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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Issues with English voiceover in RU version | POST HERE

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    All this doesn’t seem like fraud, just stupidity at its highest level. Many people, including myself, didn’t think to look at the language options available for your purchase, assuming, as it has always been until now, that English is the standard. Of course, had I known to look at this, had they advertised it in the first place, I wouldn’t have even bothered with the purchase. I’m wondering, do they assume Russian is the standard language for all CIS countries?

    Well many people may prefer original English game even if they speak Russian...

  • medved_ebach
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    Hey Ubi! Could you please add English interface and subtitles to Russian versions? Russian translations are TERRIBLE and incorrect! And many-many of us play games in original language to keep our language abilities up to date. We do study English you know, its not native for us here. And it seems only greedy to keep us from getting full in game experience just because some people may use VPN to purchase the game at a lower price. I for example purchased an ultimate version at full price and want to experience the game the way i want to. So would you be so kind to fix it asap? Love the game btw. Thanks a lot.

  • StamiLee
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    Guys, if someone has a youtube channel with some subscrubers or knows someone who has, please, bring this info to them. Ubisoft don't care about us, but they care about their money and reputation, this needs to be spoken of. Locking original language for CIT customers and feeding them russian, so they woud just go and buy ubisoft +, is unacceptable, it is fraud.

  • Teyvill
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    In the Russian part of the forum the moderator just kinda told us to p*ss off. Like, "you got what you paid for" and closed the subject.
    Blatant unprofessionalism.

  • TanveerAteel
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    @andrey-chicu first you are the stupid one, second on epicgames it showed all the languages and we all looked, still only Russianundefined

  • Gorgonselma
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    Problem not with all this declared languages on game page. Problem that Epic Games doesn't inform about regional blocking. If you logged to Epic under CIS country account - you'll get garbage. But if you, somehow, logged say under EU..

  • andrey.chicu
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    thanks for the insight... I have already seen this, unfortunately too late. As I said, it didn't even cross my mind that it is possible for a game developed in English, to NOT be offered in English. Had I known about this in the first place, I would have never bought the game and I wouldn't now be bothering with the refund. I hope to be wiser in the future.

    Also, in your picture, you can see that only Audio is in English (which is indeed available in the game for everyone). But the Menu and Subtitles are not available in English, and that is absolutely STUPID.

  • nighthunt0101
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    Already submitted a refund request on ubisoft store, how long does this usually take? I've been waiting for days, and I'm not going to play the game with russian interface and subtitles.

  • harentius
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    @nighthunt0101 Took less than 1 day for me

  • sergvic69
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    @oilightio They agreed for the refund only as a kind of favor after two days of chatting with their support service, in spite of I didn't play the game at all, only downloaded it and went to the settings.

  • TanveerAteel
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    @nighthunt0101 I bought from Epicgames, when I submitted a refund to them they immediately responded and got my refund after two days. Epic games responds quickly and I don't know about ubisoft store, some say they never give refund.

  • Yelmora
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    This is a definite refund. I have met the issue that the full english language pack has missing in a couple other games I got from Ubi, but the fact that they keep this policy up is outrageous. Now just to have the refund demands be processed...

  • Felix_28052
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    Hey can someone help me?
    I dont hear any Dialog sounds, but i can hear the rest of the game. In the game files under sound, my german play go file is missing. I think thats the reaoson.
    Can someone download the german version and send me the missing file?
    This would be so nice 🙂

  • UbiKoality
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    @YourPerfectDad @Zhuuk Hey there! I'm extremely sorry about the delayed response. All our teams have been very busy working to reply to all the support inquiries we have coming in. This was a previously known problem that the development team was investigating. Can you please let me know if you're still having trouble with this? Thanks!

  • TanveerAteel
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    @ubi-swaggins Well, any suggestion to non-Russian speakers living in CIS regions for how we will play Valhalla?

  • UserDze
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    @tanveerateel just search for patch which enables eng interface. i tried to contact support 12 days ago to get refund to re-purchase EU version. and finally after ignoring my case for 12 days, i ended up by installing community fix.

  • kingspeep
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    @userdze Hello, what is the community fix to have english text? I'm stuck with the same problem of russian text and asked for a refund too...

  • Nikolaus1978
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    @userdze I bet a lot of people would be happy if you mentioned what is this mysterious patch and where to get it from...

  • Denissimmo
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    Could someone share the DataPC_patch_01.forge file from the EU version, updated to 1.0.4?

  • nighthunt0101
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    Hey guys, what kind of translator do you use for the game?

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