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  • SpirantCrayon22
    223 posts

    Hello. Since earlier today, so 1.2.1, I am getting spammed about the Mōdraniht tattoo set. If I leave them in the inventory I get a message every ten minutes (that is not a joke though the five minutes in the topic title is an exaggeration) that there's new unlocks. If I "unload" them at Tove's then the tattoos reappear in the inventory, with the individual items appear on-screen as well as the "new stuff" message. I am not doing anything to prompt this, when talking to Reda, when running from A to B, loading the game, there's no pattern. I suppose it must be related to autosave somehow.

    I got the tattoo set in the Yule festival. I am not sure if I had to re-download it at Easter with the Godly pack or whatever it was called but I had the tattoo set "installed" at Tove's place after that and before the 1.2.1 update.

    Do you really need a video of this?

  • stroodle_910
    22 posts

    Hooray! Except it isnt. Nothing new is there. Every time an autosave happens, the little popup that tells me I have new items in the store shows up. “Multiple items were added to your inventory. You can find the complete list of your bonus items in the ‘Owned’ and ‘Add-Ons’ categories of the Store.” It happened when I first loaded in after the 1.2.1 patch. It happened again after I climbed a tower and looted hidden treasure in Lincolnshire next to Skegi’s Beard. It then popped up again after talking to Hunwald in Botolphston. It wouldn’t bother me so much, but for the fact that nothing HAS been added to my inventory. That is all. Just annoying. No actual gameplay ruining glitch.

    I’m on the PS5, I didnt see this in the megathread, and it only just started.

  • stroodle_910
    22 posts

    @stroodle_910 okay so not every time it autosaves, but fairly often. I saved Hunwald after he walked away and it autosaves and it didnt pop up. But since I leveled up, I went into my skills menu and upgraded to things. When I came out of that it autosaved and the bonus content message DID pop up again.

  • BitterPasta
    3 posts

    I've noticed that it happens after fast traveling somewhere.

  • stroodle_910
    22 posts

    @bitterpasta I think it’s happening any time the game autosaves after being in a menu or loading the game.

  • Yesin069
    534 posts

    I have this issue too and it is very annoying. Also autosave is broken. I don't know why but i need to restart the whole game everytime it breaks. The game just decides to stop saving. Just manual saves work...great work Ubisoft...the week more really went into QA...

  • B00MSIE
    291 posts

    Same on Xbox Series X and after selling the pre order runes, I immediately get them back after this message. Also after visiting the tattoo shop, you get the tattoos from the first festival again. After installing this patch you immediately notice the improved testing Ubisoft has introduced 😕

  • Ryusennin
    65 posts

    I have the same symptoms every time I come back from a river raid.

  • alvisrynoc12097
    1 posts

    Same here, I am getting the same issue, but it's not consistent. it repeats a few times and then now don't appear again.

  • davidv81
    65 posts

    Same issue here.
    I did the daily and weekly quests, and each time I completed one of them, the spam with the tatoos was there.
    Same inmediately after loading the game.

  • Mirula
    3 posts

    Same for me! Every few minutes (appears to be like every 20 minute or so with me today) it shows bonus content unlocked and the tattoo's are marked as new. Before this update this usually happened only once after every patch. Not a gamebreaking bug, but annoying nonetheless.

  • KamikazeSG12
    25 posts

    Mine is doing it too. Every time I quick travel, it notifies my that new add-ons and store items are added to my inventory.

  • Littleweasel01
    35 posts

    every time i load into the game or fast travel it telling me i have bonus content unlocked in my game which is the Modraniht 4 tattoo's.
    even after going to the tatto woman it will continue telling me this and re-unlocking it, same kinda thing that was happening with the berserker set before only difference is it doesn't have to be upgraded.

  • SteveZ_Pun
    136 posts

    I did the daily and weekly quests, and each time I completed one of them, the spam with the tatoos was there.
    Same inmediately after loading the game.

    I have the same issue. And i get since weeks a rune, i sell it and become it again, every day.

  • thegardener25
    82 posts

    @littleweasel01 I'm playing on ps4 pro & I've got the same problem. I've been to the tattoo hut 3 times & each time it clears the tatts from my inventory. Only for it to reappear in inventory when I fast travel. I'm also getting the notification that autosave failed, restart to fix. So I tried closing the game down, logging back in, & I keep getting these notifications. It's everytime I fast travel, catch a fish, kill an enemy or complete the reda quests. My quick saves & manual saves are titled 'Data Corrupt'! I've no idea how to fix this.

  • Garbo3
    578 posts

    Happen same to me .Every time I find an opal that pop up message about those tattoos shows up.
    Thing is I already had those tattoos
    They show up in my inventory now and remain there no matter what I do.


    PS. It doesn't bother me
    I just ignore it .

  • afewscarsmore
    43 posts

    Same thing!
    platform ps5

    Lost my berserk gear in River raid, reloaded previous day save and got messages about Mōdraniht tattoos

    nice update, think I'll play dlc in june with such annoying bugs

    Original poster 14 posts


    F5 (Quick Save) does not work after loading the save file.

    For F5 to work again, you must exit the game and start over. 😞

  • Razeil71
    1 posts

    patch 1.2.1 I am getting the Modraniht tattoo set in my characters inventory and it keeps recreating its self everytime I play the game. Its annoying as hell. Also I keep getting over and over and over and over a message "Bonus content unlocked. Multiple items were added to ur inventory. You can find the complete list of ur bonus items in the owned and add ons categories of the store".

  • SteveZ_Pun
    136 posts

    I did yesterday the daily and weekly quests, and each time I completed one of them i got the Bonus Content.
    Same inmediately after loading the game. Yule Tattoos and Bonus Content and since weeks every day a useless rune.
    I already post it here

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