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  • ibarix2
    5 posts

    No ambient sound, no music in main menu, various sounds "missing", I only hear footsteps and those are echoing and muffled.

  • BumPizzMan
    1 posts

    @ibarix2 Have you found a fix yet?

  • ibarix2
    5 posts

    @bumpizzman Not yet. I was demotivated and didn't even run the game since the "update". If I find the fix, I'll post here.

  • ibarix2
    5 posts



    Go to Ubisoft Connect > AC Valhalla > Properties > Verify Files.

    For some reason i had "a number of corrupt files" (windows defender did it maybe?) and then validated it. It reinstalled VisualC runtime files and stuff and now it's working. I tested for some time and it appears there aren't any problems.

    [Ubi-Woofer Edit: I've removed the red colouring and changed the wording to "a solution" as this fix does not appear to work for everyone. Please be careful when making such statements as it can be misleading. Thanks!]

  • Currywurst120
    7 posts

    @ibarix2 Nah sorry, not for Playstation 5..

    @Ubi-Woofer Any news?

  • azullFR
    677 posts

    Great thanks for your job for the community ! 👍 👍 👍

  • HieromAlex
    30 posts

    do you mean that the audio quality of your game is ok now ?
    because I did your manipulation after each patch and it didn't fix anything for me

  • ibarix2
    5 posts

    @hieromalex No. I mean I got the audio back for those sounds that didn't play at all.

    I would take even bad quality over no sound at all (which was the problem I had). I could hear only footsteps with echo and muffled but the majority of the sounds didn't work. Now it's ok, even the footsteps.

  • Attanno_
    22 posts

    @ibarix2 yep let's not make the devs believe the problem has been solved when in reality it hasn't

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    @ibarix2 please get rid of your red sentence "I FOUND THE SOLUTION", it is misleading and it will lead the "official Ubisoft worker" KAPPA to think the problem is solved. It is not the solution at all for 99,9% of people posting here. The mixing is still garbage.

  • guest-1Xnz68rI
    1 posts

    PS5 - NO SOUND BUG is making the game unplayable.

    audio cuts in and out, I mostly only hear my sword swings, no NPC audio anymore.

    It started after settling England and doing the first Monastery Raid.

    Nothing I've tried doing has worked.

  • Gugus_
    1 posts

    Hello people!

    I wanted to add something that I have not seen discussed or mentioned in patch lists before about an audio bug (on PS5, reproduced 100% of the time). The forum display of messages in one thread is also not helpful, so maybe it was noted before here before. Anyway:

    When moving in between the map room and main room of your Main hall in the settlement, you can hear Eivor's foley sounds cut. It is because the listener closer to the camera is considered in engine in a different room with collisions preventing Eivor's sounds to go through the door (or room collider). So if you leave Eivor close to the door, move a bit, and the camera is in the "other room", the character will make no audible sound (you can hear it when running through as well).

    Other than that, I guess everything has been discussed there before already, I don't know if it is because of budget, time, covid-related, engine, etc, but the sound design in this game is really flat and empty (and that makes me sad honestly).
    Every movement has no effect layer on it, foley sounds are over-mixed so it sounds goofy in cutscenes, the only beefy elements like finishers or old games' sound effects sound very loud in comparison because of it. It just feels like it misses a whole bunch of designed elements in the middle of the mix to make it sound original, moving and impactful in a thoughtful way.

  • dylanfuller96
    1 posts

    I noticed the same issues starting the game, but due to my love of the series played through it anyway, until last patch and now my sound is almost completely missing. I have no SFX volume at all and when Eivor or anyone speaks it sounds like I'm in a cave. This is the stuff that needs to be addressed, it affects overall gameplay not just single things (river raids).

  • olat_dragneel
    9 posts

    Another video of the issue where music simply does not play:

    Music almost never plays, and big fights, raids, important story parts or even feasts feel completely empty since there is NO music playing at any point in time.

    My settings are also visible in the video.

    I hope the patch today fixes this, because it's been ruining the game for many players. Just imagine having a big conquest battle and NO MUSIC. It's almost funny to play.

    Please do something about this.

    I'm on PC btw, but you can see my settings in the video. There are also other public videos about this in my channel.

  • HieromAlex
    30 posts

    ahahah that echo man. I think it's worse and more obvious without music

  • Yesin069
    548 posts

    I watched this video and realized how much superior the sound design in Unity was. Every step has a great sound effect and all audio is ballenced great. What the hell went wrong with Valhalla? Did they let amateurs do the audio design or what happened there? Also no steps into fixing this issue. Not a single patch touched upon any audio in this game...

    Also when in combat you can clearly hear the combat music and every district had its own combat music. Valhalla often has no combat music, always the same 2 tracks or you can hear nothing just weapon sound effects.

  • Martian_squid
    4 posts

    I bought the game a couple of weeks ago (April 10) and even the intro music is [censored] up: all songs and themes are extremely low and far away, meanwhile "useless" sounds are over everything (footsteps as to speak).
    I tried a couple of options in the menu (PS4 user here) but nothing really changed, I can tolerate some bugs in an ope world, it's normal. But this?
    This killed all the "epicness" in the game, even when on the boat I can't hear the skald singing just 2 steps down Eivor's position, the music is mumbling while the dialogues are extremely high, but without a "decent" presence of the music all the story and the gaming itself feels flat. The usual stupid A.I. of AC games does not help of course, but this absence of music is dumb.
    How can be that a so big issues has not been fixed yet?

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 773 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I apologise for the delay in my response to this thread after forking out these messages from the original megathread concerning the audio quality of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Thank you all for sharing your reports of these issues with missing ambient sound effects, NPC dialogue, and music, and I am sorry to see that you have been affected by issues like these while playing the game.

    I am pleased to say that the developers plan to release a fix for missing ambient sounds / music in an upcoming game update, however the exact patch and its release date are not yet confirmed. As soon as we know when to expect this fix to be deployed, we will communicate this here in this thread.

    In the meantime, if you are still experiencing these issues, it would be helpful if you could provide the following information so that we can troubleshoot these with you in the first instance, and rule out the possibility of the issues being localised:

    • Confirmation of the platform(s) you are playing on
    • Details of your audio set-up and any audio devices in use
    • Details of troubleshooting steps already completed, including the make / model numbers of any alternative devices used
    • (PC) Your MSINFO and DXDIAG files (these will need to be submitted to us via a support case or Live Chat; please reply to the thread with your case reference number for us to check for these)

    Thank you all for your patience while we continue to investigate the various audio issues reported, and please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns that I can help with. 🙂 Thanks!

    Official Response

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