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  • longjohn119
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    Sharing an update. I went through customer service and at the end of the investigation pretty much came down to it being how the game renders textures and to expect dips in quality. So not a bug or a glitch just how the engine loads textures. Not the answer I was hoping for but there it is. No matter what other settings you turn down if you use high textures they will pop in and out because of how the engine loads them.

    The problem is likely a poor implementation of Resizeable BAR (Direct CPU access to VRAM) ..... This wasn't a problem until after Nvidia announced that Valhalla was supporting resizeable BAR ..... It's not allocating VRAM properly and introducing a new technology into a game this damn buggy is just asking for problems because it's going to affect all systems even those that don't implement it (Anything other than RTX 3000 series or RX 6000 series GPUs and systems with PCIE 4.0 support for the motherboard and CPU) .... It's silly anyway because such a small fraction of the Player Base has a compatible system due to the shortage of new GPUs and CPUs right now so it's just marketing nonsense and a waste of time like SLI support

    That's why it's not a problem on PS5 (and probably not a problem on Series X) because direct CPU access of VRAM is implemented natively in the design of the hardware and OS itself ..... Just dump support for Resizeable BAR/Smart Access and build in support into the next version of the Game Engine which should be completely redesigned from scratch because it is effectively End of Life and not compatible with modern consoles or PC's anymore ......

  • longjohn119
    617 posts

    Actually I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out this is also what is causing the low FPS and crashing issues .... I bet they added support for Resizeable BAR into the game engine with update 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 which is when everyone started having problems with low FPS and crashing all the time ..... It's just a dumb move by Management to try to implement something like that into a game that wasn't stable yet

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