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  • Dante_Volf
    17 posts

    @yourperfectdad I posted it way before, in 16:00 Moscow, because from there you could play from New Zealand. Read topic, we waiting for release right now, that one - old news already.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there,

    This issue has been marked as resolved by the development team. If you need help in installing additional languages on PC, you can use this support article to help you to do this.

    You can find a list of all supported language options for all platforms here. Please note that the available language options may vary between versions of the game. The available language options for your game should be available on the store page for your platform.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding language availability, please don't hesitate to contact our team so we can take a closer look.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • JellyBoba
    8 posts

    @dante_volf just as I've said, a matter of taste really. I won't argue with you over this)

  • JellyBoba
    8 posts

    @jellyboba by the way, isn't the game supposed to be released in two hours (Moscow time)? I've got a male with back counting and it states 3 more hours remaining.

  • diiorio
    40 posts

    @edgysheepmom wait but what about English version. My Fiancé is a Russian language teacher, and prefers playing game in Russian to remain fluent. Is there VO in Russian for US one?

  • Dante_Volf
    17 posts

    @jellyboba like watch dogs released, on 2am, ye

  • EdgySheepMom
    Original poster 27 posts

    @diiorio I'm afraid I have no idea.

  • Demon_Sealer
    5 posts

    What? I started up WDL at 12am/24 by Kiev. Sadly, right now it's 0:40 and still nothing.

    Edit: For WDL I read that launch time is 24/12am local, as should be Valhalla.

  • EdgySheepMom
    Original poster 27 posts

    Welp, English VO is not available.

    Ubisoft, this is honestly a joke at this point.

    What exactly do we have to do to get the English VO that's listed on the store page? What gods do we have to pray to? What sacrifices do we have to make?

    How many times to we have to go over this?

    Will we have to wait 10 more days to play the [censored] game we paid for, like with WD:L?

  • iFazus
    8 posts

    Aaaand proof, i'm sad and i'm going to sleep....good job Ubisoft 😖

  • Naurloss
    3 posts

    It was very naive to expect English VO at local release time without any mention from Ubisoft.

  • EdgySheepMom
    Original poster 27 posts

    @naurloss I thought they wouldn't make the same mistake twice. There's a mention - it's on the [censored] store page, stating that English VO is available.

  • YourPerfectDad
    4 posts

    Ubisoft, please add english VO in game. We dont wanna wait for another 10 days to be able to play. No, we dont wanna play in russian. Honestly we should be able to play in any existed language we want. Its just not fair. People cant even buy your games in US store for full price and many of them would believe me, just not to play with [censored] russian VO.
    Like cmon, really? Why same mistake as in WD Legion?
    Why even putting english audio as available in a store page?


  • Demon_Sealer
    5 posts

    I just launched the game and started laughing: English VO SHOULD be in the game, as there's a option to change VO and unlike WDL at launch, ACV has English listed there(with some icon). BUT if you click on it, it just shows a "To choose this language return to your game library and download additional language packet".

    Ubisoft should really consider rebranding itself as "Ubiclowns".

    1 posts

    I kinda understand the reasoning (its cheaper in CIS blah blah) but is it really worth it? a lot of us want to hear the original voices, it is not fair. plus, you even mention an option for english in the in-game menu, it says go to properties and there is only russian there. fix this, english was promised on the preorder

  • SlyMouse_
    1 posts

    Valhalla page in store definitely says that english VO available for CIS version of the game and there is indeed setting for it in game itself. I think it's just a uplay bug and people here warned ubisoft like 4 days ago and they still didn't care enough to fix their stuff.

  • Alllty4
    2 posts

    I'm very dissapointed about this Eng vo issue. I will never by any ubisoft game again I swear! y'all tread your costumers like a complete [censored].

  • Johnn_Jetrix
    3 posts

    @Ubi-Spud Hey can we please play the game in NORMAL language, NOT russian, please?

  • Zhuuk
    2 posts

    Again. It's mockery.

  • TryToBeHappy
    20 posts

    So guys, it's time to make a refund and buy a ubisoft + subscription or curse ubisoft and wait for a response from the developers. Do you think there will be no language restrictions in ubisoft +?

  • MedvelD
    7 posts

    I downloaded English files via subscription. Can throw on the cloud. Maybe just putting it in the game folder will work.

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