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  • williampork2020
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Polyedra
    84 posts

    @xrayspex_73 this was my initial idea also.
    i always lacking silver. deleted several times, have run the game 4 times now i think; never finishing. maybe never will... anyway, the progression is the interesting part i think. i experiment now with running the silver buff 50%. I feel it working pretty well. But i am overleveled now at 150 or something, i omega murder everything (not 340, but with assassination that should be doable. Gona run there and grind runes and test the waters for my new run). silver and material has stopped being an issue.
    Anyway, I want some other stuff for foreign supplies. Like idk, can i trade them for titanium? or idk, could i get content? like this idea: could I ship the foreign supplies somewhere for some reason? and can there be ship combat? like ambush on my foreign supply thing. there's parts missing here, i feel.
    On this: Supplies. I haz like 6k regular supplies and 0 rare materials, or whatever it called. but wat i do with this supply i haz then?
    First i thought I would be settling my own place, somewhere dreamy like vinland maybe? but as I progressed, I realised that it wouldn't happen. So what of the supplies?

    tl;dr: I need moar things to do with both supplies and foreign supplies.

  • vm4M9Tz4pB
    66 posts

    @xrayspex_73 sliver or curreny isn't important elements , it is used for decoration mostly, or for purchasing the skill point. and i didn't thin they will make this arrangement as basically after end game, u will not find anythings/materials u are real needed or scarcity.

  • xrayspex_73
    Original poster 144 posts


    What is your point? So since YOU don't think there is a need for silver, then the foreign supplies should continue to be absolutely useless and still no point in running the river raids? Silver is a bigger "important element" than the supplies. There is NO reason to open the chests in the river raids hence no reason to run the content.

    You people are not understanding the point.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @xrayspex_73 you man no need for bitterness. Is a game. Go farm and loot and kill. That meaning play the game and do it the proper way then.
    Have a lovely day gentleman.

  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @xrayspex_73 If you lack silver just do some beggar farming in Lunden.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @kormac67 I 've seen the video. Do they still give you same rune all the time? Not been patched yet ??

  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @garbo3 Last time I checked, yes.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @kormac67 Thanks 😊. Shame, hoped they give you random runes.

  • Polyedra
    84 posts

    @xrayspex_73 You're very right, silver is important of course. I was going to reply something but I realised I didn't want to. The reason, the supposed reason for communicating that, is to tell that you got to end game and is finally rich. But the path there is fairly long and definitely more interesting than being there.

    It did really strike me, first thing, to be able to trade in for silver. But it's boring. There should probably be something more with this. Selling it somehow, to bandits or lords. But that's complicated instead. So is building with it.

    And ya, the main point in running a river raid is not for foreign supplies but the silver looted.

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