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  • JellyBoba
    8 posts

    @johnn_jetrix да, я тоже психанула, но не стала писать очевидного. К сожалению засунуть просто файлы с озвучкой которые выше скинули - не работает. К тому же в других ветках форума уже писали, что после определенного момента баг игры не дает прогрессировать по сюдету. Буду играть в мини игры пока английский не завезут)

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2812 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there,

    This issue has been marked as resolved by the development team. If you need help in installing additional languages on PC, you can use this support article to help you to do this.

    You can find a list of all supported language options for all platforms here. Please note that the available language options may vary between versions of the game. The available language options for your game should be available on the store page for your platform.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding language availability, please don't hesitate to contact our team so we can take a closer look.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
    6 posts

    Ubi, we need our english VO, please?!

  • MedvelD
    7 posts

    Сочувствую. Я пытался. 😞

  • JellyBoba
    8 posts

    @medveld насладись озвучкой за нас)

  • kam1535
    2 posts

    I don't understand why they can't kindly provide all choices of language packs to all regions. We, as the customers paid for the game and shouldn't be choose what we want? Come on Ubi, be friendly to the players.

  • aSaitama
    1 posts

    It is really frustrating, you know... I'm from Russia, so I got this prices "legally". I preorded ultimate edition of this game 6 moth ago, right when it was announced. I'm big fan of AC. I was hoping to play this game just when it been released and to do it in comfortable original VO.. And now people, who bought rather cheap subscription got original VO, while i'm not. So unfair...

  • Sinte1
    1 posts

    So first 8 hours of waiting for the game i bought already, now this lie about availability english VO in russian version. What is wrong with you, Ubi?

  • AlteirI
    2 posts

    @sinte1 ye, man, same [censored] here

  • Wolfhound_GD
    1 posts

    Ubisoft fix this now!
    This is an unacceptable behavior in 2020.
    Stop lying to your customers.
    We paid money for the game with English VO.

  • Rajhinn
    8 posts

    I'm glad Ubisoft added AT LEAST english VO to the games, some of them didn't have ENG at all and I want to recognize it.

    But jesus christ, if this takes days to fix even though they already went through this exact issue before it's the last time I buy a single player ubi game, much less preorder it. Can't even play it during release hype. Not gonna comment on Russian VO being available, I'm sure even UBI knows what it's worth and it's there only as a check box mark.

  • Demon_Sealer
    5 posts

    Тоже пробовал. Я хз чё за баг мешает сюжету(может не встретил, может обошлось, но ничего не мешает исследовать мир, после получения скрытого клинка), но озвучка удивила. Это явно шаг в сторону Ведьмака(ещё и помоему первая "битва поэтов" против Лютика) и подальше от всех предыдущих игр Юбисофт.

  • Johnn_Jetrix
    3 posts

    Нормально ты. Я как в поселение вернулся - заглянул к татуировщику и пошёл по локе бродить, дальше без англа проходить не буду

  • LittleBigApple
    8 posts

    not only voiceover bad, but translation itself has nothing in common with original game.

  • TryToBeHappy
    20 posts

    So guys, ubi + is working ok, already tested.
    But shame on you UBI, this is pathetic behavior on your part.

  • DelTaller
    2 posts

    @trytobehappy So, you are from russia and you can install and play a game in any language? can you test that?

  • LittleBigApple
    8 posts

    @deltaller yes, he can. If you have Ubisoft+ subscription (1000 rubles per month or so) you can install additional languages.

  • DelTaller
    2 posts

    @littlebigapple frack. I feel robbed, already bought my copy (=
    Oh well.. ill wait for a "patch" like with previous games.

  • Viktor8zz
    2 posts

    @littlebigapple whaaa... we spend 5k on a game(or 3600 with a 20% of) and we cant fkn play it with comfort. I LOVE UBISOFT. Now what, we need to wait a week for next patch to play it? Great.

  • kwentar
    14 posts

    I'll contact both eng and russian support team as soon as they'll be availible to chat
    I'll share their answer here
    My god, the whole situation is just frustraiting

  • slayerspiros
    9 posts

    If we are going to wait, are they gonna add English language?

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