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  • Samwise_McFly
    1 posts

    @md-girly This worked for me! Thanks! I was getting so frustrated!!

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2837 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there,

    I apologise for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved by the development team. As we have had no new reports of this issue persisting in-game, we will now be marking this issue as resolved.

    If you encounter trouble with Eivor becoming stuck when fishing with Tarben, please can you send us a video showing the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can check this in the right-hand corner of the main game menu.
    • You become stuck after fishing with Tarben in-game.

    We can then pass this video along to the development team for a closer look.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • PottumWasTaken
    17 posts

    Yeah, any news of this? Tarben is still bugged for me after the update, which is really, really sad. He seems to be the only man for a relationship, while the others are just flings 😞

  • PottumWasTaken
    17 posts

    @md-girly can confirm, thats a nice workaround and works on PC as well! Thank you!

  • PottumWasTaken
    17 posts

    So thanks to an other thread ( => https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/80772/tarben-fishing-mission-bugged/8?_=1606402015418 ) I at least found a workaround:

    MD-Girly 1 posts
    Nov 16, 2020, 6:48 AM
    I have a solution!! So I don’t know if this is the best fix but it worked for me. You can kinda “cancel” out of the fishing quest early. After Tarben finishes talking but before he puts his fishing rod away, start walking away from him and he will turn and ask you if you’re finished for now. Say yes and that officially concludes the mission. (Without spoiling, there are absolutely no repercussions to cancelling the quest this way)

    I can confirm that it works on PC.

  • Malice_Cousland
    1 posts

    I have discovered a bug when trying to initiate a romance/relationship with Tarben. When the two of us went fishing, we finished catching fish for the day and Eivor will not put her fishing line away or be able to begin dialogue. I have closed the game and reloaded it, as well as restarting the whole console, and the issue persists. Is there potentially another patch coming out soon?

  • Kormac67
    617 posts

    So I go fishing with Tarben and after a while he removes his rod and stands there. I can't do anything, when I remove my line it gets activated again. All I can do is reload.

  • B4lber0
    4 posts

    Same problem, I'm going to try the fix from md-girly when I have time but right now I'm just tired of all the bugs.

  • Ashortpenguin
    1 posts

    @malice_cousland I have the same bug, can't figure out a workaround.

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 217 posts

    @malice_cousland Hey there! Sorry to hear this issue is occurring! Would you be able to take a short video of set of screenshots showcasing this? That would be super helpful!

    Official Response
  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 217 posts

    @ashortpenguin Hiya, are you also on Xbox One? If not, what platform are you encountering this on? Can you let me know what troubleshooting you've tried so far?

    Official Response
  • B4lber0
    4 posts


    Thank you, it worked,


    . I miss Kassandra...

  • StaplePort2478
    23 posts

    After a cought a few fish he stands beside me, im able to put away lind but cant do anything else, quick wheel wont work, walking slow, i was able to pet the dog but eventualy just had to reload the game and no love from tarben :(. He just stands there and doesnt say anything.

  • MolsonBoy
    8 posts

    @kormac67 Same here. Even trying to leave the area pushes you back onto the dock. No other options but to reload the game.

    Edit: I am on xbox one x

  • timy1874
    1 posts

    I'm on the PC version and I have the same bug. Tarben puts away his fishing pole and I am stuck on the dock, cannot talk to him cannot do anything else, no more fish in the river. I can pet the dog though, but it doesn't make any sounds when I do, just the animation.

  • Yvozwergus
    1 posts

    @moodycactus Hi! It was bugged for me as well (playing on PS4) and I got really frustrated tbh. But I just happened to be standing there, not moving or anything during the quest and the quest continued automatically, so maybe this helps someone!

  • MissyWitch
    1 posts

    I have this issue too and it's been a bug for a LONG time. I'm on my second playthrough and it's still there. As a bonus all the big fish I catch are invisible. They are never in Eivor's hands, there's nothing but the animation 😒

  • illMac99
    43 posts

    Just like literally everything else in this trash game, there's another game-breaking bug when you try to do simple things. I wanted to go on a fishing date, but after a couple of minutes, Torbin stops fishing or doing anything, and I couldn't talk to him or get away from the the dock. I had to just shut down the game and lose my progress. Once afuckinggain I run into another feature of this game that results in wasted time.

    I sincerely hope Ubisoft is not a company after this. You all deserve to lose your jobs and be unemployable in this industry ever again.

  • Phinx-x33
    9 posts

    Sigh... Just ran into this issue. On PC.
    Man this game is buggy.

  • Phinx-x33
    9 posts

    Tried editing my first post 23 minutes after... but i get a message saying I have to wait 10 minutes after posting
    Anywho, I notice if I DON'T initiate the fishing and just walk away after he stops talking - the scene will continue, completing that segment.

  • Sistatroopa
    3 posts

    Yeah same thing on xbox and I tried multiple times. I hope it gets fixed he's my main squeeze

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