrichm8 the covid caused delayes, the game Was made in a very short amount of time, then ashraf got fired, new game plus Was suposed to be on launch as the Transmog, but se Will have to wait a mounth or two same as se waited in odyssey.
    This is the post game content, it doesnt especifically mentimos Transmog, but it talks About new features, new setlement áreas and upgrades and new gear, skills and abilities all free, there Will probably also be new quests and features, it is squeduled to come this year

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    so they are planning to add new stuf to a broken game, wonder how many new bugs will popup then
    instead of adding stuf, they shoud first fix this broken pile of [censored]

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @speedynl21 they are working on fixing it too, thats probablly the reason we dont have a release date for season 1 yet

  • Fractal009
    Original poster 63 posts


    Totally agreed

  • LaMOi
    159 posts

    I have to say — early impressions count.

    so far I’m about 10hrs in. Just finishing up Norway.

    boy it’s a mixed bag.

    Exploration feels way better, happening upon side missions and mysteries feels more organic.
    I like the mini environmental puzzles — it offers a change of pace.
    rewards in chests and treasures found feel a bit more rewarding and worth it!
    Great setting. Nice environments.
    NO HEALTH REGEN! Finally!
    Lite Survival mechanics (too lite!) but better than nothing.
    Some of the cutscenes and story elements are OK
    Better swimming animations — which I appreciate
    Some cool abilities
    I appreciate some of what the combat system is going for.
    Adding back social stealth elements
    cloak is cool.
    Great music!

    Overall experience feels underwhelming! Can’t shake that feeling as yet...

    Rubbish Enemy AI - stealth ends up feeling Meh, non impactful.
    Horse animations still a bit rubbish, not on par with RDR2 or Ghost of Tsushima
    Clunky combat. Feels lightweight. No balance, easy enemies are too easy, hard enemies are verging on too hard, nothing in between.


    AC needs a stamina bar for climbing like Zelda, and a proper jump button. You hold the button to grab hold / climb....

    I definitely want a more immersive experience, so this game is a step in the right direction for me in this regard.
    I want AC to become like Red Dead Redemption 2 in its immersive details and mechanics, hunting, camping, weapon maintenance, horse can die, and you need to tame it. etc....
    BUT I don’t want linear, scripted missions like RDR2 — I hated the mission in that game, no freedom...

    But everything else in this game is out of date. Clunky combat, ageing traversal system.

    Next game need to be a total revamp!

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @lamoi i agree with you, the game is under welming, and so is rdr2 in the begginig, you will soon see the size of england so no worries, but you will notice its a bit empty, and it could use a lot more quests in the setlement, ac 3 had a bether settlement than valhalla. i know you dont like scripted quests but you sure understand that they are the best ones to give lore and exposition, red dead is 95% exposition and i love it.

    stamina wile climbing is stupid.
    this is a game based on climbing and parkour, though it has been downgraded, stamina only works if it diferenciates between surfaces and buildings, like
    climbing a flat wall - high stamina usage
    climbing a wall full of hand holders- low stamina usage
    but that only works if you have parkour like in the ezio days, in witch you could climb anithing by runing over carts, boxes and to roofs

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @rodrigo20121 i have this tread abou what i think could help the game, if you want to check

  • LaMOi
    159 posts


    Stamina absolutely works with climbing.

    It would make it more considered, you would have to think HOW you were going to climb up something. It wouldn’t be so mindless.
    They used it in Zelda and now Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

    Also — yeah I hate scripted linear gameplay.

    I also think that Traditional linear story telling needs to evolve in the medium of games — because if I’m watching a cutscene then I’ve ceased playing a game and am now watching a movie....

    This needs to change.

    In RDR2 if I’m riding along and gallop too far from the NPC the game tells me to come back or fail the mission.
    What if I don’t want to listen anymore, what if it’s boring me?
    The insistence by the Developers that the player DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD and punish any attempt to get free from the SCRIPT — I didn’t like that one bit.

    I pay £50 to PLAY a GAME not watch a movie or listen to endless frankly boring dialog.
    I really ended up hating RDR2 for this reason.
    I want to play a game! I paid money to play a game! Not an interactive movie....

    And regardless — I honestly found RDR2’s story boring, and the characters tedious.
    Too many really loooooong rides of boring exposition.

    Red Dead Redemption had some of that — but the characters and dialog were electric in comparison, some great writing, and quotable dialog (for a game)! It was impressive stuff.
    The gameplay also didn’t feel as restrictive, and the missions were more enjoyable!

  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    @lamoi Not to spoil your impressions, but you just haven't played the game long enough yet. A lot of those "good" impressions will soon be very bad. Particularly the "environmental puzzles" that end up becoming EXTREMELY repetitive and annoying to deal with. A lot of the time they boil down to blowing up a wall or moving something out of your way with no thought required to complete or a key scavenger hunt, just mindless artificial playtime bloat. Chest rewards have purely two outcomes: good (armor) and bad (worthless upgrade materials). You will eventually realize that there are an infinite number of upgrade materials that you can simply buy from traders, invalidating hunting the upgrade material chests by the late point in the game (even for Tungsten ingots). "Social stealth" is never more useful than simply sneaking around on roofs or killing enemies, completely devoid of the value it used to have in older AC games. Assassin's Creed has never had "survival" mechanics, this one has none either. Unless you consider shooting animals or picking berries "survival mechanics". More akin to health pickups in more linear games than survival.

    A stamina bar for climbing would entirely ruin the experience of an AC game. The climbing in this one is already much slower than previous titles and freerunning has been completely removed and replaced with contextual climbing. You probably spend nearly as much time climbing in this one as you do on flat ground. Also not to mention the design of long climbs up to things like sync points is done with the intent of not having any places to stop until you get to the top.

    What the AC series is selling and what you want this game to be aren't the same thing, unfortunately. AC is a fantasy game with fantasy mechanics, so realism isn't really par for the course.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @valtyrnine You can say the same for every Ubisoft game to be fair. Also the constant loot of Odyssey becomes extremly repetitive and tedious. Some people enjoy the loot, some people enjoy the puzzles. I enjoyed them till the end actually. Would have loved some more meaningful loot tho but seems like Ubisoft can't give both.

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