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  • mathmath51
    Original poster 3 posts

    @balla_jazzuz That's what I understand also from other sources but I'd love to have an official response from Ubi because I think the transfert is working for Watchdogs

  • Swenda
    3 posts


    Im currently playing on the ps5 and trophies are missing while i got the same trophies on the ps4 earlier. Is this a glitch or a bug, and what can i do about it

  • raphaelzoren
    24 posts

    Hi, I platinumed the game a few days ago on the PS4 (raphael_zoren is my PSN username) and once I finally got my PS5 two days ago I downloaded the PS5 version of Valhalla.

    After playing for a few minutes and doing the daily Reda quest, many trophies started to pop up all at once...but not all of them. No gold trophy popped up while most (but not all) of the bronze and silver trophies popped up.

    This seems to be entirely random since one of the last trophies I got was the all fish one (Good Catch) preceded by Over Design II and Skadi's Hobby. For some reason, only Good Catch popped up and not the other ones even though Good Catch was achieved later.

    Here's a list of the missing Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plat trophies:

    -Viking Legend
    -The Order Is Revealed
    -Calling in a Favor
    -As it Was Foretold
    -Disorder of the Ancients
    -Skadi's Hobby
    -Silent Viking
    -Overdesign II
    -Completionist All the Way
    -Home Sweet Home
    -Ultimate Refinement
    -Twinkle Twinkle
    -Orlog Champion
    -Is there Anybody Out There?

    Will there be a fix for this?

  • ListerDaLeo
    3 posts

    I got the same problem mate, so annoying. wish they fixed this as now i not sure i pay for season pass to carry on ps5

  • raphaelzoren
    24 posts

    Update: the "Is Anyone Out There" trophy just popped in randomly after the latest update. Still missing the other 30% trophies. Any help, Ubi?

  • ListerDaLeo
    3 posts

    i been on chat to ubisoft all day, they just said you have to start a new save and do it all again or contact playstation. Not happy

  • CloudStrifeNL
    8 posts

    I played the PS4 version of AC Valhalla and juat got the Platinum trophy. Then I upgraded to the PS5 version since all trophies unlocked would unlock on PS5. Sadly, this isn't happening. Some trophies did unlock and other didn't. Any word on this? After nearly 130 hours I only wanted to play the upcoming DLC on PS5, not the entire game again.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • caspeer_costel
    13 posts

    @cloudstrifenl I have a similar issue. I can understand some of the "challenges" not unlocking and me having to slide down the mountain again etc but things like settlement level 6, unlocking all the wealth etc did not sync from PS4 to PS5. Some have been randomly unlocking from time to time when I load the game. No idea why or how.

  • locoporkko
    27 posts

    I believe that for a trophy pop for example lvl 280 you can let the save in ps4 at lvl 279 and in ps5 put one lvl more and the trophy pop

  • CloudStrifeNL
    8 posts

    @locoporkko I wish. Alot of trophies unlocked just fine and some of them didn't. 3 random story trophies didn't unlock but the rest did. Really weird. Hope they fix this soon.

  • CloudStrifeNL
    8 posts

    @caspeer_costel That's really weird. I have all the collectabkes trophies except the Orlog players and Completions all the Way. At first Kill all Order members didn't unlock but I had a save before the last one so I got that one. Also slid down the mountain again. But it's strange and very random. Hope they fix this soon.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I am not certain why the trophies aren't unlocking for you, but we can certainly take a look.

    Can you all please list which trophies have not unlocked so far?

    Official Response
  • iMdepalmer
    2 posts


    these trophies did not transfer for me

    • silent viking
    • orlog champion
    • skadis hobby
    • builder
    • home sweet home
    • ultimate refinement
    • the order is revealed
    • calling in a favor
    • as it was foretold
    • disorder of the ancients
  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    @imdepalmer Thanks! I'll try to get more data from players so we can cross reference everything, and we may need to ask the ACV team 🙂

    Official Response
  • Jolypieuvre
    8 posts

    Hi while upgrading from PS4 to PS5 many trophies did pup but five are missing so I wonder if it's a known issue or if they're going to pop randomly

  • jFate_
    7 posts

    So i've started the game on ps4 till i got the ps5, thing is, most of my ps4 trophies didn't carry over ps5, like the settlement progression, orlog one, etc, i know it's not a big deal since it can be done again in a new game, but, starting a full new game without new game plus is kinda off annoying...

  • CloudStrifeNL
    8 posts


    Viking Legend (obviously)
    The Order is Revealed
    Calling in a Favor
    As It Was Foretold
    #Disorder of the Ancients (got it through a save right before the last kill)
    #Skadi's Hobby (got this one again by sliding down in Norway)
    Silent Viking
    Overdesign II
    Completionist All the Way
    Home Sweet Home
    Flying Eivor
    Orlog Champion

  • I_am_8-bit
    4 posts

    Hi I’m also having the same issue, I managed to get a ps5 this week and upgraded my copy of Valhalla to ps5. I currently have 36 trophies unlocked on the PS4 version of Valhalla, after loading my cloud save on ps5 only 26 trophies popped.

  • xtralag
    7 posts

    I also have issues with missing trophies when moving from PS4 to PS5. Only 19 of 22 were transferred properly. The missing ones were settlement level 3 (I already had level 5 unlocked; however that one was granted after upgranding 1 building), killing 10 enemies in stealth, and (most annoying) the Lunden story arc trophy. I have completed Lunden 100%, nothing left to do there. Looks like I would need to start another playthrough until Lunden unless this bug/issues can be fixed otherwise...?

  • Addrulz
    2 posts

    Similar issue here as well, 39/51 trophies unlocked. Very similar trophies missing as the above.

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