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    @spar7anman60 *Eivor

  • chr15t10
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    Controller vibrates all the time in Wrath of the Druids 

  • cazbon
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    I enter a fight. After the fight, when I run, my controller vibrates and the sound of sliding down a mountain starts, with the ground showing the animiation as if I am sliding as well. I have tried restarting the game. I have reloaded further back. Turning off the vibration doesn't help cause the sound is still non stop and annoying. It makes me not even want to play the game lol. Please help!!

  • cazbon
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    @cazbon actually forcing Eivor to slide stopped the noise and the vibration. But the ground is still being disturbed like he is sliding.

  • AmazonQueen83
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    @cazbon I have the same issue. It happened after I started using the sickle in the Wrath of the Druids DLC. Changing weapons didn’t fix it.

    Like OP, sliding down removed the sound effect and controller vibration, but the visual particle effects persisted showing large amounts of rocks and sand being kicked up with every step.

    Had to reload to an earlier save.

  • AmazonQueen83
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    @amazonqueen83 can confirm, as soon as I equip the sickle and use it, it causes the bug to occur.

    I guess I can’t use the sickle, which is really frustrating as it’s one of the selling points of the DLC and something I was really looking forward to using.

  • SteamCoding
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    Windows 10
    RTX 3080 (latest driver)

    There is a bug on PC where mud gets stuck on boots constantly showing up, with audio effects and controller vibrations (also in the air and in the water). It is happening in Ireland with the latest game update.undefined

  • Willsl1512
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    When having dual sickles and I sprint and tap R1 to slide and attack, the sliding mud effect then becomes constant with noise effect and controller vibration. If I fast travel it occasionally resets but then as soon as I do the same attack it’s bugs again.

  • Neqsil
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    I've just acquired new Sickle Swords the ones within the New AC Valhalla DLC and came across a bug/glitch.

    When doing the 'Run + Hit' attack, either in combat or outside of it, every time something appears to get attached to Eivor right below him/her, doesn't matter if done with one or two swords. It is making dragging sounds as if sliding.

    The only way to fix that is to save and reload the save.

    Unequipping the swords doesn't remove the issue!
    Unequipping Armor doesn't remove the issue!
    Changing the gender of Eivor doesn't remove the issue!

  • Neqsil
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    This post is deleted!
  • cazbon
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    @amazonqueen83 So I figured out the trigger. If you use the sprinting attack it triggers it. With the sickle its a rolling attack. I imagine the code is messed up. So for now, I've just stopped sprint attacking with the sickle, just concentrate on chopping heads off for now.

  • bnazare
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    Happens to me too. The constant dragging sound is unbearable.

  • KopfSmertZz
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    @neqsil : I have this also. Very very annoying, specially the persistent controller rumble.
    See: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/98358/wrath-of-the-druids-sickle-weapon-bug?_=1621234695480

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4569 posts

    Hello there,

    I've merged together a few similar threads about this issue into a single thread. This will help us to keep all information and updates from the investigation into this issue in one place. I apologise if any ongoing discussion has been disrupted by this merge.

    The development team are aware of an issue wherein the controller will begin vibrating uncontrollably when performing a slide attack with the sickles, and are investigating this further. I've passed on all the reports and additional videos that have been shared within this thread. We appreciate you taking the time to submit these!

    Once we have any updates to share, these will be posted within this thread. In the meantime, I've found during my own gameplay that you can resolve this issue by creating a manual save and then immediately reloading it. Note that if you do this in the middle of combat, it will reset the sequence. I understand that this isn't convenient, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    @CliveVLewis, @Xander7TN, @Casian7 & @VigilKnight - Thanks for sending us some additional images/videos. These have been passed along to the development team as part of your reports

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • SixpoundeR85
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    So like the title says, whenever I use the sickles the sound of Eivor sliding stays on and there is a trail of mud coming from his boots. This happens all the time. Anyone else?

  • katman6572
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    I put on the gothic armor, and after each fight where I fight more than one person the game black smoke starts to form around Eivor's feet, then every step I take outside of combat my controller starts vibrating. I have to save, then reload the game to get the vibration to stop, but I can't use the armor without that happening.

  • RopeAdope80
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    @russt72 Same. I just have to turn off vibration if I use the sickle

  • Hern_the_Hunter
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    @wombraider24776 Thanks for that tip Sir. Much appreciated. I'll do as you suggest when I start my next session.

  • Hern_the_Hunter
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    @sixpounder85 It's much more like black smoke to me!!! Either way, mud or smoke, at least you can toggle vibration off.

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