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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Eivor sometimes flies up to the sky and causes a desynchronization | POST HERE

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    Why isn´t this in the known issues thread? Is this issue not known to you after replying on reports of this issue for 5 months?

  • Ubi-Froggard
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    Hey @daviddebuur

    The known issues list isn't managed by the Customer Support team that you see replying to these reports (the Community Management team are responsible for the known issues list) but we do try to keep our Megathread list updated to serve as a list of issues we are aware of and keep players updated on by directing players to one main thread.

    Also, just to be clear, neither list is a full comprehensive or exhaustive list of every known issue. So if an issue not appearing on either, it doesn't mean the dev team have not been made aware of it.

  • DaviddeBuur
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    @ubi-froggard I understand that you are not the same team, but I presume you are in contact with each other and share these reports with them. I also totally understand that you (or they, to be more precise) don´t put every misplaced stone in the game on the list I mentioned, but in this specific case, it is hard for me to accept that as an argument since you (or your colleague, don´t want to click on previous pages so my text doesn´t dissapear) said in this thread that this is a very unusual and serious bug. Even if this was not true, I think that being launched in the sky and dying, therefore losing progress is objectively a serious issue, no matter if you (as a company or its representatives) aknowledged it or not.

    For instance, I stopped playing Valhalla for a while and returned to it, but I´ve seen this issue on reddit since the launch of the WoD DLC and now I am afraid to buy and download it. So even for me, who never encountered this bug in practice, it is a concern, because it seems like whoever got the Ireland DLC installed, starts to fly and die on any map at any given time. You can say that I see correlation where there´s no causation and might even be right at that, but it doesn´t change the fact that many people see it this way too and might be afraid to pay for DLCs only to break their game, which means less revenue for your company.

    TLDR: This bug is serious enough and lasting for long enough to be qualified for the mentioned list. Now it looks like your colleagues don´t know about one of the most serious bugs in the game. Also I´m surprised this doesn´t have a priority because it might have a negative impact on revenue from DLCs.

  • alyssabreanne
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    Happened to me when I reached Ulriken Peak in Hordafylke. Climbed to the top and tried to collect the food before synchronizing, and a second later the camera is rapidly zooming away from the peak. Once moving the camera around, I was able to see Eivor and realize what was happening.

    My screenshot seems to have issues attaching, but if needed I can email it.

  • O77YM0rg4n
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    This happens a lot during river raids - Eivor flies up into the sky and desynchronises, or falls through the ground and either gets stuck indefinitely (forcing me to reset) or is stuck in water and drowns/desynchs.
    I can see from the thread that you're aware of this and are working on fixing it, but are asking for more specific info to help identify the bug.
    I'm beginning to video clip each instance of this happening, to see if there are any consistent patterns (where the bug occurs, what I'm doing to trigger it). The error message I get when trying to attach to this post is "you do not have enough privileges for this action."
    So far, all I've noticed is that it often (but not always) happens after 'stomping' on a downed enemy, and it seems to happen across most river raid maps and locations. My platform is PS4.

  • azullFR
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    hi there 🙂

    for the prompt :

    "you do not have enough privileges for this action."

    1. Videos : we have to use a videos sharing platform, and then putting the link to the video in a post in this forum
    2. Pictures : we have to resize them under 2000 pixels or use a pictures sharing platform

    hope this will help a little 🙂

  • O77YM0rg4n
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    @azullfr Thanks!

  • sabresong
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    I've had this issue happen four times in the past six months. THere doesn't seem to be a pattern. Once I was just walking up a hill. Once I was running across a rope. Today I was in combat, in a tower. I started flying, but couldn't go past the ceiling. Had no control over Eivor, then Eivor fell maybe, a fall that would normally do no damage, but this time led to instant desynchronization.

    I play on PC.

  • dr_Xploit
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    I'm having this issue nonstop. It didn't happen until I started doing river raids, and now it's just all the time. I uninstalled the game from my Xbox Series X, and didn't play for two months. I decided to reinstall and continue my journey (it's a fun game except for that) -- and I was tossed into the air within 30 minutes of playing.

  • Sgt-Halibut
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    I also just flew across the landscape like Superman, quite funny actually. I didn't desync until the south coast, and I was entering the main war tent at "The Tip of The Spear" in Snotinghamscire, after taking out the fort there. I entered the tent and then read a letter which instantly caused the effect (possibly not specifically that but thats what I was doing)

    PC format.

  • videogame1965
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    I am so disheartened that After 380+ hours, The game seems to be reverting back to existing bugs. I was in a Wolf Trial and flew up into the sky. Why can't this be fixed after a YEAR! On Thanksgiving and the day after, I had 4 game-breaking bugs that made me lose time and progress. There are bugs now everywhere. Awful QA.

    Still flying up into the sky. 
    Wolf Trial battling and suddenly flying up into the sky. Started recording as soon as I flew up.

    I have had A LOT of bugs with these trials, especially at this location. Targets outside the play area - can't kill, falling into the floor and getting stuck in a building, and flying up into the sky to kill me. This game is unplayable at this point.

    Note: I added the Season Pass with the Black Friday sales. Either that or the current festival has made things very, very buggy and game-breaking.

  • Cgbude657
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    I was in Ravensthorpe by the docks and had just talked to group of women by river that start Tomb's of the Fallen quest line. Was thrust into air by Shipyard and desynced somewhere in North Sea past Serpent's Landing.

  • AtropaShade
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    Hi everyone! I'm q new player and have only been playing for a few month. I am currently working on an East Anglia quest and was heading to my next destination when I came upon some boars. Before I could even encounter then though Eivor went flying which at first I thought was a cut sceen for maybe a boss battle or something. It kept using the loading symbol and I was wondering what was taking so long. I ended up being able to see the entirety of my map so far then was shown eivor flying and falling then got desynchronized. Is this normal or should I be worried? I haven't come across anything like this is any of the other ac games.

  • azullFR
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    I wounldn't say it's normal, but I think everyone has this issue

    Maybe Ubi call it a "feature".... 😉

  • AtropaShade
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    @azullfr okay, thank you. Maybe they'll have it fixed soon. It seams to be a really weird glitch happening almost at random.

  • AtropaShade
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    @atropashade Update, Eivor went flying again. I've been on maybe an hour at this point? And was fishing off the Sunken Glory Island when it happened. Gonna keep posting when it happens til it's fixed. Really annoying.

  • JamTheToast
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    This just happened to me. Good to see that this has been an ongoing issue since May and still hasn't been resolved 7 months later. Nice work, Ubisoft. Already got our money, why bother to fix it now, right?

  • Coryfied
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    Unexpected behaviour like

    has happened to me more than a few times.

    From the release notes, it's unclear if this is fixed in the latest title release.

    Could someone confirm yea or nea if this should be fixed?

  • Simplethumb
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    They fly now?

    They fly now!

    Not seen the patch notes but I doubt it's been fixed.

  • Ryusennin
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    It has certainly not been fixed. It's also probably related to a similar issue where Eivor gets randomly teleported a few meters forward (but usually without mortal danger). That one has just happened to me a couple of times on PC and PS4 with the new patch.

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