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    27 posts

    @greenough84 i reloaded back 5 hours and completed 2 arcs all over again got back to the same place and it was still bugged such a waste of time

  • Polltergeist
    5 posts

    Greeting I was on the odin fight where you run to reach the door and after that a cinematic plays. The screen turns white but the next cinematic doesn't start so I'm stuck in the cave. Can't go anywhere and I don't have a previous save close to that point. Help me with my issue please.

  • Greenough84
    4 posts

    @tyranzyt Geez that sucks. Thanks for letting me know. I guess we have no choice but to wait for them to fix it.

  • garantat100
    Original poster 3 posts

    @ranger_two14 they need to fix this ASAP.
    All games that came out this month have bugs ... on Call of Duty the controller disconnects in mission 3. They are pushing the games with a lot of bugs just to make money.

  • xStasis
    1 posts

    I stunned Basim in the circle; the game is saying the quest updated it but the cutscene is never playing; I can't move and Basim is just aimlessly hitting my non existing body.


    I did it like 10 times now, but still the same outcome.
    Please look into this..

  • Consumed123
    12 posts

    I'm on the brothers keeper mission and im on the endless battle but i can't seem to interact with sigurd. I keep killing warriors and there's no other objective. This game is starting to annoy me so badly holy f. I'm on ps4... WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUGS [censored]. anyone pleaes got a solution?

  • Polltergeist
    5 posts

    Exactly the same for me. 😞

  • BasicallyMonke
    3 posts

    Same for me, I think there will be a new patch in a few days, let's hope they fix this one too.

  • Joeyd13106
    1 posts

    So I'm at the ending of the a brothers keeper mission and its glitch to where I cant fight the final boss no cut scene I was literally dropped from the simulation now the only thing I can do is run around in the chamber and die from jumping off the sides

    27 posts

    @joeyd13106 I'm in this same situation u have been waiting 4 days now

  • Cheadle1
    2 posts

    Hi how do I get a refund please spent a lot of time and effort on this game to get to a brothers keeper and find out I can’t progress because of a glitch

  • louismockler75
    14 posts

    @cheadle1 I have same one

  • louismockler75
    14 posts

    This doesn’t work. I have wasted 60hours of my life and stupid amount of money on a game that doesn’t work and your not even replying after I reported this days ago. This is my 3rd report now and no response

  • quzoyx
    2 posts

    yeah as many others i got stuck after spending over 100 hours after i came back from the white screen in the mission a brothers keeper, and you cant leave the cave in any way. so i decided to start a new save then but since the whole game was bugged after the former save mission i got tons of saves apperently, i checked so many times to see so i did not overwrite my 100+ save and in the saving it succeded and all in order,but when loading the old save to see if the bug was fixed it was gone..so how will i get my save back? and when are this bugs fixed? the bluescreens happens also but i feel like maybe all this problems should have been noticed before the release. its way to much problems for such a new game.

  • x_Asylum_x
    1 posts

    @ranger_two14 I have the same problem.. 3 days too

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 541 posts

    Hey there everyone! Thank you for reaching out about this issue, and I am sorry that you all have been stuck on this quest! I viewed your video, Ranger_Two14. Thank you for gathering that! I've reported this and provided the video up to the Game team. Would you all also, please try our guide here, which includes restoring your licenses. >> https://ubi.li/nbGmm << This can sometimes resolve in-game issues. However, if this continues afterwards, please let me know so I can update the Game team.

    Official Response
  • Dylan1990_
    24 posts

    This is a joke they not even trying to help

  • Cheadle1
    2 posts

    @louismockler75 it wound me up spent all that time to get that far and that happens so it kind of spoils the game

  • burrocke
    7 posts

    @xstasis I have a similar bug except basim never spawns, I reported it on the 15th of November and not received a response from Ubisoft. Cannot do anything until it’s fixed so started a new game.

  • Synxc
    12 posts

    @ubikobold How long do you reckon it'll take for it to be fixed, this is a major issue for people who have spent a lot of time on the game only for it to stop working because of this bug. It's been 4-5 days since I could play the game I've waited so long to play.

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