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  • TREVOR655
    2 posts

    Still having issues with this quest. Baird stays at the stable and won’t move. Even after the recent update it’s still not working. I haven’t been able to progress in the DLC for over a month. PLEASE JUST FIX THIS ISSUE

  • TappedSiefer
    1 posts

    I am Having the same problem and nothing is more frustrating than after 3 months being asked by Ubisoft, what have you done to troubleshoot this issue? All I can wonder is the same in reverse what is going on here with the lack of support with troubleshooting on the developers end. Every year it seems game companies this large overstep by ignoring the fan base and community by making us pay for a product that wont even work, shame. This wouldn't be as bad if the issue if the game wasn't unplayable to a lot of the player base, you would think this would be max level issue that needs a quick hot fix and turn around but no 3 months later we get an update today July 27th and it still wont let me start.

  • OHMS_LAW28
    3 posts

    Still having same issue as others but now Baird won't stop looking through the bushes for who killed his horse (it was me, I killed your horse a month ago cause you refused to move). Why can't the fix be as easy as 'if player leaves Ireland before completing the escort section both NPCs spawn back at the stables'. This is how all the other quests seem to work when leaving the area before completing a step

  • BlayerB
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • BlayerB
    2 posts

    @trevor655 Same for me . . . Post update the "Flann over Ireland" quest is still broken. Ciara is waiting at Tara for the ceremony and Barid is still at the stables. No idea what to do at this point since I have cleared everything else on the map.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 800 posts

    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to open this post by reiterating that the issues with Barid and Ciara not meeting for the coronation in "Flann Over Ireland" remain under investigation by the development team at the moment. For now, no additional images, videos or save games are needed, as the team has acquired enough to conduct their investigation. As such, we will continue to update this megathread with new information as soon as any is provided to us. Thank you all for your continued understanding while the team investigates these issues and works on finding a fix. 🙂

    @oxford3lly - Welcome to Discussions! Thank you for replying to this megathread, and letting us know that you are experiencing this issue with "Flann Over Ireland". As I've stated above, the team are currently investigating these reports and we'll provide an update as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you have any other quests or content to complete, it may be worth progressing there while the investigation is ongoing. If you do not have a previous save to revert back to, then that is unfortunately not a viable workaround in your case. We'll keep you updated here in the thread!

    @SuP3RMaN92, @TREVOR655, @TappedSiefer, @OHMS_LAW28 & @BlayerB - We do not yet have an ETA for a fix, as the investigation is still ongoing into these issues. We will keep this megathread updated with the latest updates we receive from the development team as to their progress. Thank you for your understanding in the meantime. 🙂 If you do have any other content left to play through or collectibles to find, it may be worth pursuing these in the meantime. You may also - as time consuming as it is - try the workaround previously shared earlier in the thread by @Tyrogoeth if you wish, to see if this also works for you. I appreciate that that isn't an ideal solution however, and would like to reassure you that a proper fix is being investigated. Thanks!

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  • TREVOR655
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer this is the same update that’s been given for months about this quest. Are you providing refunds or anything to compensate for the issue? It’s one thing to constantly push updates (with free content) that also introduces new issues but when someone pays for the season 1 pass and can’t even make it past the first few quests because of a game breaking issue it gets to be a ridiculous. I mean you are pushing out a new dlc when the other is still broken. Stop telling people it’s being investigated/ worked on and JUST FIX YOUR DAMN GAME

    2 posts

    I have the same problem. I only had one save .

    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer can you please fix the problem?

  • Davorian0
    2 posts

    Can confirm, since Sigrblot started bug now seems to occur more regularly, I have it on both PC and PS5. No amount of reloading seems to fix it.

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