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  • JamesLogan491
    139 posts

    @katman6572 I would have that issue while dual-wielding the sickles from WotD DLC. It seems like the game considers Eivor to be sliding constantly. I disabled the controller vibration, got the 100 kills for the challenge and decided to never use those weapons again. They are glitched on that regard and I didn't like their playstyle.

  • katman6572
    4 posts

    @jameslogan491 It honestly never even occurred to me to simply turn off the vibration, but it does seem to be the sickle that is responsible for the vibrations rather than the armor. I thought I had eliminated the possibility of the issue being the sickle but it happened again when I used the sickle and not the armor. Thanks for letting me know. I hate complaining about something I am wrong about.

    3 posts

    Eivor makes sliding noise and mud springs upo from his feet when walking around, very annoying and gamebreaking 

  • nash_trickster
    48 posts

    I've had the same issue and can confirm it is indeed a pain.

    I managed to fix it by traveling to another country (I was in Ireland when that happened, so I merely traveled back to England)...

    Hope it works for you!

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    I found this issue twice,I decided to go for the core challenge of 100 kills with sickle but is bugged.
    When I equip them as soon as I finish the combat Eivor leaves a trail of dust,makes a sound like sliding down a mountain and my controller vibrates non stop. Unequipping the sickle or fast travelling doesn't fix the issue,you have to load a previous save.
    Is a shame as won't be using them until this is fixed. Is very annoying.

    This is a video of the second time I used sickles,then I realised that wasn't a random bug,is related to sickles.

    Sorry the picture is dark,had migraine today so had to change tv settings.

  • ChuckKatse
    353 posts

    I stopped using the Sickle for the same reason. Sounds and looks like there is a Tornado under my players feet every time it is equipped. Annoying to say the least. Ubisoft needs to fix that.
    Using Win10 PC version.

  • steamah5
    6 posts

    Same issue with pc + xbox controller. It's really annoying because it keeps vibrating too.
    For me it happens usually after battle. both in Ireland and England.
    Never experienced this before the wrath of the druids update.
    It can be fixed by loading a save file or going back to the title screen and start the game again.
    As @nash_trickster said traveling to another country works too.

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    Same place,without sickles no problem

    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Mark

    I just realised posts have been merged,sorry for opening a new one,looked in players support but I only get a limited amount on threads showing up and didn't see this one.
    I was only using one sickle in the right hand the 3 occasions I had this issue. Today I tried to make a new video but only recorded 4 secs,same sliding sound, dust trail and vibrating.

    3 posts

    @steamah5 Still too game breaking for me, not planning on reloading a save file every five minutes. they really need to fix this ASAP

  • katman6572
    4 posts

    @chuckkatse I also stopped using the sickle weapons, which sucks because I think they make Eivor look way more savage of a fighter.

  • VegasHeart
    104 posts

    After visiting areas which covered with poison cloud or whatever it is Eivor got this noisy sound effect when running and dust effect as well.That dust effect doesnt disappear even if I did fast travel to another location.Correct me if I described that a little bit wrong eng is not my native language.It looks like Eivor is bleeding or something 🙂 definitely not suppose to be like this.

  • thegdrebel
    1 posts

    @vegasheart same with me on ps4 i log out and back in nd within a few min it happens again and its hard to interact with objects because of it for me?? hope it gets fixed soon i have already completed the druid dlc and gotten all achievements but now back to england and this keeps happening just trying to get the rest of the achievements for england.

  • Garbo3
    780 posts

    Ok. I just equipped the sickes and killed everyone without sprint attack and the bug didn't happened. So those who said the trigger is the sprint attack are right.

  • TylerYoung272
    13 posts

    There is this super annoying bug or problem that when I’ve been in combat some invisible thing gets stuck at my feet, I’m not sure, but after it happens no matter where I go how fast I run or climb there is something dragging at my feet.
    it throws up rocks and makes the MOST ANNOYING SOUND IN THE WORLD that will NOT go away.
    I noticed this problem in the main game but it seemed to have been less often as patches came out, but with Wrath Of The Druids it’s back with a vengence.
    Please oh Please fix this. it’s almost game breaking bc I’ve got to totally reload my game each time for it to go away

  • Leonaedas
    1 posts

    Hi folks,

    I only have one sickle so far, but when it’s equipped in the main hand the bug replicates 100% of the time. However, holding it in the off-hand is fine and does not trigger the bug. I have also tried with a variety of different runes in the sickle, and that has no effect on the bug.

    hope that helps.

  • Hollow250
    1 posts

    is anyone going to address the vibration gltich???happens after combat and the ground dirt moves when vibrate this should have been fixed by now

  • VegasHeart
    104 posts

    Noticed that thread I created was moved here,damn ubi u could at least notify me I was ready to blame you for deleting it 🙂 Anyway hello everyone.
    Didnt know the reson of this visual bug is a sickle 🙂 Now i can confirm that too,cuz i was using it just to complete achivement.On my video i just fast traveled to Dublin and noticed that visual bug still present.In case if needed i have a video when i was in combat with sickle equipped and you can see that visual effect present there.
    After completing achievement i changed my weapon and didnt catch this bug anymore.By the way same visual dust effect present when using mount(and if u with sickle equipped ofc).I recommend change the color of dust to pink and left this visual bug 😄 could be funny when using mount.

  • barryobrien73
    3 posts

    I'm getting dragging bug only when I equip new sickle swords. i have to equip other weapons. save then reload game. It doesn't matter which sickle sword.

  • KopfSmertZz
    86 posts

    @hollow250 It is only when you equip the sickles, more people have reported this bug. You can do a run-slide to stop it

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for continuing to share your experiences regarding this issue. I've merged some new threads created about this issue into this megathread so we can keep all of your reports in once place. Apologies for any confusion that may have been caused by this.

    The development team are still taking a closer look at this issue further, and no longer require any images/videos that shows the dust cloud happening in-game. We don't yet have any new updates regarding a fix to share. As soon as we have any new information to share with you from the investigation, they will be posted within this thread or in the News & Announcements forum.

    The dust cloud effect and vibrating controller is caused by performing a sliding attack with the sickles (sprint followed by a light attack). It should not occur when using a different weapon type. If you encounter this issue in-game, I've found that it can be quickly resolved by making a manual save and immediately reloading the save. This should stop the vibrating and the clouds around Eivor's feet.

    @nash_trickster has also shared that fast-travelling to another country resolved the issue for them, so you could also try this workaround.

    As shared by some players in this thread, you are also able to toggle controller vibration on and off, if you'd like to do this instead. This won't necessarily resolve the clouds around Eivor's feet, but will stop the consistent vibration.

    @VegasHeart - Sorry for not notifying you about merging your thread to this one sooner! 😅 Rest assured that we won't delete your threads or posts without a reason, and we this will be communicated to you in these cases.

    Thanks 😊

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