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  • macsneedy
    4 posts

    @bytedotexe that would be an excellent idea but avoid the upgrade as they make the smoke catch fire if it comes in contact w/ flame, which, uh, breaks your cover

  • Garbo3
    659 posts

    @bytedotexe then don't find the upgrade for this ability as won't work anymore.
    I only managed to remain undetected once using predator bow.
    But then they ask you to remain undetected in an Abbey full of guards but you must go and confirm 3 bodies kills surrounded by enemies,impossible task lol

  • Kormac67
    622 posts

    Remain undetected may work if you snipe everybody from afar.
    But not if combined with "no unnecessary kills".

  • triquetratrip
    10 posts

    Done this many times, watch the movement pattern of the guards, Kill the target with an arrow then hide, wait for the guards to stop looking for you and when all is settled go back, if any guards are near the target use the sleep arrow on them then go confirm the kill. works for both scenarios. Not really difficult once you have the hang of it

  • Garbo3
    659 posts

    @kormac67 That's why I only managed once,lol.Anyway the extra rewards aren't rewarding at all so I don't bother anymore with the king pleas.

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    As long as "remain undetected" is the only requirement, it's easy, just kill everyone without getting spotted (sniping is indeed the easy way, poison arrows are even easier.)

    When it comes with "no unnecessary deaths" however, it can indeed require some creative use of the whistle to split up groups if the targets are near other guards.
    Sleep arrows can indeed be useful, specially to non-lethally deal with guards in towers, who will spot you from very far away, but not always necessary.

    The method I use the most, however, is to simply sneak into a bush/hay stack, or behind a wall corner, nearby to the intended target, whistle, and just assassinate... (No need for a kill confirmation means less time exposed, and less chances to get spotted.)

    Even if detection is indeed wacky sometimes, it's still do-able 😉

  • ElMadre1
    Original poster 82 posts

    I would trade this, the new cairn challenges and one billion dollars for Kassandra in the oiled underwear outfit

  • Kormac67
    622 posts

    @nash_trickster "Unnecessary deaths" is not well defined either. I plowed through a camp yesterday after getting spotted and it never triggered.
    Maybe it doesn't count when you kill someone who is attacking you.

    @ElMadre1 Odyssey costs 20$ on sale so you can have oiled Kas and save 999999980$.

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    @kormac67 There is indeed "strange" conditions that come into play... I've never tried the situation you mention, but it makes sense that an enemy attacking you would then count as "necessary".

    But there is one condition which can be abused quite easily: Only the enemies within the "Restricted Area" count for the requirements.

    And that means that as soom as they get out of the zone where it's actually written at the top of your screen, even if still within the borders of the "red area", they don't count for the requirement anymore.

    Thus, it no longer matters, as soon as they cross that line, if they spot you they won't trigger the "remain undetected" clause (careful though, for if another enemy is within "hearing" range of this one when he spots you the other gets activated too and still being within the area itself will trigger the clause)...

    And, a lot more useful to know, you can kill an enemy who walked out of the limits of the area without trigerring the "unnecessary deaths" clause, so if you really need to get rid of a few guys patrolling close to the edge of the area to get to your target, attracting them out of the area before dealing with them is an option.

    (The only thing I haven't tested is if they don't trigger the "Take no damage" one, but I don't see why they would given how it works with the other two requirements.)

    The system is wacky, but sometimes it's in our favor 😁 😁 😁

  • Yesin069
    553 posts

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