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  • isuwhat
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    @ghostagent14 i started off with Valhalla, then Origins and then AC2. I was the same as you, super struggled with the clunkness of the controls in AC2 and couldn't play it for long. Only about 20 minutes at any time. Spoke to a friend who played AC2 at release and he said to really stick it out as the story was totally worth the pain at first.

    he was very right and once i got over the issues with the controls and got through that initial pain of adapting and finding ways to make the controls bearable i really really enjoyed AC2 and got hooked with it (except maybe for the grind at the very very end of the main story when you have to complete 7 or 9 'mini' missions to get almost to the end).

    if you get the right older game, it seems its worth sticking to it for the pay off.

  • GhostAgent14
    Original poster 92 posts

    I just wanted to let you know that, per your advice, I did start playing Unity. It is sooooooo great!! I'm really enjoying it. So thank you for your recommendation. The game looks amazing, and the controls feel good. The multiplayer is fun too, and it almost makes me wish the newer games had that too.

    And to everyone else who has responded to this thread, I have greatly enjoyed reading your responses!!

  • OrcBeard92
    144 posts

    @ghostagent14 Glad you're having fun with it. By the time you get the full hang of Unity's parkour you will be flying around the city like spiderman. The combat can sometimes be frustrating but can feel very fluid when you get the timing down. Also has some of the best character animations in the series.

    Hard to believe it came out in 2014 and still looks as good as it does. Good luck out there with it!

  • GhostAgent14
    Original poster 92 posts

    I wanted to let you know that I started Syndicate yesterday, it is sooooooo much fun!! I really like the lighter-hearted vibe of this one, and walking around London in the late 1800's is an absolute treat!! Syndicate was not even on my radar until you mentioned it here, and I'm so glad you did. I was missing out!! 😁

  • Sam_Boo26
    152 posts

    @ghostagent14 I'm really glad you're enjoying it 😄 The twins are great and I also really like London! 🙂 The main quests are also so damn fun!

  • longjohn119
    613 posts
    @ghostagent14 The gameplay was pretty much the worst aspect of the older games, but they're really great in term of story and characters. Ezio's Trilogy is amazing, but the controls aren't too great, so I don't know if you'd like it. In the older games, if I think about gameplay, I would probably recommend you Syndicate, which is the one just before Origins. The fights felt much more fluid in that one than in the previous ones.

    What I liked best about Syndicate is they finally got rid of that stupid automatically climb anything you bump into and went to a button press to climb ... It also was the introduction of the RPG style of ability tree for both you and your gang ..... Still had to pull a trigger to run but it was a lot more controllable ..... Origins would be a good one too if you liked Odyssey and they should have stuck with those mechanics for Valhalla especially with the bows .... It wasn't as good as the bows in Odyssey but at least you could easily switch between two bows if you wanted a different function or ran out of arrows .... Valhalla has the worst bows of any AC game since AC3 and I don't know what the hell they were thinking when they designed it .....

  • GhostAgent14
    Original poster 92 posts

    I have a question about the Ezio Collection that is available in the Xbox store. It's currently on sale for $11.99 and includes AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations and all associated DLC's with those games. So that's a great deal for sure. However, I was reading some reviews about this collection, and many people were saying that the graphics were not as good on the version of AC2 included in this and that the original Xbox 360 version was actually better. I actually already own that one, so maybe that's a good thing. So my question is this: Is the Ezio Collection a good thing to get or should I get the original three games individually?

  • GhostAgent14
    Original poster 92 posts

    Hello there, fellow Assassins!! I don't mean to keep bumping my own thread here, but I am in need of some help. I'm having a terrible time with game saves with Assassin's Creed 2 on Xbox. I'm playing on an Xbox One S console. The version of AC2 that I bought is the backwards compatible Xbox 360 version, and I bought digitally through the Xbox store. The first error that I got was "Damaged save game." I was about 5 hours into the game with this. I reached out to both Ubisoft and Xbox customer support, but we couldn't arrive at a solution. They told me that the save was lost and that I would have to start over again. So, I started the game over again. Much to my dismay, I got that same error message again!! Well, I was actually able to recover this one, but I think it was partially luck. I was playing it on an external SSD. I uninstalled it from there and reinstalled it on the console internal storage. I powered the console down, unplugged it and restarted it. Lo and behold, my game save was back!! I was thrilled!! So I progressed further into the story. Well, now, my game save is completely gone!! I don't know what is going on with this. I have Xbox Live, and was really hoping it was in the cloud somewhere. Xbox customer support said they can't retrieve games saves from the cloud. I've tried all of my usual tricks to get it back, but no luck. I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone here in the community might just have a solution to this. I was greatly enjoying AC2, and I can see why Ezio is so well-liked. I just don't feel like starting it all over again and possibly losing it all again.

  • Gh0stSniper001
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    @ghostagent14 I played through the Ezio Collection on PS4 and didn't have any issues with save files or graphics. I did play the original versions on the 360 back in the day, and also had a corrupted save file that made me restart (Revelations).

    For games that autosave and use only slot (like the older AC games), it's best to return to the main menu before closing the game or turning off the console. The save files are notorious for corrupting if you close while it's saving. Also, if the game doesn't have a main menu then pause the game and wait for the autosave indicator to stop.

    I recommend this for any game where you don't have manual saves. Speaking of manual saves... can you get a flashdrive and keep a copy of your save file on there as backup?

  • GhostAgent14
    Original poster 92 posts

    That is a great question about the flash drive, but that leads me to another mystery. When I go to any Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One console by selecting Manage Games and Add-Ons, I don't actually see the game save file there. This works for the Xbox One games but not the Xbox 360 games. So I'm wondering of the Xbox 360 games are only being stored in the cloud. It's very confusing.

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