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  • Phetikus
    3 posts


    The trophies I’m missing from my PS4 to PS5 transfer are:

    calling in a favour
    as it was foretold
    disorder of the ancients
    skadi’s hobby
    Silent Viking
    completionist all the way
    Home sweet home
    Ultimate refinement
    Flying Eivor
    orlog Champion

  • Wukaneld
    1 posts


    I recently transitioned from PS4 to PS5 when I am about 128hrs into the game. I have already earned 28 trophies on PS4 but when I loaded the cloud save on PS5 the trophies started popping but only 25 are given. Specifically the 3 missing trophies are “Calling in a Favor”, “Builder”, and “Silent Viking”. I already completed the Suthsexe Arc and upgraded my settlement to Level 5 so I am not sure how do I re-obtain Calling in a Favor and Builder without starting a new game. Has anyone faced the same issue before and has it been solved?

    My game is already updated to the latest version.

  • marckoster1997
    1 posts

    I have over 150 hours in valhalla and wanted to go for platinum.
    I transfered my save from ps4 to ps5 like 2 months ago.
    Sadly a lot of story trophies are bugged for me and i see no point to re-do the story.
    Trophies that are bugged for me are:

    #calling in a favor
    #as it was foretold
    #disorder of the acients
    #silent viking
    #home sweet home

    Hope you are able to fix them soon!

  • cyancyanide
    1 posts

    @ubi-raziel All of these did not autopop for me on PS5 from a 100% Plat PS4 save. I have been able to redo all except Calling in a Favor, which will not pop without a new game file.

    • Completionist All the Way
    • Flying Eivor
    • As It Was Foretold
    • Orlog Champion
    • Disorder of the Ancients
    • Skadi's Hobby
    • Overdesign II
    • Silent Viking
    • Calling in a Favor
  • MisterFlink
    23 posts

    calling in a favor stays locked for me

  • MisterFlink
    23 posts

    @wukaneld yes, i have the same issue with calling in a favor

  • MisterFlink
    23 posts

    @shadelife same here with Calling in a favor.

  • Tobi_W_Kenobi
    6 posts

    For me it’s
    silent Viking
    overdesign II
    completionist all the way
    home sweet home
    Flying Eivor
    orlog champion
    calling in a favor
    as it was foretold
    disorder the ancients
    and of course the platinum
    that haven’t transferred over to ps5

  • EBBE_1990
    1 posts

    So after doing the transfer from PS4 to ps5, I was missing several trophies, I've gone back through and gotten most of them again, but Im still missing the trophies for completing the sussexe arc, the prophecy arc as well as the level 3 and level 6 settlement camp trophies?

    Pretty much all I need for a platnium so is there a way to do this without having to do the story again

  • EvhValhalla
    7 posts

    Same issue here, about 10 trophies missing upgraded to PS5 version

  • danmckie5277
    1 posts

    I dont know why the suthexe trophy isnt unlocked i did it on ps4 and i switched to ps5 shortly after completing the arc and the trophy hasnt appeared on my ps5 verision of valhalla

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @Wukaneld @MisterFlink Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about this. I understand how annoying it can be to be missing trophies and achievements that you spent time working for in-game! Moving forward, please start by rebuilding your PS5 database. That process acts like a computer disk defragmenter, and will not affect your save data, so it would be great to try here. Aside from that, have you tried contacting PlayStation Support to see what suggestions or insight they may be able to provide?

    Official Response
    7 posts

    For me it's
    Calling in a favour
    As it Was Foretold
    Disorder of the Ancients
    Skadi's hobby
    Silent Viking
    Home Sweet Home
    Ultimate refinement
    Flying Eivor
    Orlog Champion

    Any news on this? It's not in the known issues list? I already have one issue that stopped my completeting the platinum on PS4 and now with my PS5 there's this issue to add to it.

  • ToxicCrimson
    3 posts

    I played the game on PS4 originally as at the time there was discrepancies of trophies but now I have done most of the trophies I moved onto ps5 for some of the stuff left and of course for when the dlc arrives.

    My PS5 version of Valhalla unlocked most trophies except for:

    Calling in a favor, as it was foretold, disorder of the ancients and orlog champion.

    PS. I do not yet have the platinum and my game is up to date.

  • jpgelnette2
    1 posts

    @ubi-raziel 1. Calling In A Favor 2. As It Was Foretold 3. Disorder of the Ancients 4. Silent Viking 5. Completionist All the Way! 6. Orlog Champion

  • CloudStrifeNL
    9 posts

    @ubi-raziel Any update on the trophies not unlocking on PS5? Thanks!

  • Fragpuss
    2 posts


    Hi i fully completed ACV on ps4 (including platinum) and moved to ps5 (05/02/21), killed a dummy outside Hytham's Bureau and all trophies popped except for these

    Viking Legend - Platinum
    Calling in a favour - complete Suthsexe arc
    As it was foretold - Complete "the prophecy" storyline
    Disorder of the ancients - Eliminate all targets in the Order of ancients
    Silent Viking - Assassinate 10 enemies in a row without triggering a conflict
    Completionist all the way - complete all territories
    Flying Eivor - Get thrown 30 metres by a destroyer or housecarl
    Orlog Champion - Beat all the orlog players

    The only ones of these i can try to reachieve without starting a new game are Silent Viking and Flying Eivor. I've sunk nearly 170 hours into this game and it's kind of annoying that the others having popped alongside the rest

  • Machine1104
    3 posts

    Im continuing my adventure from ps4 to ps5
    all trophies earned so far popped also on ps5 except for "Calling in a favor"
    how can i do it? i dont want to start the game from scratch

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 103 posts

    @machine1104 Hey! For Trophies considered as completed in a previous platform, you must perform an additional action to unlock the Trophies on the new platform.

    Could you try this for Calling in a favor?

    Official Response
  • Machine1104
    3 posts

    @ubi-viral i did and thats why im writing
    when started on ps5 i had 0 trophies
    then i completed 1 trophy and all popped out except for 3 of them
    2 can be done again (i already did) but 1 is story related (Calling in a favor) and cant do it again

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