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  • katzenkrimis71
    157 posts

    I find it too easy and so does a lot of other players.


    I have mixed feelings about this.

    Since they are catering to console gamers I can't see them ever turning these Creed games into tough-as-nails action/adventures. And depending on how you play this game, it is not always easy. I complete one territory at a time, in level order, and I've suffered through a few boss fights in this game that took well over an hour to beat on the hardest settings.

    With nothing left to do in this game I've been experimenting with a heavy shield and flail on a new save and I couldn't beat the first daughter. And I really struggled to beat the first two Zealots. And all that happened when I was somewhere in the range of level 30 to 100.

    Sure, on my other save I'm level 400 and can cream anything in the game, but it was a lot of work and suffering getting to that point. I feel like I more than earned it, which is, I believe, how many gamers approach these games. Build up your strength so that you can finally beat the wicked witch of the north.

    There are boss fights in this game that I never want to see again. And who knows what the expansions will bring. I'm sure there will be more fights coming where I'll be frustrated again. They won't make the next two expansions easy on everyone that is level 400. They'll throw a wrench into it, for sure.

    I do handicap myself by not abusing overpowered archery or melee abilities. My gages are always full and I rarely use them. Rations are, in fact, my most used ability. Other than that it's just parry, dodge and run. With archery used only for hunting.

    If somebody asked me if Valhalla was easy. I'd laugh and say, not always. I killed a mini-boss today in about 20 seconds, but I know what's coming, so that means nothing. Tomorrow I might be swearing at my monitor and face-palming.

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @katzenkrimis71 I know what you mean and all of us have built up and earned our power levels. I'd love to see increases in difficulty because I wouldn't mind starting the game off with them since I always start the AC games on the hardest difficulty and put up with it out of personal stubbornness.

    And I experiment a ton with different weapon combos and runes and armors. almost all of my weapons are max level and fully upgraded and all of my armors are max level and almost fully upgraded (all but the berserker set which continues to randomly downgrade so i have quit upgrading it because I am not even recieving my resources back, and have lost a ton of resurces on upgrading my berserker set) .

    But even during the game while leveling up I didn't use my abilities much and mostly just used rations and on the highest difficulty I felt like i glided trough the game with ease , sure I died a few times on one of the sisters that are witches cuz it was my first time fighting one of them but after that I flew trough them with ease and my most difficult single opponents were a few different drengers that are blue dots on the map...but even them I handled without desynchronising more than twice with the most difficult ones.

    to be honest the most difficult and frustrating challenge in AC Valhalla for me have been certain carins... as I am sure most players can relate

    I mean it's fun to have the abilities to use and rations to keep us alive, so it would be more fun if Ubisoft were to use my advice and improve the game by adding more difficult difficulties so we could have more reason to use our abilities without feeling like it's a unfair advantage and that we are abusing our power in the game. Because with my abilities I can pawn any group of NPC's without any difficulty and it's fun sometimes but it makes the game really boring and easy.

    I want to see harder difficulties added and it would be nice to see trophies added for completing bosses on hardest of difficulties.

    I understand that most players don't even play AC games on the hardest of difficulties because a lot of people are younger kids and they get more pleasure from just running around the game with ease and without much difficulty.... But for the loyal and long term fans of the AC game series it would be nice to add increased difficulties and to potentially add some challenges and trophies for completing boss fights on the hardest difficulties and it would be nice to see a trophy added for getting a large amount of assassinations without being noticed since it is a Assassins Creed game and it would be nice to see a trophy or challenge focused on increasing the players desire to strategize their approach to camps/forts/monestaries/and other enemy locations by focusing on assassinating their targets and being noticed . Like 20 assasinations one after another without being noticed would be a great trophy to add to the game and fun to accomplish .

  • ImaginaryRuins
    385 posts

    I played every major AC title.

    The AC series had long been not about high-difficulty in combats, but infiltration and assassination in high-security areas. AC2 was hailed one of the greatest and its combat was really very easy.

    It is until AC Origins which introduced RPG elements which began this "higher difficulty" demand.

    I also have mixed feelings - Valhalla common enemies are relatively easy, but those boss battles could be brutal sometimes. At the same time , Eivor is a battle-hardened Viking so it is reasonable for her to be able to dispatch enemies with ease. So in my opinion the game's difficulty is currently okay.

    I have much reservation about buffing up enemies as Odyssey did - all common enemies are damage sponges and I could hardly feel Kassandra's strength (not to mention fire-wielding mercenaries who could just one-shot me).

    AC is just not that kind of game which builds upon difficulty like Dark Souls Bloodborne Sekiro & Nioh.

    I guess what could be a balance is a kind of arena mode for players to replay against those high-difficulty minibosses and bosses infinitely, while keeping the rest of the enemies in the world as they are.

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts


    since the infiltration and assassination play style is non existent unless we force it this new fighting difficulty would be a great improvement to the game quality because 99.99% of enemies are basic and worthless NPC's that are not a challenge but a obstacle that just absorbs damage and dies and generates minuscule amounts of XP... and the boss fights in Valhalla haven't been all that challenging in my opinion. I've had a really easy time playing trough Valhalla.

    I think AC2 combat was more difficult than the combat in Valhalla because I would not want to trigger too many enemies at the same time and the large guards when there is two or more of them were much grater of a challenge than the large guards in Valhalla.

    I don't even use my abilities in Valhalla. I just use the abilities for fun rarely to switch up the monotony cuz it's become so incredibly boring

    See if they increase the difficulty there will be more reason to use abilities and the timing of the use of abilities will be a lot more crucial

    Sure Evior is a battle hardened Viking but he/she isnt a demi God like Aleksios/Kassandra and yet it is way more easier to beat enemies in Valhalla and there is way more abilities and offensive and defensive maneuvers .

    Try playing Odyssey on the hardest difficulties and enter Elysium and pull a few isu guards and the statues and let me know how it goes, you'll have to use you're abilities and use them wisely... In Valhalla combat is way easier and there is way more abilities that deal way more damage and we have rations to heal our selves...

    In my opinion Valhalla is the easiest AC game ever...

    I really want to see new difficulties added because it would make the game way more interesting and fun for players that like to challenge them selves and have some fun

    Sure it's fun to run trough games on easy or normal, everyone can do that if they want to... I play on Drenger and Nightmare mode and it's way too easy and I've been playing on the highest difficulty from the start. and I always play ahead of my self and confront higher level enemies and try to beat opponents with skull symbols covering their level...

    Most players in the discord community I am part of agree with me.. most have completed the game and a lot have platinumed it. I platinumed the game around 200 hrs of playtime and have between 400-500 hours of playtime at the moment

    You should try replaying AC2 on the highest difficulty and confronting 4 guards around 2 large guards securing/protecting a door and let me know how easy it is and try entering a fort in Elysium and pulling the isu stone statue guards and a few regular guards on the highest difficulty and let me know how easy it is

    I know it's way more difficult than Valhalla

    and the large guards in Valhalla have more abilities to use as offensive abilities to deal damage or deffensive abilities to protect them self like large shields or small shields or metal shields....

    Overall I think AC Valhalla is painfully easy

  • ImaginaryRuins
    385 posts
    Try playing Odyssey on the hardest difficulties and enter Elysium and pull a few isu guards and the statues and let me know how it goes
    You should try replaying AC2 on the highest difficulty and confronting 4 guards around 2 large guards securing/protecting a door and let me know how easy it is

    Wow! You think you know best? I was not trying to pick a fight with you so chill out mate. You want a higher difficulty? I get it.

    Have a nice day.

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts


    I'm not trying to pick a fight . I'm just giving you examples to use as refrences to the difference in max difficulties between different ac games in the ac series. my bad for coming off as aggressive . I've just been frustrated by this issue and a bunch of other stuff compiling so it's been a frustrating time and I'm sorry for letting it show in my wording and writing

    nothing against you or your opinion. I was just trying to share a example . I hope you test out my example it will be fun testing it out

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts


    i was just sharing those examples cuz in AC Valhalla I can pull whole camps/forts/monasteries/town guards and whatever area and whatever amount of guards with multitudes of large and elite type enemies and still own the battlefield and control the fight with ease and pawn all the NPC's without any real threat while if I try doing that in the examples I shared with you I would be struggling and in some serious danger of desynchronising .

    we have so many powerful abilities in AC Valhalla that it makes it tremendously easier to play... and the enemies seem to be weaker in my opinion.. and I only play on the hardest difficulties

  • pesto.
    59 posts

    Sure it’s too easy. It’s so easy that it’s no longer an AC game, you put up your dukes first and regret not assassinating that one guy who got a single hit in before you demolished him second.

    Its faster to be a brute, it’s easier, it’s more fun! It means that all the level design is simplified into open flat arenas with no verticality, no subterranean tunnel networks in cities, no clever puzzles of navigation, stealth or engineering enemies downfalls in interesting ways. It means that city streets are empty to make room for brawls. It means that enemies don’t need much by way of AI, because they’re just fist fodder. It means you don’t have multiple routes to take out a high ranking enemy, you’ll never again get a “confessional assassination” possibility…. It’s all so much simpler. Just sit back and enjoy the sky, fields and lighting.

    The focus on hand to hand combat has had a negative impact on the game in many ways just as making the protagonist into a genderless generic has had a deleterious impact on the scripts and narratives.

    I would love to see an AC Hardcore. Where sure fighting might feel great, but the sheer numbers of enemies, their toughness and smarts would make you have to weigh up the potential cost to frontal assault. Where being an assassin or a hunter might be the better option to take, not just because the game mandates it but because it’s fun, faster, easier for that situation, might take fewer resources and keep paths open for the future, keeping your identity secret in an area etc. A game where nightmare level really would be as tough but rewarding as combat in Nioh, Souls etc games. But where the environment was once again in play for assassination, for being a hunter and engineering the downfall of your targets, where maybe not killing is the better option occasionally.

  • Garbo3
    648 posts

    Having reached level 427 with loads of mastery points I would enjoy enemies difficult scalating.
    Am going be honest I play in default difficulty, maybe I should change to hard but don't know if the timings for reversal missile and parry/dodge become more tricky as I got coordination issues. Let's put it that my brain suffers from lag 😆
    I suck with the bow because of this so I am a bit afraid of the incoming DLC Mastery challenges... am sure there will be a bow one
    I may give it a go later today see how it goes in harder difficulty with the timings.

    331 posts

    Ubisoft employee 1 : "The community is angry: the game is too easy, Eivor hits like a truck and is virtually unkillable, we must do something."
    Ubisoft employee 2 : "No worries, in patch 1.2.1 Eivor will have an increased chance to get health from kills. We're also adding a skill preventing him from being interrupted when spamming attacks and 10-15 new skills to increase his crit%, overall damage and health points!"
    Ubisoft employee 1: "eh ?!..."

  • Garbo3
    648 posts

    @torfinr God you really made me 🤣 😂. So funny and true. Hahaha

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @garbo3 don't worry about missle reversal timing, it's the same. I play on the highest difficulty and it's way too easy. give it a try and don't forget you can turn on aim assist for your bow and arrow

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @garbo3 for real, too true

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @pesto please submit a ticket to ubisoft support voicing your opinion because I completely agree with you and know a lot of other long term fans of the game series do as well.. and the only way to improve things is by submitting tickets to support

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @torfinr pls submit a ticket to ubisoft support voicing your opinion cuz that's the only way we have a change to improve things

  • Vrt67S
    Original poster 19 posts

    @garbo3 pls submit a ticket to ubisoft support and voice your opinion about the game being too easy cuz that's the only way we can change this

  • Garbo3
    648 posts

    @vrt67s Oh that's great thank you so much, I will give it a go then after finishing the shields challenge. 😊

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