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  • marwan-wcw
    2 posts

    Same to me I completely finish east anglia but 1 wealth missing ;(

  • spiriticon
    5 posts

    I can confirm that the East Anglia wealth respawns in Dunwic. Thanks @pjc1506
    The one in Vinland is still bugged though... unless the wealth respawns somewhere else that isn't near the marker? I have yet to check the whole map of Vinland

  • schmutzlee
    4 posts

    @xpoppu Yeah, the enemy is dead, when I show up. I can pick him up and run around with his corpse and the Wealth symbol with move around with me.

  • TaYeuleCaliss1
    10 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Here's the video

  • gregory2303
    9 posts

    Also lost simehow wealth in vinland and east angla which i already collected before the patch. Still having duplicated itemsnin my inventory.
    What are you doing ubisoft? Why don't you do what you say you do?

  • Alfahunter24
    2 posts

    I looted all the wealth in Vinlandia but still an icon is shown on the map, if I reach the icon it appears to be attached to an enemy and I am not able to loot

  • D3spard
    2 posts

    Reporting this as well. I have been 100% completing the zones before moving on.

    On PS5 I now have 16/17 for East Anglia and I’m 4/5 for Vinland. For some reason this patch has added one wealth collectible to these zones.

    I’m not going to continue until this I fixed because I’m unsure if this is going to affect the platinum, which I have been trying to get.

  • pikczu4628
    1 posts

    Before patch 1.04 I finished Vinlandia to 100%, today when I download patch i have one more wealth to take, but i cant cuz when i go to the camp where weath drop all enemies is death and i cant take it 😞
    How fix it, how do it the enemy still be alive ?

  • JamesLogan491
    94 posts

    I have that issue as well. Definitely a post patch thing.

  • DemonI81
    16 posts


    Same here. Left the final sister so had 1 mystery, 1 wealth... Now I have 1 mystery, 2 wealth.

  • fastica
    5 posts

    @lazylaziel Add me to the list. I had one wealth left and now I have two, but only one wealth to unlock. I'm always amazed when AAA companies have bugs like this. This is not a weird bug, it's a bug you'll notice the first time you open the map.

  • m1au
    52 posts

    you can find the "new" wealth in dunwic. I even got a new yellow dot on my minimap so seems like something is off with respawns. Managed to get to 17/17 again by killing and looting one of these enemy dudes there

  • Assassino89NL
    12 posts

    add me aswell, Both East Anglia and Vinland has one more wealth then before, i allways complete a region 100% before i'll continue to the next area or main story quest. i really dunno if i even want to continue playing this game at this state, was going for my 1st ps5 platinum trophy, heck i even needs to complete the game twice if i want to 100% it cause i cant finish Jutenheim on this run, any way game needs a huge update on fixable quests, instead of visual, stats, and bow stuff.

  • wch53
    1 posts

    undefinedundefinedcomplete precious person to reappear

  • Munkytech
    1 posts

    I have a bugged wealth icon in Vinland. The enemy is dead and can not be looted yet the wealth icon is on his body. I moved the body and the icon moves as well. It is the ONLY thing I am missing for 100%.

  • TougherBook3
    3 posts

    @m1au yeah I did the same thing killed the big guy with a big ax or whatever and now I'm 16/17 .

    I don't know how but try to make this comment noticeable by everyone it works at least it worked for me.

  • hackymc1983
    4 posts

    same here. 1 in Vinland with a lot of dead unlootable bodies, and 1 in East Engla

  • schmutzlee
    4 posts

    @hidtyui I got that bug as well. Suddenly there's supposed to be a fifth wealth, when there were only 4 before the patch.

    I was able to get the one in East Angalia at the fortress in the south east. Wasn't able to see it on the map, but got it on the radar when I went to the region.

  • schmutzlee
    4 posts

    Got the same problem. Extra wealth, that wasn't there before 1.0.4 in Vinland (Suddenly there are supposed to be 5, when there were only 4 before patch)

  • Nuka-SK00MA
    2 posts

    I have the same problem on Xbox Serie X. Vinland wealth can't be looting.

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