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  • newmodelno115
    3 posts

    @kaerrigan yes, but I was using headphones on my PS4, too.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    since this is the main thread for sound issues i'll crosspost my entire post here:

    Constant audio stutters throughout the game, everywhere. Video examples below, disregard scuffed gfx, it was recorded with HDR on and shadowplay doesn't like that.


    1. How long i've experienced these issues: I'd say they didn't become very noticeable to me until i was around 20-30 hours into the game, once i started exploring England. Now they are quite constant, very slight periods of relief, then back to audio stuttering.
    2. Headset or speaker: I'm using headsets. I've tried two different ones. One is HyperX Cloud Flight, tried both wireless and wired. The other is a Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, wired.
    3. Drivers: I have ran windows update and extra checked in device manager that all drivers are up to date. Same with GFX card, also tried older GFX drivers to no avail. Have also installed "Driver Easy" and made sure every single driver on my PC is up to snuff.
    4. Background applications: I've ran the game with normal applications up as well as Google Chrome and my 80+ tabs. Also ran the game after a fresh restart, exiting all unnecessary applications and just running the game, no difference.

    Bonus info:

    • Bought the game from Epic so launched from there.
    • Have tried disabling full screen optimization on AVC.exe as well as leaving it enabled.
    • Have tried disconnecting all bluetooth devices as well as disabling bluetooth in windows.
    • Have tried Hybrid, Mouse & Keyboard and Controller only settings independently. Have also tried Mouse & Keyboard with controller disconnected. Have also tried two different controllers, XBOX Elite Series 1 and 2.
    • I have tried verifying game files, deleting sound files then verifying again, uninstalling and reinstalling on same SSD drive, uninstalling and reinstalling on different SSD drive.
    • I've tried changing the virtual memory paging file size for the SSD the game is installed on.
    • Have messed around with in-game GFX settings, HDR on and off, i've tried launching on different monitors.
    • My main PC speccs are: Intel i9-9900k, RTX 2080TI, 32gb RAM, mobo is Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra.

    NOTE: I am running a multi-monitor setup, 3 to be specific, Samsung Odyssey G7 (main monitor with G-Sync enabled), Samsung C32HG70 and an Acer XB271HU all DVI connected. I have NOT tried running just one monitor yet, that will probably be my next attempt.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @nonax85 i have narrowed down the issue and in my particular case it seems the stutter is not the fault of Ubisoft. I booted up Rocket League and noticed stuttering there as well which ofc made me suspicious. After some fooling around i made a desperate attempt and deactivated my two other monitors. Booted up Rocket League, no stutter. Booted up ACV, no stutter. So evidently there is some sort of interference from one or both of the other monitors that scuffs the audio. Since all new monitors these days have built in speakers and their own drivers etc. i suspect the cause lies there, gonna test further.

  • cavveman
    84 posts


    When you installed the drivers for Nvidia, did you let it install audio drivers also? That could be the interference. Personally I only install the graphic driver and nothing else from the Nvidia installer.

  • xrayspex_73
    144 posts

    Glad you figured that out. Can't believe you played it for so long like that. lol...

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @cavveman i've tried three different nvidia drivers, newest and older, both clean install with and without audio drivers. doesn't make a difference. since the issue of constant audio stutter seems to be quite a rare problem as most only suffer them in menus, while loading etc. i suspect it is my setup where the main issue lies, probably the multi monitor setup, with two running at 144hz and one at 240hz. possibly also a problem with my main monitor, the Samsung Odyssey G7. I've upgraded the firmware and drivers for it. i've played around with monitor refresh rates and gsync and the stutters seem to be less than before, but still not fixed completely.

    i could disconnect two of them and try using just the one, but there are limits to how far i'm willing to gimp my setup when no other games have these problems. i'll experiment some more with what i can do on my end, but in the end i expect some audio improvements with the next patch.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @xrayspex_73 dude it was misery, but other than the audio plague the game is really fun, the stutters are still there to some degree, gonna try making another video for comparison later. hopefully i can eliminate the issue completely and finish the game this weekend.

  • gilly775
    5 posts

    @ubikoality Unfortunately, it is hard to capture the audio bug because when it happens now, it usually does so when the game freezes for about 20 seconds. And that's been happening more and more lately. I am currently looking for threads to see if anyone else has posted the freezing issues.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @nonax85 I've 100% discovered the cause of my problems now. It wasn't the multi monitor setup as i first suspected. The reason i went going around in circles trying to figure it out makes sense now.

    Every time you remove or connect an audio device or restart the computer, Windows plug'n'play etc. does you the "service" of installing a bunch of audio drivers unprompted, so unless you're on top of it and watching device manager every time you do testing you'll get inconsistent results.

    After uninstalling every single damn audio driver from device manager except the ones i'm using, in my case the headsets, i no longer have constant, perpetual audio stutters. Pretty sure i'm getting echoes now though, some further testing needed there, but at least i'm having the same issues as everyone else now.

    Here's a picture of what sound devices in Device Manager look like after uninstalling them manually and after a PC reboot. Don't know if both of them or only one is the culprit, suspecting Realtek, gonna test further.


  • TyFighter4567
    12 posts

    I recently purchased the new Xbox series x and had also pre-order AC Valhalla. Unfortunately when I try to play the game the audio is stuttering so hard that I can’t even enjoy the game let alone understand what is being spoken in cutscenes. It totally ruined the experience for me. I tried re-downloading the entire game, and I have the disc copy. The audio is incredibly bugged and while I really wanted to play this game I can’t bring myself to play it with every music/cutscene stuttering in and out. It’s like trying to focus on something with a constant broken record playing. And I need to hear what’s on that record lol. Please please please put out an audio patch Ubisoft so I can play my game

    I play on an Xbox Series X with Turtle Beach Stealth 700’s all cutscenes and game music and I mean as soon as the game starts are stuttering. I’ve reinstalled the game I’ve reset my headphones changed audio setting almost everything you can try and no fix. I’ve seen that there are hundreds of others complaining about the same issue. When you move your joystick it stops for a few second but then starts right back up. It seems there is no fix for console users. This problem ruins the games immersive enjoyment. Please fix and get an audio patch out soon. It’s like trying to enjoy something with a broken record playing constantly

  • TyFighter4567
    12 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • TyFighter4567
    12 posts

    I play on an Xbox Series X and use Turtle Beach Headphones. As soon as the game starts the audio stutters like a broken record. It just cuts in and out with a few seconds of clarity in between. This only happens on AC Valhalla, none of my other games. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, reconnecting my headphones, changing audio settings and nothing helps. I will say that if I move my joystick the stuttering stops but as soon as I stop moving it within a few seconds it starts back up. With a new Xbox Series X and these expensive headphones I shouldn’t have audio problems and I usually don’t, it’s something with the game. I’ve noticed hundreds of others with th same problem and I really hope your working on an audio patch to put out. Please please please Ubisoft I am a AC die hard fan please fix this soon....I really want to enjoy this game but can’t bring myself to even play it like this

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @gilly775 Thank you so much for letting me know and for looking for that information. I understand how this can be hard to capture, so I appreciate the heads up!

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  • ALonelyWanderer
    9 posts

    The audio issues in this game are major. Odyssey had a much better audio or the issues weren't that apparent. To add to this:

    • The battle music sometimes never stops playing until you load the save again
    • The music during raids is barely audible and there's no way to balance it in the settings, really breaks the experience
    • Footsteps and possibly other sound effects sometimes stop working for a couple of seconds
    • Sometimes you don't know who talks to you exactly (3D sound issue) and where
  • BuriedSorrowPS
    3 posts

    Getting this during combat. It's very frustrating.

  • Afibrillation
    1 posts

    I had no performance problems with audio before this update. However, after updating the game and hopping in my audio will cut out every 15 seconds. It will even do it on the menu before I even start up my save. In game there is zero graphical stutter, just a persistent audio problem.

  • azza3434
    1 posts

    @afibrillation Yes since updating to 1.04 on PS4 I have bad audio issues when doing raids with my crew. I have done 2 post patch and both of them suffered from audio stuttering and breaking up. I also noticed a bit of bad frame rate at one point while this was going on. Currently in Grantebridgescire 

  • kolack
    18 posts

    I'm getting nasty popping and audio lag from the female voice narrator, particularly on the world map. Could this be a sample rate mismatch? I use a SoundBlaster X-AE5. Sample rate is 24 bit, 48 kHz.

  • peteyboy256
    1 posts

    I am still experiencing a bug from Origins where sound doesn't work for the Logitech G633.
    Though it go fixed in Origins, I got it again in Odyssey and now again in Valhalla.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @ubi-woofer yeah in my specific case the problem was local. Realtek Audio drivers to be specific.

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