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  • Nighthawk3Mem
    1 posts

    Found this info in a guide. It's not a bug, it's a feature. The dialog line wont illuminate until you have collected the required number of medallions or codex pages (the number required will be shown, in the "gray" dialog line in parenthesis). When you have collected the required number, the dialog line with Hytham should be "live" and you can turn that required number in.

    See here:

    "Order of the Ancients rewards explained 

    Alongside clues, when you first eliminate a member of the cult you'll acquire a set of medallions. Initially, bringing four to Hytham will reward you with new clues and a special ability, first the Ranged Poison Strike, followed by Poison Strike. The number of medallions you need increases over time, so be prepared to take down multiple Order members before you can redeem your next ability."

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    @nighthawk3mem Thanks for the help but this is irrelevant to the bug we are experiencing and have documented.

  • ChokletThundr
    1 posts

    I've killed all 15 zealots, went to give the medallions to Hytham (yes, it's highlighted) but action won't take. I then looked in my inventory and it says I only have 14 medallions???

    I love the AC franchise but the glitches in Valhalla are out of hand. First, I couldn't fast travel (fixed) and now this and my arrows decreased from 30 to 12.

  • darkhorsefury
    1 posts

    I have killed 7 order of the ancients. Cant see where I received any medallions. When I talk to haytham the dialog box opens with give medallions (6) so I try that and nothing happens. Same with codex pages except inventory does show I have them.

  • dhosking84
    1 posts

    @nighthawk3mem , nope I have more than six and it still won't let me click on the option to (Give Order Medallions) (6) or (Give 6 Codex Pages)

  • guest-4oVs9GmG
    1 posts

    @zydrate_addict having a similar issue. I am holding onto my LAST 8 medallions, and don't even have an option to turn them in.... only able to ask what Hytham does. Can't encounter The Father until they're turned in either. Playing on PS4.

  • Assassin87Creed
    1 posts

    I just collected all the medallions of the order and when I give the set of 11 the screen jumps to outside and then when I say I have to go he’s gone and can’t give him any anything cuz he’s not in my game 😡

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    Just wondering if any of you have received Thor's Cloak?

  • arago74
    1 posts

    I have recovered 6 medallions but when I talk to Hytham in the settlement, the option in the dialogue is not enabled.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 672 posts

    Hey folks!

    I'm sorry you guys were experiencing this issue.

    We reported this issue to the developers and they were unable to reproduce this. If you guys are still running into this issue, please post here and we'll reopen the investigation with them.

    Official Response

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