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  • SteveZ_Pun
    273 posts

    I did yesterday the daily and weekly quests, and each time I completed one of them i got the Bonus Content.
    Same inmediately after loading the game. Yule Tattoos and Bonus Content and since weeks every day a useless rune.
    I already post it here

  • SteveZ_Pun
    273 posts

    Today the same issue ,reload game got tattoos and Bonus Content.
    Go to Tova to give her the Tattoos.
    Then i did the daily quest and after i completed the first i got again the Tattoos and Bonus Content.
    After the 2nd daily i got only Bonus content

  • vanja1004
    9 posts

    My game is doing it too on PS4 since last update. But literally every 5 mins (when fast travelling, doing Reda’s quests, collecting opals, catching flying papers etc).

    It also tells you to check the store for items you got. Now all the rewards and stuff I bought in the store or from Reda say I obtained them in 12/31/1969.

  • cexlo
    8 posts

    Same issue here after installing 1.2.1 update on PC with exactly same symptoms.
    I'm also got such tattoos during the Yule festival so not sure what triggered them to reappear now.

  • boardin27
    1 posts

    Same problem here. “Bonus Content Unlocked” shows up very often, regardless of how many times I go look at the items or try to acknowledge it.

    Is Ubisoft aware of this bug? This seems to be the only thread that mentions it. It’s really annoying.

    If not, how do we notify them?

    Console: Xbox Series X
    Version: latest patch as of April 27

  • SpirantCrayon22
    622 posts


    No, it's not the only thread, I started one with the title about tattoos reappearing every five minutes. They haven't responded to that either. I suspect the threads will be merged if Ubisoft acknowledge them.

  • inoempriss
    2 posts

    Its happening to me too, and its honestly really annoying. It happens every time I get on, synchronize, or gain skill points. Sometimes after an autosave too. I'm on ps4.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    It always gives me the Modrahnit tattoos...over and over...I dont een want those tattoos. They should hotfix this because it annoys the hell out of me when this always pops up.

  • Seraphius888
    2 posts

    @yesin069 I have same bug. Same message notifications and if I check animus store my owned stuff, I see purchase date is somewhere 1970 year 😂

  • McBleedsAlot
    1 posts

    @stroodle_910 this is happening to me also but with the Nefilheim rune stone. I turned off "tips and messages" in the "interface" menu and it work... HOWEVER, I lost the ability to see loot as I collected it... :(. So I turned the setting back on and a huge backlog of loot and tips/messages that kept going until the last message was sent... takes you out of the game entirely when you constantly see the same message.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    I really cant understand where the problem there is and why nobody can fix this. The Animus Shop really makes more problems than it should. Nobody needs it in the first place.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    I noticed every time you fast travel ,talk to merchant or auto saving occurs this message pops up. I just ignore it. I had those tattoos already before update. As said in fellow gamer opened thread ,they stuck in my inventory. Not big issue for me. I got other issues to be fixed that really annoy me like never ending rain or no runes available at any merchant.
    Still ,hope they address the pop up for those who are bothered by that issue 🙂

  • stroodle_910
    22 posts

    @yesin069 I havent even checked my tattoos. Is it changing them on your Eivor or just putting them in your inventory and prompting the message?

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    They are just in my inventory and dont go away...just when i talk to Tova but then they reappear. Now my inventory is even more filled up with useless stuff. My equipped tattoos stay the same.

  • NeOVoltron
    124 posts

    @stroodle_910 I have the same bug and every time it happens, I get given the Yule Festival tattoo set again...and again...and again.

  • Kennyannydenny
    145 posts

    Same here on Xbox One. Every time I close the menu, or travel somewhere those messages come up. Sometimes the game re-adds the Yule tattoos even though I already got them at first launch after update 1.2.1. Not game breaking but pretty annoying all the same.

  • Caraamon
    44 posts

    Getting this too on PC. Started right after updating to 1.2.1

  • JoarRagnar
    11 posts


    I have a problem with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the XBX and it’s driving me crazy. I keep getting Bonus Contact has been added every time I go to the map and come back to my character. Each time I load the game it happens if I fast travel it happens and it’s getting to the point now where it is interfering with the game okay because this comes up in the middle of fights scenes as well.

    I have the same title on the PlayStation no issue this only happens on the XBX and the XBX only. It is beginning to really annoy me now because it’s so frustrating I am not joking when this will come up in an hours of gameplay well over 3 dozen times and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more. Each update it gets worse each Tittle Update it’s worse. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game again no change so it makes me wonder if this is my profile that is the problem. Is there an issue with my profile.

    is this just happening to me or does anybody else get the same problem on the XBX.


    Thanks in advance

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @xbx_hefeydd is happening to many people. Myself included and I am on PS4
    There's a thread about this. The team is aware of it.

  • V0ssil
    3 posts

    Happens to me too, plus it resets everything I got through the store, like the Berserker Armor. Ubi pls fix.

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