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  • Yesin069
    534 posts


    This happens when you release an unfinsihed game to launch with your media partner xbox series x.

    The problem isnt that those issues are unfixable, it has just to do with human ressource management after the launch of a game. The devs do the most in the last steps before launch. This is the time where they all together focus on fixing bugs and polishing the game with all they have. After release this usually switches dramatically. Most devs switch to new projects or have to work on nw content, so not many are left for bugfixes.

    In conclusion: It is always better to delay a game and make the release as bugfree as possible because after launch this will get a lot harder to manage. Every bit of new content is a new source of problems and every bugfix on one side can break many things on other sides that have nothing to do with each other. All in all Ubisoft made their money and we a beta testers for this early-access version.

    I am sure with both DLC and all content this game will be fine but currently it is just a broken mess and i also think this will damage the brand. Valhalla sold very well and all those people wont forget the bugs and the bad "free content" so the next AC will never reach the same sale numbers as Valhalla. I surely wont buy the next game before one year has past after launch.

  • Polyedra
    84 posts

    imo.. they should be working on the same game. Like valhalla should be odyssey, just in a new world.. new map. And the systems should never be abandoned. so team would always be working on it, never new thing. So next game would be in aztec land or whatever.. but same engine, or engine they currently use, and same system. it new story ofc! but system same.
    that wat i think. i probably wrong on everything so nm.

  • Garbo3
    589 posts

    @lemmie88 yes,am having the runes not showing up issue too.

  • Garbo3
    589 posts

    @yesin069 Agree. Wont buy at launch after all the bugs experienced . Am concerned about DLC bringing more trouble.

  • lemmie88
    116 posts

    @yesin069 Thanks so much for the explanation. It helps a lot with managing expectations and rationalizing what seemed to me was a callous response by Ubisoft. I really appreciate it! 😊

    I was burnt pretty bad by this experience too, but in part because I was probably too much of a fan beforehand. Had too much faith in them. They taught me better.

    @Garbo3 Fortunately, I don't think the missing runes has any effect on gameplay. But I'm not sure I'd notice if it did! 😅

  • Garbo3
    589 posts

    @lemmie88 I can't tell either lol.

  • Polyedra
    84 posts

    @garbo3 it's difficult to say, but with speed buffs it is noticeable even small points when u use a slow weapon. But... it's elusive af.

  • katzenkrimis71
    157 posts

    The colour of health recovery in the health bar has changed from light green to yellow.


    Oh my god, how do you guys even notice stuff like this? I'm always focused on more important things in video games. While the health bar apparently changes colour, I'll be wondering why the enemy I struck flew 40 feet into the air.

    I probably wouldn't even notice the health bar change, anyway. I'm colourblind with certain shades of greens and blues.

  • Polyedra
    84 posts

    @polyedra I very attentive to things in my games. symbols and all that. idk wat they mean all the time but if something changes, i notice. I see this in games a lot, small changes they make, and big ones, but never say. There's so many that it's not possible to keep track of them.
    This is actually an affliction of mine doe xD cuz it so annoying i can't ignore the various symbols. I always try and minimize the elements of the ui. Thankfully, i got this elephant screen: 32:9 and it so big that it alleviates the issues for me to an extent.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    Original poster 375 posts

    Oh my god I never thought this thread would have so many relies.

    If this UI thing is really affected by new bugs and glitches, I hope it can be sorted out soon. It seems like the problem is again with bad coding - if stands alone, it is okay, but as more updates are added, the new codes clash with old ones and create new issues which require re-writing / improving the coding.

    And I think the light green health recovery is great or even the best, and hopefully that can return (if the game already has colour-blind-friendly setting)

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