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  • AlphaGoose46219
    158 posts

    @ghostagent14 I actually liked the DLC, a nice adventure with numerous things to explore and to see.
    No ISU / modern day was a relief for me, Viking vs Order perfect!

  • B00MSIE
    373 posts

    Really like the story (great writing) and how they present Ireland. The lighting and colors are a lot better then in the original game. For some reason the skies look amazing now. Ciara’s singing and looks fit perfectly in the Irish setting.

    Three big complaints;

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @smrtiak-svk Many AAA games are only 30 or 40hrs total play time, if that. Not sure your comparison is valid.

    I do agree that each new DLC should bring more skills. More of everything, plus something new.

  • Smrtiak.SVK
    153 posts

    @quor321 I do not play many games, so i do not know. I am a huge fan of Ubisoft in fact, of AC games, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell this was games of my childhood. When I was a kid and I just start playing a new games and I saw the logo of Ubisoft I was always excited thinking: "That is from Ubisoft, it will be an awesome game." And it was... But I am playing also Division 2 from Ubisoft, now I am just waiting for new content coming into game, of course Warlords of New York was 40€ when it starts, but it has so many online content, you can play it even now, that is a highly repeatable game. Sure the main game is huge, and it is an awesome, I love it. But I expected a longer story, more these "side quests", more bosses to fight. I do not have problem with map, Ireland is beautiful in this game, and map is huge, but it deserves more content. Sure this assassin mission with optional challenges you can play still, what is awesome, but when you get everything in Ireland at 100% it is good just for iron or leather, but these resources you can also buy in shop or find anywhere ...

  • Smrtiak.SVK
    153 posts

    @quor321 so for example - fight arena - highly repeatable with bosses, drengrs, werewolfs (halucinations), Muspelheim... but maybe we get that after some time 🙂 espacially arena would be an awesome in France with next expansion maybe 🙂

  • JuwanRed
    2 posts

    @ghostagent14 I have been unable to play more than 30min without it crashing...desperately needs an update

  • Fortyniners354
    46 posts

    I love it. I had pretty much maxed out England and this is a breath of fresh air. I'm just taking my time and exploring. This concept of trade post building is interesting. I'm curious as to how it will all turnout. Also, the story line is interesting. But I'm just going to take my time on it as I savor everything. I think the devs did a great job.

  • katzenkrimis71
    163 posts

    What are your opinions on it


    Update: [Spoilers]

    Just finished it. Took a little over 30 hours, and that's exploring every inch of the map.

    As far as the writing goes, I was happy that Eivor's cousin Barid and Ciara the redhead died.

    And Eogan had to die, but that was no surprise.

    As far as challenges go, I was far too powerful for this DLC. 427 power with 6 rations is unstoppable, and I don't even use abilities.

    I can imagine for those who are not up to level that the Balor boss fight and some of those Druid Acolyte challenges would be tough. Those Acolytes fight well as a team and can do some serious damage. I only died once playing Wrath of the Druids, and it was during a big fight against an army of Acolytes. Wasn't paying attention, didn't eat a ration in time, dead.

    Not big on the high fantasy aspect, like werewolves and such, but overall it wasn't the worst DLC that I've played. It does some things differently from the base game, but for high level players it's too easy.

  • Si_W
    29 posts

    @ghostagent14 I think it's fine other than some of the new mechanics take some time to get used to, I cleared the first trading post as it said unclaimed on the map and wondered why I couldn't claim it. I had to google it to realise that I need to talk to Azar and get the quest. Then I did a second one before I realised that I have to activate the quest to recover the deed for it.

    I also find it rather bizarre that Azar not only wanted to increase trade with England by coming to Ravensthorpe in the middle of the country, but also came in from the east - which must be the least cost effective journey in terms of time and money...

  • BJgobbleDix
    51 posts

    It's a lot of the same in my opinion. It's fun but my biggest gripe is difficulty. Just like the base game, difficulty needs some major rebalancing. Gear just feels underwhelming and not unique from each other overall on a statistical standpoint. I wouldnt mind enemies having a bit more HP to scale to player levels but also some major rework done on different stats such as Attack (why is it still capped?), Speed (also still hard capped), Armor, etc.

    The fluidity and impact of combat feels better than past AC games but kind of overshadowed by poor balancing...

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @smrtiak-svk I just came back when I saw the release of the new DLC so I have yet to learn whatever new stuff has been added. It does look like a few skills did get added, not sure when. Small amount of new gear, not nearly enough for my liking.

    Did they add the plus feature yet? So we can do everything again without loss of level or gear???? If not that really needs to be added.

    I do agree much more repeatable content and put the settlement to work earning me some silver. The silver blockade in this game for a game centered around raiding vikings is just terrible.

    Overall it is a beautiful game I do hope they add a few player desired features besides one handed swords. Oh and the inventory is still a mess.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    DLC for a broken game doesnt cut it for me...

    They should have put all forces into fixing the main game first...like fix bugs, fix runes, fix UI, fix AI, fix stealth, fix combat! After that they could think about DLC content. And after that they should make the DLC have something to do with AC.

    I watched the DLC story on youtube because i am not gonna play it and this is just a joke. Not a single assassin, nor templar bit is in this DLC. Not a single connection or anything that this is a AC DLC. This DLC is just so generic and "nothing content" or "filler". Just like some arcs are just filler, this DLC is as well.

    I am really expecting more from the Paris DLC because from leaks we know that the order will be present there and it could at least finish Eivors story properly with him as an assassin (or templar) and give us a hint how he ended up dead in Vinland. Sadly I think we will never get closure for his body in Vinland in the games. More in comics that no one reads.

    The only great thing about this DLC is the soundtrack. As always the soundtrack in AC games is fantastic but underused in-game.

    This sounds a bit harsh for some folks but Ubisoft just goes the absolute wrong way with this franchise. I dont want to fight werewolves on a regular basis in those games, even if they are just hallucinations. In Origins there was just one hallucination scene with a giant snake and that was more than enough fantastical for this franchise to be taken seriously. Dont forget that this ins still more of a sci-fi game than fantasy. If Ubisoft wants fantasy, they should make a fantasy IP and not destroy their established IP's with this forced stuff.

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @yesin069 I hear ya. I do like the new open world RPG fantasy or syfy direction but understand why many feel the way you do. My problem is they seem confused between the two. Either go full on open world RPG like Odyssey did or go back to a more classic style AC. Valhalla seems like a poor attempt to satisfy both.

    The story did fall far away from AC in Odyssey and I was hoping Valhalla would bring it back again. I like the blast to the past idea but feel lost as to why atm. I do too hope they eventually get there. And any future AC games allow us to return to the assassins we love to be.

  • KopfSmertZz
    61 posts

    I finished the DLC in a couple of afternoons, including all the wealth, mysteries and artefacts. Ireland is not that big. I'm very surprised the story had so little to do about druids. I was hoping for potions, spells, rituals and stuff, but no, just basic politics between the old and the new world religion. Also there really is no combat challenge when your power level is maxed out. I'm a walking meat grinder, unstoppable, unchallenged. Plenty fish to be found though 🙂

  • KopfSmertZz
    61 posts

    @dr0l0 : That was so annoying! I truly thought it would be an automatic download and waited and waited and waited for it to appear, restarting the game over and over again. Reading Reddit posts I finally understood you had to download it as a separate install. Man, that is soooo 1999.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    Great review here which summs up my feeling about this DLC very well...

  • Kormac67
    666 posts

    Why would I want to watch some random internet guy trash talking about the DLC in search for some views?
    I enjoyed the DLC very much, and it is totally worth its money.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    This is why I said that this review "summs up MY feelings about this DLC". There are also reviews that praise it, so there should be no problem. Everyone should find other people that have the same opinion.

    Good point is that he compared it to the Blood and Wine DLC from Witcher 3 which to this date is tne benchmark for DLC/Expansion. 20 bucks for 30-50 hours of quality content (in the review he said 30 hours but I needed over 50 hours to 100% it). In this druids DLC we sadly just have a very short main quest without any side quests and just generic, repeatable quests. Furthermore it has nothing to do with its brand name (game called Assassin'S Creed...).

    Anyone can like this DLC and i am happy that people have fun with things. This is just my opinion and the opinion of some others. 25 bucks for recycled region assets (with added ring forts) and a "new" weapon type with nearly the same animations as in Origins (just a little bit faster). Trading mechanic also is a joke. These are just the same as hunting or fishing challenges in the main game. Ubisoft could have integrated the trading system into a great quest line where you have to defend caravans or get some hints to Bayeks life after Origins. Some werewolve enemies are nothing I watched out for in an AC game.

    Objectiverly speaking, there is no effort at all put into this DLC. Just reused stuff, given a new name. I would love to say something positive about it, but just the soundtrack is great. Everything else is beyond generic.

    This is the first work from Ubisoft Bordeaux with the AC franchise an they should learn more what AC actually is. I don't know which studio is soing the second DLC but in Ubisoft it is always important to look, which studio does what. Hopefully some more experienced studio (regarding AC) does the Paris DLC.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    I'm still not done with it, but I've got far enough to have some more opinions.

    It's alright.

    Ciara is cool and I like she's a bit fatter than women normally are in games
    Prefer the trade system to being forced to collect animal parts
    No anomalies

    Lots of grindy content, like in the main game.
    Too few fast travel points.
    The tagged-on pseudo assassin theme from the repeatable quests (don't be seen by anyone etc.) are just annoying due to the clunky mechanics and bad stealth system.
    Why does this game think that making things hard to see is some kind of interesting challenge?
    Quite glitchy (crashes, dying from getting stuck, lots of not being able to see what you are doing in battle cos a leaf got in the way, my character keeps getting stuck when running, like every few steps, which is annoying as hell, killed someone from the "order" before getting to that part and expect it to break at some point, as they were not listed as dead when I did get there).
    No response from support to my post in that section.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    Great points there!

    The tagged-on pigeon loft mission are the most ridiculous thing in this game. It feels like an easter egg in a different game. These should be normal and part of any AC game and should be better than in the older titles. Now they are delegated to a easter-egg-fanservice.thing in an game called AC without any meaning, nor assassins.

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