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  • Kormac67
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    @b00msie The NPCs look terrible in Origins compared to Odyssey or Valhalla.
    And I found the dude I had to play totally uninteresting which killed the game for me.

  • B00MSIE
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    I was afraid I would not like playing as Bayek, but I ended up loving the character. The voice actor did great work and the character was believable. In Odyssey the actress who plays Kassandra is great, but her character is written badly. There is no character development at all. The voice of Alexios does not do it for me. Valhalla’s female Eivors voice is over the top for me, I hate it. You clearly hear that her voice is created, not a real normal voice, like in a cartoon. The male voice is very good, but again, there is no character.

    NPC’s are somewhat more comic style in Origins, but the whole world is. In Odyssey vegetation does not match the NPC style in my opinion. In Valhalla they try to be more realistic but for me it does not work. It just looks blurry.
    When you look at what the npc’s are doing, their normal day to day business is done best in Origins. They actually make the world alive. When you for example drive on a horse, the NPC’s reactions is terrible, but this is also the case in Odyssey. In Valhalla NPC reactions are actually best of the 3 (although still not very video game like, not RDR2 level). Looking at what the NPC’s are just doing in the world, for me the world of Origins is most immersive.

    I so much wanted to like Valhalla and Odyssey. I really wanted to see the Viking wold come to life. And I actually always preferred the Greek time period over the Egyptian. But the Egyptian world is done so well, I am now more interested in that time period, then I ever was.

  • B00MSIE
    373 posts


    In this video you can clearly see what I mean. Valhalla does has a strange blurry unsharp effect over it. It does look very off or uncalibrated. As if Anvil engine does not handle things very well. In Origins, all is in the same style, Odyssey has a mix of styles and Valhalla simply has the same mix, but then blurred.

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