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  • xPoppu
    12 posts

    I also have this issue. New wealth in Vinland, cannot find it. It seems it’s related to an enemy who is not here.

  • pjc1506
    14 posts

    @lazylaziel its even worse as 1 in vinland that I got before is now not lootable

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    I got this problem too.

    I'm sure I only had one piece of wealth to get (Thors Helmet) which I've now picked up.

    But the wealth has jumped up from 16 to 17.

    It seems to be related to patch 1.0.4

    Confirmation that this is indeed a patch issue and not a stealth addition of another piece of wealth would be very helpful.

  • matzoula
    2 posts


    Before the 1.0.4 patch the only thing i was missing before the platinum achievement on ps4 was the mystery that required the fabric offering and i couldn't do that because of the fabric bug. After the patch i did the mystery and was waiting for the achievement to unlock, Two minutes after and nothing so i was looking through the map to see if i missed something and i saw a new treasure in East Anglia as well as you. I did that and again no trophy. Apparently there is one more wealth in Vinland that is a drop from an enemy but guess what, that enemy is dead and i dont have anything that i can loot from him. So again i am stuck.

  • Hidtyui
    1 posts

    @pjc1506 same here
    arrive the location all enemies is dead

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    I can confirm this issue.

    I had 100% wealth and mysteries in Vinland.

    Vinland's wealth post-patch 1.0.4 has 'un-recognised' one wealth item and has uncompleted itself.

  • matzoula
    2 posts

    Its the same for me.

  • xPoppu
    12 posts

    Same issue. Tired of these bugs.

  • Aicalo
    3 posts

    @finalflash07 just tried it in my game, nothings happens. Also tried leaving the animus and re-entering.

    Seeing the same reports of this new bug both in East Anglia and in Vinland on reddit and twitter 😞

  • OldMacJesusXL
    Original poster 8 posts

    Ah yeah you might be right. I knew for certain I 100 percent completed this region and knew for a fact I've killed everyone and everything there long ago. I was convinced it was a loot I somehow didn't get. I almost gotten the platinum trophy because the recent patch fixed quest and fabric issues I had prior to now. I by all means should have had that trophy pop, but then this mysterious unaccounted wealth showed up and denied me.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    Hey folks,

    I am sorry to hear that this has happened since the new update has dropped.

    Can any of you provide a short video showing that the wealth is no longer completed and you are unable to loot it?

    Is this specifically just the wealth in Vinland that you cannot collect or are some of you having the same issue with East Anglia?

    Official Response
  • pjc1506
    14 posts


    Its the one in vinland as the guy in anglia is alive and lootable once kill.

  • JakobHolley
    2 posts

    The new update allowed me to do the altar in euvicscire but for some reason the update spawned wealth opportunities that i already did back into the game. One was in east anglia which i was able to get and the other one is a chest in Vinland at Hvallgrof Outpost. However the chest there wont spawn in. So i came onto the game thinking I would get 100% but no. Ive got another collectible that is bugged

  • spiriticon
    5 posts

    I have this bug on the Xbox One X as well. Where is the respawned loot in East Anglia?

  • pjc1506
    14 posts

    @spiriticon it was dunwic for me, east of the lower fast travel

  • spiriticon
    5 posts


    Thanks a lot! I'll have a look there

  • omnistrife99
    7 posts

    Urgh, just checked Vinland, which I’d already fully cleared, and it’s the same for me.

    I had small glimmer of hope that the trophy would still pop based on a hidden counter of X amount of collectibles, but as it’s not popped for @matzoula I’m guessing it’s counting regions completed instead?

  • marwan-wcw
    2 posts

    Same to me I completely finish east anglia but 1 wealth missing ;(

  • spiriticon
    5 posts

    I can confirm that the East Anglia wealth respawns in Dunwic. Thanks @pjc1506
    The one in Vinland is still bugged though... unless the wealth respawns somewhere else that isn't near the marker? I have yet to check the whole map of Vinland

  • schmutzlee
    4 posts

    @xpoppu Yeah, the enemy is dead, when I show up. I can pick him up and run around with his corpse and the Wealth symbol with move around with me.

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