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  • azullFR
    565 posts

    (approximative english, sorry)
    The PS4 wont allow you to video both your in-game inventory and the Animus Inventory in the same raw.

    Better take screenshots = Use the "Share" button (the little one at left of the central pad)
    Once done, 2 options :

    • Option 1 : Send them to Twitter then share the links in a post here
    • Option 2 : Put the screenshots on a USB key, then on a PC downscale them to around 900 pixel Hight, and send them directly in your post here

    Maybe there is other ways to share but I don't know them...

    Nice day to you 🙂

  • azullFR
    565 posts

    Hi all !

    I just found that Jor Raptor is talking about this exact issue here :

    skip to 4.16

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @azullfr Thanks. I don't have a pc or twitter. I am a dinosaur. 45 yo woman lol. Useless with this. I will launch the game at 3 and hopefully didn't lose any other items I bought from Reda as seems to be people having that issue aswell. And Alvinder as I paid real money to buy it. That would really upset me.
    Thanks 😊

  • Nimnar0x
    7 posts

    I have the same problem on PC, I also bought The Way of Berserker quest from Ubisoft connect for coins. I do not own helmet, only breeches, also from Reda shop.

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @azullfr Seems I keep all I bought from Reda and Helix so am happy. 😊 Specially the Nilfheim hood ,I read somewhere there's trouble with this set disappearing but I have a serious memory problem so can't recall where I read it. I feel lucky. OK. Thanks for your help. BTW English isn't my first language either so don't apologise. Am Spanish
    Have a nice day 😊

  • azullFR
    565 posts

    Glad you have all your items 🙂

    The inventory vanish, you are referring to, was also mentioned in a Blakwoodz video here :

    Greetings to you from a french neighbour 🙂

  • SteveZ_Pun
    150 posts

    @ubi-keo @isuwhat

    Ah this is new, i look at a friends account(he have the basic version) some month ago and the Berserker Outfits wasnt buyable in the shop.
    I call him and he says now its in the shop. Sorry
    But still downgrade when i open shop and my ultimate stuff disappears/decoration change to default.
    Still now solution from Ubisoft but new MTX Gear with bugged stats in the shop.....
    Since yesterday there is the berserk Helmet in Reda's Shop in Gold. My helmet from the Ultimate Version is still blue cause downgraded from bugs

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @azullfr yes. Thats the one! Thanks

    Skal mon ami !! 🙂

  • Tocanitza
    2 posts

    I do not have ultimate pack (To get your Berserker Gear in Assassin's Creed Valhallayou need to beat the quest entitled Family Matters. It's a quest available very early on in the story and entails speaking with a few NPCs.). But I beat the entire game including Family matters (Chapter 2). Lets say the rewards were removed at least i want to be able to buy it from Reda with opals pleaseee... I understand bugs and stuff. I really like the helm but if i invest helix credits and have the same bugs as above ppl i will be very dissapointed. I really like AC Valhalla. @Ubi-Keo

  • Barbantes
    2 posts


    Thanks for the response. I've attached the screenshot of my inventory and what I'm seeing in Reda's shop.


  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @barbantes thanks for uploading this..as will help others that cannot upload screenshot.

    Barbantes... Are you Galician by any chance?

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @azullfr My bf created me a twitter account,who do I share them and how do I send them here. Merci beaucoup 🙂

  • archinect
    1 posts

    @ubi-keo i filed a ticket with customer support prior and it was inconclusive. they mentioned they forwarded this to the dev team. i later found this forum and coincidentally happy to see it being addressed. i'll post my images here. same problem. i'm on pc. would really love to be able to buy this piece from reda's shop this week!

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @archinect Thanks for sharing. I want that helmet too 😞

  • azullFR
    565 posts

    Great !
    Now in the PS you will have to link your Twitter account to your PS account
    Take a screenshot using the "share" button (little one left of the big central pad)
    then choose "send to Twitter" :

    1. If your Twitter and PS account are linked the screenshot will be sent to Twitter
    2. If your accounts are not linked a prompt will ask you to link them and will suggest you to connect to Twitter with your PS

    Notice I don't know all the exact details as I don't have a twitter account ( I'm an old dinausor 🙂 )

    Once your screenshot is on Twitter you should have in your Twitt an option to copy a link to your picture (or your Twitt) and to post this link in this forum

    Hope this helps a little
    Que tenga un buen día, amiga 🙂

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    @azullfr Ah so we still dominate the earth 😆
    .Glad to know am not the only dinosaur here. I will follow your instructions when I launch the game later . Thank you so much for votre aide 🙂 Have a lovely day !!

  • ChimereOrphee94
    4 posts

    Bonjour, voici les preuves.

    Chez Reda (le cheval je l'ai bien acheter avec des opal)

    Mon inventaire (casque)

    et dans le store

  • Garbo3
    642 posts

    Well .I couldn't manage to take screenshots in inventory as take me to stats and couldn't at Reda shop either 😞

  • azullFR
    565 posts

    Hi !
    I've just found this, it will be easier as there are pictures and more explanations 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • majora404
    4 posts

    @isuwhat BRO HOLY [censored] I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! (only im on XBOX)

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