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  • longjohn119
    547 posts

    Probably because Valhalla is one of the most buggiest games ever released by Ubisoft. Does not say a lot about how good the actual gameplay is. Because of the fact, Valhalla is unplayable for a lot of players, I actually find this a very high rating. But where can you find these Google ratings?

    It's simple you just google the name of a game and on the right side there will be a column with game information. Scroll down and you'll find user ratings and reviews

    The reason I like it is because it doesn't get review bombed like Metacritic and Steam

  • longjohn119
    547 posts

    Probably because Valhalla is one of the most buggiest games ever released by Ubisoft. Does not say a lot about how good the actual gameplay is. Because of the fact, Valhalla is unplayable for a lot of players, I actually find this a very high rating. But where can you find these Google ratings?

    That's my main gripe with it Bugs and basic systems like aim assist, bow selection, are broken ..... The transmog system is nothing but microtransaction driving BS .... And I don't really like the side content because none of it has any meat to it .... Yes some of Odyssey's and Origin's side quests were simple but there were also some that were quite good and a story within a story such as the quest with Kyra, the Dagger quests on Euboea, the Diona quests on Kythera Island and the Pephka Leandros quests ..... There is simply nothing like that in Valhalla, the mysteries are boring and unrewarding and some of them just downright stupid ,,,, stacking stones and drinking games are also blah .... chasing a piece of paper for a tattoo that you can't even see because the clothing covers them up reminds me of those stupid animus fragments or cockades in pre-Origins games

  • DonJuan2000
    Original poster 10 posts

    @longjohn119 Thanks, totally agreed. I didn't know about Google rating on this game, but it must mean somethings considered all that. I'm really sorry for Ubisoft, but that's it. I tried to make an analysis about good and bad sides. And it's not about bugs, but lack of design I would say.

  • DonJuan2000
    Original poster 10 posts

    @torfinr the problem with misteries or exploration in general in Valahalla, not just misteries, like I said, is that you maybe explore and dig up ancient ruins, looking into misteries and legends lost in time, and then when you are about to discover all of that your find is yet another same ingot like many before in a complicate and unlikely craft upgrade system... not rewarding at all.

    I love much more Odyssey, first there was a context and quite a story about those legends if you pay attention and know a bit about Greek History, there was even some explanation on the Map itself, 2nd there was so many weapons and armors, and even legendary ones, with many different lookings and even more different properties. Very Rewarding under multiple aspects.

    About rivers raids, as I said I don't like it, it's mostly useless for the main game. An idea bad developped.

  • Garbo3
    648 posts

    Ok. Many of us won't like this I guess

  • B00MSIE
    319 posts


    If the main characters actually are assassins it could be fun. Now I am more stimulated to play like an assassin in Ghost Recon Wildlands or Far Cry 5, then I am in an Valhalla.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    157 posts

    @garbo3 Maybe bug free in 2025!

  • DJAM3R
    11 posts

    I agree in an a lot of ways, but to begin with It's way more of a hassle to play offline with valhalla. I've literally never had that many issues with playing a game offline. That will always be ridiculous, when it comes to a single player game.

  • DJAM3R
    11 posts

    That is literally the only thing In the exploration I prefer in Valhalla. I just got sick of the randomized loot in AC odyssey. That said collecting the loot was a lot more fun in Odyssey, and not lazy like in Valhalla

  • DJAM3R
    11 posts

    Lol games that get review bombed usually deserve it

  • DJAM3R
    11 posts

    Don't get me wrong, I have my own reasons to dislike Valhalla and I love myself a good RPG, but how is Valhalla even an RPG ?

  • Garbo3
    648 posts

    @alphagoose46219 yes please !

  • AlphaGoose46219
    157 posts

    @djam3r Your right, its not a RPG at all!
    It's a linear story with fake choices, played the game 3 times 753 hrs due to having the brewing storm bug (replayed the game after 56 lost hrs) and again a new run after i got my new series x.
    Did the main quests with different choices and the outcome was exact the same, only Sigurd's opinion at the end will be different.
    Complete hilarious is when you take different dialog options, the answers/reactions are literally the same.
    Gender choice; Eivor is a woman, there is a interview with the writer on youtube

    and he only talks about "she"!
    So the whole gender choice is typical UBisoft hypocritical / political chicken.........

  • pesto.
    118 posts

    Valhalla was never going to be every game, honestly the weak points are bugs and the game itself is good.

    You have to remember that AC isn’t a Rockstar game where they burn out thousands of artists in sweatshops in Asia over a ten year period to make one game that will make a billion dollars. Instead Ubisoft burn out a thousand artists in Quebec over a 2 year period and make a few hundred million. It’s much more humanitarian with far lower chance of the Polish government threatening to send you to jail because of your bugs than working for CD Project Red for example.

    It’s also unlikely to result in a game that’s all things to all men. There just isn’t time. Ubisoft make beautiful environments and props but when it comes to the mechanics and mission structure it feels like a series of presets that they drop in with different configurations for each game. Where Valhalla’s world may feel hand built and full of detail none of the mechanics or story has that same bespoke feel. It has a samey proceduralness that makes the choices and gameplay actions we make feel strangely inconsequential.

    I would love to see as much time spent on the story paths, side missions and various sub-games as is obviously spent on the visuals. I think for many players yes these are entertainment but they’re also games as art and that’s why it’s more annoying when you spot stuff that lets it down.

    351 posts

    @pesto We do agree.
    But adding real RPG elements isnt that complicated, and they have done it in the past (Odyssey took the correct direction, Origins was also promising). We're not asking them here to invest time and energy for something complicated, but to stay true to themselves with the RPG elements. Why add RPG elements with stats on items, levels, skills, passive skills, and such if it isnt to make them behave like true RPG elements?!?
    Making the RPG system work in Valhalla would need a small patch as it is mainly about game's mechanics, no graphics at all.
    They constantly navigate between the RPG genre and the action combat genre à la AC without setting a clear course. At the end of the day AC fans are disappointed, and RPG fans are disappointed too.

    Valhalla is a beautiful game, but its mechanics are bested by half a dozen of android/smartphone RPG games (and by almost all RPG games of 80s-90s ... *sigh* 😞 an astonishingly beautiful shell, with a rotten heart.

  • DJAM3R
    11 posts

    Yeah I noticed that too. I was playing as male Eivor, and people were referring to me as "she"

  • longjohn119
    547 posts

    Hi Longjohn,

    I think you will find ESO really enjoyable, make sure to get some of the mods that really add quality of life improvements. I play solo, the only guild I have joined in ESO is the trading guild as that's the only way to sell your stuff. (Im 54 and none of my friends play games either so its solo all the way for me too)

    There is very little you cant do as a solo player, even the wee dungeons(delves) on each map are for solo players and some of the bigger dungeons are manageable for many players solo when they are higher leveled.

    I love the crafting and levelling my characters. There are main quests on each map with little story arcs to complete and loads of materials to gather and vistas to check out as well as the delves and sidequests helping towns people, its really lovely.

    I adored Skyrim for the mods and the role-playing and customisation and the funny npcs and stories and the ESO online is really good for those features now too. Of course The Witcher 3 is sublime and Blood and Wine DLC my very favourite all time Witcher DLC. So put ESO on that list of yours, even without the companion system I think you will love it. 🙂

    Oh and regarding your other posts about google user rating, Id probably put Odyssey above Origins because it was way more RPGish but Origins was a lovely game too. Odyssey for me is below those 2 and maybe even below the London Assassin game as I really enjoyed that wee tour of London and playing as the twins. Size isn't as important to me as replayability. 🙂

    I greatly enjoyed playing around with the assassin tools that the twins have, nothing like a good berserk dart to get the job done!

    I also rate Odyssey over Origins but a I really liked both .... For me it's Odyssey then Black Flag then Origins or really Black Flag/Origins second depending on my mood (I really dislike the follow quests in Black Flag but everything else I love)

    Thanks for the tips on ESO, frankly I didn't think you could mod it because most online multiplayer games don't allow it but I did take a peek on Nexus and saw there were some graphical mods (Mostly reshades it look like) but also some inventory management stuff. I also hear the online community isn't nearly as toxic as most online multiplayer games which is why I quit playing them probably 15 years ago. Although I did run a server and racing league for Papyrus NASCAR Racing from 2001 - late 2006 but that was a mostly closed server and league to keep the riff raff and wreckers out

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Black Flag was surprisingly good, I wasn't too keen on the hero, oh Gosh he was awful but somehow I ended up liking him. Loved the exploring in the ship and island hopping and like you I HATED those follow quests, I think most of us did. I must get back to that game, I agree its definitely up there in AC game list.

    The mods for ESO are quality of life improvements, you will see when you start playing, I'm using minion and for my mods(add-ons) for ESO although Im usually a mod manager fan. Minion works best for ESO I think.

    The players are fine, I havent had issues with any but I don't do groups so play very little attention to the chat box. Good luck with ESO! I wish I was a new player again, I love that feeling of excitement and discovering new and interesting things to do in my games..

  • scruntinsly
    9 posts

    I think Valhalla is huge step back compared to Odyssey. I know that the other studio at Ubisoft made this game. This I dislike most about this game

    1. story very weak
    2. the markers in the game are horrible
    3. the difficulty is nonexistent, the game at hard is just to easy
    4. combat is boring and lacks the different abilities that Odyssey had
    6. How was the game released with so many bugs?
    7. Why are mastery point in Valhalla worthless compared to Odyssey

    I can keeping going on. I think this game is 2 steps back from Odyssey. They SHOULD have let the studio that made Odyssey make this because this one clearly is clueless.

  • macsneedy
    4 posts

    @katzenkrimis71 wrote:

    I'm the opposite of you. I played Odyssey for 283 hours and I hated it by the time I got to the end of the expansions. In fact, I even quit the game a couple of hours before the finish line because I just couldn't take it anymore.

    For one, the writing in Odyssey is bloody awful. And so is most of the voice acting. Valhalla is much improved in that department. The writing is sick and twisted, even funny at times. And with so many characters dying, it feels much more realistic.

    couldn't disagree more. melissanthi mahut's voice acting for kassandra was some of the best i've heard, and it was perfectly matched with the animation, which is probably the most expressive i've ever seen in a video game. and the writing in odyssey was so much better. the stories in valhalla are dull by comparison. all in all valhalla is a bit of a dud. the abilities and UI, switching between melee bars, separate assassin skills, combat mechanics, key mapping, ship combat - it's all better in odyssey.

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