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  • Henkwolters
    2 posts

    Exactly the same problem here as well

    1 posts

    I'm having the exact same problem also. All arcs completed and everything is built at ravensthorp I have a sliver left till I'm at 6. My gt is MagmaKing

  • Fredclaes
    1 posts

    I have a problem with the raw materials. I did finish some raids and pledges. But i didnt get my raw materials to improve my settlement. How can i fix that?

  • Ubi-Viral
    2366 posts


    Hey! The issue has been reported and is being investigated.

    Please note that supplies / raw materials can also be obtained by completing the main story arcs. Have you finished the main quests and what level is your settlement?

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Finished the game. Updated / built all but stuck at 5/6 settlement with 265 raw supplies... anyone else?

    There is a raid not finished in eurviscire but i did loot this, checked twice, got all wealth (and the trophy for it) but still the raid logo stays as if not completed.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @petteflet88 somebody has this same problem? My raid in Eurviscire does not get completed ebenthough i finished it

  • tashonix
    3 posts

    I believe I’m experiencing a similar issue, although I have two raids to go and two story arcs with raw materials.

    The cattle farm seems to be my issue - it was already built prior to the Yule festival, so yesterday I had the materials and figured I’d upgrade it. The board at the front said upgrade to level 2 so I did so and the building complete animation played but I don’t remember seeing the settlement progress bar move. Checked the sign again and it still had the level 2 text. Upgraded it again, animation played but I didn’t see the bar move. The sign still says upgrade to level 2, so it seems to be stuck in this loop of wanting to upgrade - which there aren’t enough raw materials to keep doing.

    Building the fowl farm on the other hand I did see the bar move, then same again for the first upgrade. The ledger in the longhouse still says “2nd and final expansion” for all three - not sure if it is meant to update.

    I’m not brave enough now to try upgrading anything further until I complete the story and the Yule festival leaves, as well as getting the next patch/update.

  • WolandJunker
    20 posts


    Same here on PS4. Ravensthorpe doesn't reach level 6 (See pic). It makes no sense. I have completed every story arc and every quest/mystery available, except for Asgard BECAUSE IT'S F*#@[`~% BUGGED (yeah, that too). So I couldn't complete Jotunheim either, for obvious reasons. But everything else in the whole game is done, raided, upgraded, double and triple checked.

    Also, since you introduced the friggin' Yule Festival, every time I resume playing Eivor is DRUNK for like five minutes for no reason whatsoever.

    I have NEVER played an Assassin's Creed chapter as bugged as this (the above are just the MAJOR issues, never mind the minor ones which are plenty). I would have expected a lot more fixes and upgrades. You should refund people about stuff like this, at least partially, or at least give them the season pass for free or at the very least ******fix it******, for crying out loud.


  • JonnyCarr98
    1 posts

    To anyone still having this issue, I noticed I missed a building site to the left of the dock area. I noticed I still needed to build Hunwald and Swanburrow’s house. Hope this helps.

  • AndrewCy1
    2 posts

    Same issue here
    Completed all alliance maps
    Completed Order
    Completed Raids
    Upgraded everything
    Cannot get to Level 6

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    Have you upgraded the property from the Grimsby quest? Have a look near/around where you change the look of your Longboat.

  • DansBaby
    2 posts

    I have relatively the same issue. Except I hit upgrade and it still says I need to do the second one even though I just did it. Not sure if it is being of the time festival. Anyone else having this issue.

  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    @diploidhelix I thought so too.

    But I found that they require one more upgrade than expected, and there are the resources available to do it.

  • DansBaby
    2 posts

    @sofajockey I get that. But the second upgrade is not registering for me to do the final one. Even though I just did the second one.

  • Kormac67
    1100 posts

    @dansbaby Each of them must be upgraded three times to get the settlement to 6.
    Randvi's note will not be updated until settlement reaches 6.
    There are just enough raw materials in the game to do it. (There are way more supplies.)

  • diploidhelix
    15 posts


    To follow up. I completed the game and had just enough to upgrade everything. Note in bedroom still says cattle, etc. need to be upgraded but that has no effect on getting level 6 in settlement. Thank you to everyone who posted here. To those just reading this and wondering, you will be fine.

  • LarsP666
    1 posts

    Have exactly the same problem as many others:

    3 buildings still listed as needing their 2nd upgrade yet they have all been upgraded (atleast) 2 times.

    And I am at 0 raw materials with all raids and story arcs done AND not buildings showing as upgradeable.

    This seems to have been an issue for over a month now - while I am willing to cut you some slack for it being a difficult time with the pandemic it would seem that the inability to finish building the VERY FIRST THING YOU ARE TASKED WITH when you get to England seems like something that should be at the very top of your to-fix-list?

    It is odd that your QA didn't catch this and it is probably only made worse by the fact that it seems like you decide to only put absolutely the minimum amount of raw materials in the game so that when you had collected all those you could max your settlement - that's a kind of forced fomo which is currently not seen as a good design principle. If you had just made it so that maybe you only had to do 13 or 15 of available monastery raids noone might ever ended up in this situation.

    Yet now your are in a situation where you (I certainly hope so!) have to spend time figuring out what is wrong and when/if you do that then you have to figure out how to retroactively fix it. That sounds like you have shot yourself in the foot or maybe both feet because with such a slow pace most people will have moved on to another game when the fix is there. And since it has now gone on for more than a month I don't really have any faith you'll ever fix it and customers loosing faith in a business is also not a good idea so if you had a third foot you have shot that also.

  • tabashe
    2 posts

    @cspedden36 Myself I'm in same spot. I did everything in correct order and still having issues. Hell even some of my gear has disappeared. Cant do Yule or kill the father.

  • mutantgrose
    1 posts

    This is still a problem just beat story and have every raid complete

  • mlarned
    8 posts

    Same here on xbox one

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