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  • Shadelife
    2 posts

    The trophies that didn't unlocked are called:

    The order is revealed and Calling in a favor.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3579 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I apologise for the double post. Thank you for continuing to share your reports regarding your missing trophies with us. I'd like to reach out to you all with an update.

    The development team has began releasing improvements for unlocking trophies with TU 1.3.1, wherein the following fix was deployed:

    Mastery Challenge achievements and trophies didn't transfer between platforms.  

    I'd like to assure you all that the development team is actively investigating this issue at large and will be continuing to bring improvements in future updates. Following TU 1.3.1, the development team have requested that we open up a new Megathread to continue tracking reports of trophies / achievements not unlocking on all platforms. You can find this new Megathread here.

    If some of your trophies still have not unlocked, despite meeting the requirements, please can you share your report within the linked Megathread? This will help us to keep all reports and information in a single place.

    As we have opened up this new thread to collect reports, I will now be locking this thread. Please can you provide full up-to-date reports following the release of TU 1.3.1 in the Megathread we have linked above.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • KingApollo804
    1 posts

    I’m having the same issue. The Lunden arc trophy did not transfer when I upgraded to PS5

  • MisterFlink
    23 posts

    @jnadelberg2008 replying to this again to see if someone has been able to solve this issue... has been a really annoying bug...

  • dcskaterboy
    3 posts

    Yes I have trophies that did not populate once I started playing the 5 version either

    1. The Order is Revealed
    2. Builder
    3. Ultimate Refinement

    Please help guys and gals! Would love to play the second half of the game on the PS5 as I wasn’t aware you had to download the 5 version separately and do not want to start over, thanks!

  • dcskaterboy
    3 posts

    Trophies not popping up either please help!!!

  • dcskaterboy
    3 posts

    @xtralag almost the same exact trophies as me. Going to finish the story on the 4 version and hope they come out with a new game plus version and finish the rest of the trophies for the 5 through new game+

  • brianbaldwin92
    2 posts

    It’s the same with me man the ones that didn’t pop were the story ones. I contacted them and Sony they both don’t know what is going on. They both told me it doesn’t transfer and you have to restart the whole game. Then after a while they started magically popping all except 7 or 9 for me like I said all story ones and the lunden one was one of the ones that didn’t for me as well. Hopefully soon this will be fixed because I don’t even feel like playing the game anymore to me it’s pointless to even play now because I love getting platinums but until this is fixed I won’t be touching it

  • I_am_8-bit
    4 posts

    For those who are wondering patch 1.1.1 did not fix this issue. I loaded up my platinum save and a few random achievements popped but not all of them. Still missing several story arc achievements, skadis hobby, equine attack, silent Viking, over design 2, builder, completionist all the way, home sweet home, ultimate refinement and orlag champion. I redid equine attack and skadis hobby hoping the rest would pop but they did not, I also replayed an orlag player and beat him to try and get orlag champ but it didn’t pop either. Redoing some of these trophies would not be feasible without dozens of additional hours of play with a fresh play through which is disappointing. Also I do not want to redo over design 2, that trophy is straight bull****. Hopefully next patch addresses this but I’m putting this game away for now.

  • nanoonanoo78
    6 posts

    The order revealed isnt unlocking either, complete the lunden arc, well i have, the game is 100% done 176 hrs total and dont see why i should start a new game, get to the same point and gamble the trophy poping this time, no garuntee it will unlock doing a new game, it didnt do it the first time, this really needs addressing now, and theres many others on xbox and ps4/5 having issues with acheivments/trophys staying locked. I started on ps4, unlocked 6-7 world trophies, none of them carried over, had to redo them on ps5, but trophies are linked to your psn profile, its the same psn profile i use on ps4 as ps5 so i dont know why we have had to redo trophies.

  • nanoonanoo78
    6 posts

    @gonzo8463 i started on ps4 too, but i completed the lunden arc much later on ps5 and it didnt unlock on ps5, lots of people ive spoken to stuck on this one only played on ps5 and it just stays locked.

  • caspeer_costel
    13 posts

    I can confirm that my PS4 achievements also did not sync to PS5 after this update. On the PS5 I'm missing the fishing and platinum achievements but on the "same" PS5 save, I only have 60% of the achievements unlocked.

  • show_stoppa
    52 posts

    Recently was able to secure myself a PS5. Was super excited to platinum the game after I had already finished the game on PS4. But for some reason, only a partial number of my trophies have transferred over to PS5. e.g I already have the trophy unlocked for releasing a firefly, which was one of the last things I did on PS4, but I dont have trophies for settlement level 3 , or level 6, or lunden arc. I already have the settlement at level 6 and have already finished the game, so I dont know how I can go back and redo them. Please help

  • show_stoppa
    52 posts

    I have the same issue. Only a partial number of trophies transferred over to PS5. Come on Ubi. Fix this thing. They already said that all trophies will be transferred. Why is this not happening?

  • show_stoppa
    52 posts

    Got the same issue. Any response from the mods would be great.

  • show_stoppa
    52 posts

    Have the same issue mate. Its sad that this post has been a month old and there has been no response from any of the mods. Atleast add this issue to the known issue list.

  • show_stoppa
    52 posts

    The issue hasn't even been acknowledged in the known issues list. I have the same problem.

  • vipandree
    8 posts

    @raphaelzoren same issue here. I got platinum on PS5 and then I start the game on ps4 version certain trophies popped up but not all of them. Don't know why... the trophies list transfer of Marvel Spiderman worked without problems but only ubisoft game got problem somehow.

  • vipandree
    8 posts

    @show_stoppa same issue here. 1 trophy from main story not popped, trophy from orlog play not popped, settlement already lvl6 not popped and many more of them cant redo again. I guest problem from ubisoft side.

  • vipandree
    8 posts

    Hello there.

    I just searched some threads that lots of players got this issue of trophies transfering and are unable to get platinum unless they start a new game.
    I have just done some test the other game such as Marvel Spiderman. I got platinum on PS4, loaded the ps4 savefile on PS5 and all of trophies including Platinum popped up.

    So the issue of trophies tranfering might be from Ubisoft side. There must be a solution for this. The save file should check the archievements/trophies once again while loading the game to make sure that the obtained trophies pop up.

    Please fix this issue on Playstation.

  • TheColdMist
    2 posts

    Just transferred from PS4 to PS5 version and lost these trophies I had already earned:
    - Calling in a Favour (Complete Suthsexe Arc)
    - Silent Viking
    - Overdesign II (this enrages me because of how buggy Valhalla is and how many hours I took working my way around actually doing what the trophy requires - which ISN'T what the trophy description says)
    - Flying Eivor
    - Is There Anybody Out There?

    Please patch this somehow so that trophy hunters like myself don't have to go through this game unnecessarily again as this game is tedious enough already with the bloated direction it has taken. Seriously giving the next AC a skip if it isn't vastly different to the latest three installments.

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