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  • IrishGamer50789
    24 posts

    @cap-cla Start the dlc, screen goes black cue music, a narrator comes on,, A long time ago in the year of our lord one Viking stands alone against a barbian horde of Norse Celts, Deceit corruption betrayal, Witness one man/ Woman's journey to discover not only the truth but the faith of their very lives and clan.. Witness history being forged and long time friendships being destroye.. Will you uncover the truth or will you as many others fall to its blade..

    Coming to a console near you April 29th 2021.. preorder now to receive a unique re-skinned outfit of your choice..

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @cap-cla I am hoping it'll start in the aftermath of the viking defeat at Edington against Alfred. It was a hugely significant battle that changed alot in England. It'll mean Eivor will have to look abroad (enter viking kingdom of Dublin) for new allies. And I'm hoping it'll lead on from here

  • katzenkrimis71
    160 posts

    I'd like to discuss about how this DLC should begin.


    Something tragic should happen. Something unpredictable that boils your blood or traumatizes you. Being blindside by important characters dying at the start would be enough to grab your attention and seek revenge. Whether your village gets hit in the middle of the night, or your friends and family are executed, then it's game on.

    Of course, revenge comes at a cost, too. The actual execution of revenge carries a bitter cost of time, emotional and physical energy, and more lives lost. That minute before you enact revenge may be savory, but the weeks leading up to it may not be. Nor the weeks that follow. Which is where The Siege of Paris comes in.

    How should Wrath of the Druids begin? With death.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    158 posts

    @cap-cla I had the good ending, Sigurd stays in Norway!
    It can indeed start with a drama, Ravensthorp will have an attack from unknown enemies (people/loved ones died) and after some time Hytham discovers the origin.............
    It will be a adventure on its own, maybe with Basim in the animus he will discover his children among the Celtic cult members.
    Hope there will be some of the story revealed in Ireland.

  • moriatii
    32 posts

    Maybe just me but [censored]? open a new area for us to explore give us new armour and some new quests yipee, oh don't be concerned if your only power lvl 400 because there is nothing in this that will come close to your power.

    What the hell are the playing at this should have been released back in Dec when players would've been around lvl 100 bring out this and only at power 55 is more of a joke than a challenge.

  • Kormac67
    626 posts

    @moriatii You forget about the level scaling they introduced long since.

    Making the DLC a big disconnected sidequest with a closed story is an option of course, and understandable from a point of marketing (ready to play even if you haven't progressed far in the main story yet). The question is, will Paris be the same? Won't the story carry on? What about the grave in Vinland?

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 80 posts

    The siege of Paris should be a sequel, because the story of the game ends in the year 878 and the second siege of Paris-the one of the DLC-happened in 885-886.Technically also the coronation of Flann Sinna happened one year after the end of the game,but the narrative director of the DLC said it is set before the end of the main story.Anyhow I don't think they will change the date of one of the biggest events of viking and french history if they remember that it is an Assassin's Creed game and not a fantasy game.If the Valhalla's post-launch support will be the biggest and strongest as they said,I can't imagine that all DLCs will be set during the main story, because Eivor doesn't have so much time and so many reasons to leave an England still full of opportunities.Seeing what happened to Odyssey,I don't also think that we will see the moment of the second journey of Eivor to Vinland,as we didn't see Alexios or Kassandra remains in Atlantis.

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @cap-cla historically, the Ireland arc takes place before the games epilogue (although there is some debate, 877 is one year proposed for Flann's coronation- the epilogue is in the end of 877) I really hope you're right about the Paris arc. I can't see how they can go forward with the next dlc and not address that most of Eivor's achievements would be undone by Alfred.
    The game ends with it being portrayed that the vikings won, and they simply did not win, and it'd be a huge mistake and completely unfaithful to history to simply ignore this in the game. Personally I was really frustrated they didn't end the game at the battle of Edington, but I'm now even more annoyed it's a possibility they'll ignore it entirely.
    I really hope you're right and that they'll include this in the Paris dlc

  • Jarl_SiBerg
    6 posts

    Technically they shouldn't start at all Romans killed every single one of them. The Swedish Priests were killed by Harald Finehair 1st King of Norway, who the game missed out totally, which is odd as most Scandinavian royalty claim their origins from him and his 18 wives If the designers had checked out the real Heimskringla they would have known who who, who the two Ragnars' were and roughly where they came from. I did a lot of research on my family.. my Great great grandfather was Gustav 5th King of Sweden, and he should have been King of Norway as well, but they put some else in to please the Keiser who was scared of a unified Scandinavia in 1905

  • Jarl_SiBerg
    6 posts

    Paris raids
    845 Paris - Ragnar (no idea which one Rothbrok or Ryki;;... Rykill was a son of Finehair as was Ironside - check the real Heimskringla, not the fake one on wiki ) 125 boat raid (Note 700 boat raid on Hamburg same year) 
    857 Paris Ironside & Hastein Only 4 churches left standing no survivors
    885-6 Paris Seige Loir fortified Charles the Fat "king" of Franks 700 Lbs of silver paid
    As for the rest of Frankia, I have only partially researched that but this is what I have so far.. just the basics:
    799 Frankish islands saw raiders (v-mm)
    800 Carlemagne proclaims himself Pope in Rome (v-mm)
    814 Charlemagn dies, his son Luis take the title (v-mm) Noirmoutier raided (g-w)
    819 Noirmoutier raided (g-w)
    820 Attempted raid repulsed at mouth of the Seine (v-mm)
    824 Noirmoutier raided (g-w)
    830 Frankia falling apart under Luis the Pious (v-mm) Noirmoutier raided (g-w)
    834 Danish Raids Frisia laid waste. killed many took the rest home as slaves (v-mm)
    835 Noirmoutier Raided and burned (g-w)
    Taken and used for main base of operations Ermentarius and friends fled? (v-mm)
    840 Louis the Pious dies 3 sons Charlemagne s lands split 3 ways (v-mm)
    846 Noirmoutier taken now used as base. (g-w) so 11 year gap between German wikki and magnus book 
    860s Ermentarius (date in Vikings By Neil Oliver) we know he was in Noirmoutier 835 (v-mm) So probably in his 50s by then, - possible - dies mid 860s
    862 Christians snook in 5 and started rebuilding it
    Bordeax, Perigueux, Lomiges, Angoulele, Toulouse, Angers, Tours and Orleans made deserts Rouen invaded, sacked and set on fire Paris (3 times), Beauvais and Meaux are taken the fortress of Melun laide waste, Chantres occupied, Evreux and Bayeux looted and every town invested (not sure what that means back then) Says Ermentarius of Noirmoutier (they took that and used it as their base of operations) 
    Some of the names on this list no longer exist, as they were never rebuilt

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