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  • daz-lufc
    10 posts


    least I got more than you 😂.... it’s a joke this

  • Matush_SVK
    6 posts

    Any update from dev team @Ubi-Raziel ? As you can see, this issue is present.

  • azmore_peeps
    1 posts

    Calling in a favor is the only trophy that didnt transfer to ps5 for me as well! Its keeping from having my platinum. Totally unfair as there is not a feasible way to obtain the trophy again after story completion. I spent over 200 hours on completing the game then an additional 2 hours starting over to get back to England and try the hytham's dummy assassination fix. That did not work for me. How is this so difficult for ubisoft and/or sony to fix since it affects so many people!

  • escoch90
    2 posts

    For me 3 trophies did not pop up:

    1. Flying Eivor (easly re-done)
    2. Calling in a Favor
    3. As we was Foretold

    I hope in a fix, otherwise I should play again almost the entire game to take the third one!

    And what about a new game+ to start again at least with all the gear and skills? Any news about that?

  • COL_C
    1 posts

    “Calling in a Favor” not popping for me. Please help.

  • clares2010
    1 posts

    Calling in a Favor
    As we was Foretold

  • alej4ndr0herrer
    2 posts

    Same for me. Calling it a favor and some others like the settlement ones. When can we expect a patch for this?

  • diegovertongen
    1 posts

    Still no solution to have them all transferred? Made the transition from ps4 to ps5 yesterday. On the ps4 I had the platinum but on ps5 I’m at 86% of trophies. 😩

  • Phetikus
    3 posts

    I had previously posted on here about my missing trophies from my PS4>PS5 upgrade, these were what I was missing:

    calling in a favour
    as it was foretold 
    disorder of the ancients
    skadi’s hobby
    Silent Viking 
    completionist all the way
    Home sweet home
    Ultimate refinement
    Flying Eivor
    orlog Champion

    I booted the game up for the first time in about a month today to have a mess around and check the river raids and I managed to unlock 2 of the above.

    Disorder of the ancients - popped after I assassinated a dummy by the Assassin cabin at base camp

    Ultimate refinement - popped after I maxed a random weapon

    This is a start but some of the ones listed above are far, far too time consuming to start again (I.e. completionist all the way and home sweet home) and we shouldn’t need to be doing random instances like this just to try sorting out our trophy lists.

    Is this still being treated as an active problem? I have looked through the list of known issues and can’t see anything about it being investigated.

  • daz-lufc
    10 posts

    Any official reply Ubisoft? Surely cannot be a massive problem to sort out. I’m not starting the game again as suggested. I’ve done 150 hours

  • daz-lufc
    10 posts

    Looks like they’re sorting it, better luck than last time when they said to start a new game 😂..... fingers crossed

  • AndresVS
    1 posts

    Having the same problem, please mods address this issue.

  • LegateHawk
    16 posts

    yup i'm here to report the same issue i just was able to finish my platinum after waiting on a few bug fixes that prevented me from doing everything, i got my plat on the ps4 version, switched to the ps5 version opened my safe file and nothing, i am now missing 2 story related ones and 3 trophies that i am unable to achieve as the requirements for them have been met and i cannot do them again in my ps4 safe file

  • prokeon
    9 posts

    hullo Ubi, hullo all

    My settlement is completed at level six yet the trophy is not unlocking at all. I've pretty much got everything else (except the fishes one which has been a long road to accomplish so far), but re the Home Sweet Home trophy I have a PS5 but I was playing the game on the PS4 version on that console too at times in the early days of console launch(cos I wanted to use my Hati wolf mount from the preorder code which at the time wasn't transferable to the complementary PS5 version of the game (he is now)).

    I'd like to plat this game *before* the paid DLC (and their complementary trophies) come out as I will not be buying those two until they eventually sell for half price, which will be a while (I waited for the Odyssey ones to sale like this back in the day too).

    Reading about this issue I suppose that it is an intra-platform issue playing this (or these) game/s on the same console. Please also note that on the PS5 xmb menu under the PS5 version of Valhalla regarding "Eivor's saga" only shows me being at 60% completion yet pressing the PS button brings up a more in-depth game info screen that shows me a 91% (I tried to image these but the PS5 screenshotter doesn't seem to image the xmb screens instead frustratingly imaging only the in-game contents behind them.

    For your informations 💙

  • tonydamiani
    2 posts

    No update on this?

    Calling in a Favor
    As it Was Foretold
    Skadi's Hobby
    Silent Viking
    Overdesing II (the hardest trophy on the game)
    Completionist All the Way!
    Home Sweet Home
    Ultimate Refinement
    Orlog Champion

  • Zodiackiller50
    1 posts

    18% on PS4
    Transferred to PS5


    I want to love this game but man it's got so much broken stuff going on.

  • TroLLeX_BoSS
    1 posts

    Same I am missing few trophies from PS4 after I updated to PS5 😕

    All of these thophies I got on PS4:
    Calling in a Favor
    As ItWas Foretold
    Home Sweet Home
    Flying Eivor

  • ElMadre1
    64 posts

    For me, I was at 97% on PS4, missing only Completionist all the way! and Viking Legend. Thanks to the Milk of Humankind bug.

    On PS5, it transferred 46/51 (91%), missing the following previously completed:

    Complete the Suthsexe Arc
    Complete "The Prophecy" storyline
    Beat all the Orlog players

  • crb042
    2 posts

    Adding my details here, too. The following trophies did not automatically award when I booted up the PS5 version.
    Viking Legend
    Skadi's Hobby
    Silent Viking
    Completionist All the Way
    Home Sweet Home
    Ultimate Refinement
    Flying Eivor
    Orlog Champion
    Calling in a Favor
    As It Was Foretold

    Additionally, the Activities bar (the thing on the PS5 hub below the "Play" button) show's a card for Eivor's Saga alongside all the unawarded trophies, and that says it's at 0%. Could be related since it's about progress, maybe that helps you tracking what's happening in the code.

  • MDarrow4696
    4 posts

    Got 78% not my 100%, bummer 😕 hope this is patched soon

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