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  • msiloveme2
    7 posts

    Reda’s shop is completely empty today. “This section is empty” appears. Another bug😒

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3626 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there,

    I've merged several threads together about players being unable to purchase items from Reda's Shop on 24 November, 2020. This issue has since been resolved, and we will now be locking this thread.

    If you are unable to find daily / weekly items in Reda's shop, please can you open up a new thread about this issue? In your post, please include the date/time, and an image that shows Reda's shop inventory. We can then take a closer look at this.

    Thanks! 😊

    [ EDIT 2 June, 2021: If you are missing a daily/weekly item from Reda's store, please can you report this issue in this ongoing Megathread. Please include an image that shows the item as missing.

    We will now be locking this thread. Thank you 🙂 ]

    Official Response
  • LordSNK15
    3 posts

    Reda's store is still empty after weekly reset.

  • Kira0693
    1 posts

    Here in Brazil too. The quests are available but the shop is empty.

  • AnimusLover
    87 posts

    Same. (filler)

  • interfusor
    2 posts

    And now it's a new week so another thing to buy. I guess you can't expect to get the item you want if it's within less than a day of it expiring, keep that in mind everyone.

  • pervytoadsage53
    4 posts

    Hi, basically i kept receiving a connectivity message when i tried to purchase an item from Reda. I read online to unlink then link my account to troubleshoot. i did this then when i logged back in Reda suddenly has no items for sale (daily nor weekly). this occured yesterday 11/23/2020. Anyone else experience this issue?

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    Same issue no items in Reda's store. I am not getting the connectivity message.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    Same but connectivity is NOT an issue for me. Finally opened his shop yesterday and it has had NO items in it ever since unlocking the shop. Can do his quests though some end up bugged.

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    It has the missions both daily and weekly but no items. Items have been in the store yesterday.

  • pervytoadsage53
    4 posts

    @bushwickedly yeah once i relinked my account the connectivity issues ceased but now Reda has no items for sale.

  • Haggy51
    38 posts

    Noticed his empty store yesterday, and he only had one daily quest available. Now I'm nervous I won't be able to complete the Viking for Hire quest, even though I've completed 10+ of his quests. I WAS able to get an additional quest from one of the 1000 Eyes in a different town.

    Playing on PS4, and (luckily) I haven't had any of the other major issues so far.

  • iceDmeteL
    6 posts

    Everything fixed for me on PC. The daily item is a black raven variant that we already own (ultimate edition). Weekly is the hrudfkjafn armor and some kind of tattoo.

  • Ciaossu-
    25 posts

    wow, still no response from UBI staff why this happens xD

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    @ciaossu Maybe Reda was supposed to sell some PS5 consoles KappaClaus

  • Haggy51
    38 posts

    Well, it looks like we got a Tuesday reset and now everything's fine. Got to finish the Viking for Hire quest, get my reward, see all the pretties I can't afford and pick up 2 daily and the weekly quests. A good day. 😀

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    Issue just resolved itself. Just checked the store and items showed up.

  • Freestepper
    113 posts

    Same here on PC. Empty Reda's shop.

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    Just fired up the game and Reda has items for me...

    PC - EU - Ubi Connect in-game Overlay enabled

  • Ciaossu-
    25 posts

    @sciss0rman yesterday was reset, so last day for the last week items 😞

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    @ciaossu Well... We have to consider what to buy anyways.
    We only get 90 opals in a week.
    That's not enough to buy one "premium" item (120/150) every week, once you've collected all open world opals.

    In AC:OD we got way more, and the missions were more interesting.
    We actually had to "work" to get the weekly done and sometimes there were even 2 weekly missions.

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