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  • RedIndianRobin
    188 posts

    I have noticed some aspects of audio is corrected like loud walking, whistling and sometimes characters talking too loud is now equalized. The footsteps doesn't sounds muffled too. This is the only change I have noticed.

  • Lakrodim
    1 posts

    @redindianrobin So do you think they actually fixed it? I refunded it like playing little bit more than 1 hour. That was so bad! It felt like that game doesn't worth full price. There is a sale till 7th January so maybe i would buy it again...

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @lakrodim No they did not fix the issue! What he's experiencing is called placebo effect. Nothing changed, still bad audio all around!

  • RedIndianRobin
    188 posts

    @shuar Dude all I said is that they equalized some of the loud noises like walking, sounding horn, etc., the audio quality is still the same low bitrate. And because of this loudness equilization, the footsteps don't sound muffled. It's not a placebo.

  • MeowNuts
    9 posts

    Audio levels ARE ALL UNBALANCED. Music and environment sounds are too soft. Eivor voice,footsteps,mining too loud. Valhalla ingame audio dynamic range is useless and barely changes anything.

    I use Sonic Studio software that came with my motherboard and apply its own audio compressor preset. And it WORKS BETTER than what the game does. Now I can hear the music and environment sounds much better while maintain an acceptable audio level for Eivor voice,footsteps,mining. Its not a perfect solution but at least the audio balances are improved.

    A third party software can do better than what Ubisoft incompetence audio engineers can accomplish.

    I'm not going to buy another Ubisoft game again. Playing valhalla has been a disappointing and underwhelming experience.

  • milmitt
    11 posts

    A thing I noticed with Bragi singing on a longship, is that not all songs have the same volume. Some of them are pretty quiet and are actually hard to hear through ambient sound.

  • patashik
    3 posts

    I found this thread by accident.
    I installed AC: Valhalla today and was very surprised by the quality of the mix, let alone sound quality. Being a sound hobbyist with professional audio rig and Genelec monitors to boot, I can't play this game any more because of how horrible the mix is done.
    First of all, the bloody sounds of steps. Loud, rough sound chases you everywhere. It is the loudest FX in the entire game and you hear it all the time. When there's a battle, the epic music volume is so modest, you can barely notice it. I'm pretty sure it's mixed down like a sausage, very smoothed and without any dynamic range. Sounds of crossing swords are just the sounds of cutlery during The Last Supper, very simple, frugal and quiet. Atmo sounds, such as wind, sea and environment I couldn't hear it at all. Sound of steps on the other hand.....
    First, I went to Audio settings to optimize audio mix myself, but you can only turn down the volume of steps along with atmo and fx, so there's no way to fix it!
    Ubisoft, seriously, it's that bad and I can't believe you actually haven't noticed that or simply ignored.
    Let's be realistic here. The game was released 3 months ago and made its profit already. No one will fix the audio, just because bunch of audiophiles and owners of better audio devices than other 90% of customers think it's bad.
    For me, though, it's unplayable because it just gets on my nerves.

  • Attanno_
    35 posts

    Following Ubi's decision to break the original post in subforums, please find my observations on the issue of Eivor voice level.

    AC valhalla sound design suffers from bad audio levels.

    In general the sound levels are very unequal with onomatopeia of Eivor being way louder than other sounds (for ex : the micro sounds he/she makes while running and jumping). Those sounds are way louder than the sounds of the world and it feels very strange.

    During discussions, the voices are very uneven, even for Eivor who's voice can go from very loud to almost inaudible as if he was at the back of the room, very far from everybody and then going back to very loud. This also applies to most of the NPCs with whom we discuss.

    In general the sounds of the world are very low level, very flat and not well spatialized.

    During combat, the sounds of the fight and the voices of the warriors are also low level, very flat and not well spatialized this breaks immersion a lot, the combat ends up feeling dull and not as impactful as it should feel.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Yes, audio very bad.
    So many topics now where i have to ask for a fix

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1268 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I apologise that it has taken me a little while to reply to this individual thread forked from the original megathread about the audio quality of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, concerning the in-game dialogue and sound effects being unbalanced or inconsistent in terms of volume levels.

    I'd like to start by thanking you all for your reports, and for providing information so far about your experiences of these issues in-game. I have reopened the investigation into these issues specifically, and provided many of the comments already left here in the thread as my opening comments in the investigation. Now, I would like to gather the following information from you all as requested by the development team, in order for them to analyse and review it all:

    • Description of the specific sound effects / dialogue lines etc. that are affected
    • Confirmation of the platform you play on
    • Description of the audio device(s) you use, and your audio set-up
    • A video demonstrating the issues you are experiencing with audio (Please upload this to an external site such as YouTube, and then link it to us here in the thread)
    • (PC) Your MSINFO and DXDIAG files (You will need to submit these to us in a support case, or via Live Chat; include your case reference number in your reply for me to locate these)

    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have; I'll be happy to try and address these as best I can. Thank you all for your time and assistance in advance, it is much appreciated! 🙂

    Official Response

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