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  • JCar4327
    707 posts

    @asgardian02 I think they did that so you could get the main benefits from the settlement early in the game. The benefits from the cattle, grain, and fowl farm are minimal and actually appeared to be bugged as the extra levels don't change the Feast Buff at all.

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @max18400 Slightly northwest of the ship builder.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    weird excuse, i mean the amunt of xp you need to lvl up seems the same troughout the game, hence your outlvl your enemies so extremely quickly.
    Why then make the xp you need from 5 to 6 tripple or more from what was needed from previous lvls

    there just isno consistency

  • Max18400
    411 posts

    @jcar4327 thank you 🙂

  • DgnClk55
    2 posts

    I too have not enough Raw Materials after finishing literally all alliances and all raids. Something is wrong. Im sitting at 265 raw materials but i need 1000 to upgrade my last thing to reach level 6.
    I have gotten no help from ubisoft whatsoever on this issue. Even made my own thread on this forum but no answer at all.
    I guess that was my last ubisoft game. The support is abysmal.

  • aries8969
    1 posts

    It’s Jan. 13, 2021 and I still can’t upgrade ravensthorpe to lvl 6!

    Its really disturbing that Ubisoft gets paid all this money for the game on top of the extra content and they can’t even make a game without game breaking bugs/glitches. I can’t tell you how many times I had restart at an earlier save because the game literally made the same bug happen over and over again. Cough cough Valka stuck on her way to her hut.

    ubsioft! What in the actual f$&@ are you doing!? Your bugs ruin your games!

    btw: idk if this had been said or not, but odyssey and all the games before except for unity, are [censored] FABULOUS Valhalla seems like you’re trying to hard. The story on Valhalla is so bland. This game isn’t even really about being an assassin either, more like a fan pleaser that makes 0 sense. We’re you really trying to tie Finland to AC3 with that wall!? Who is writing the story now, cuz y’all just facking [censored] up left and right...

  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts

    Same issue here.

    All questlines and story pledges done. All buildings upgraded. Progress bar just stopped before level 6 completion.

  • violence1337
    21 posts

    @sparhawk122 make sure all buildings are finished. There's a last building close to the boat shop. Somebody already mentioned this. I never had problems getting my settlement to 6 i also opened up all the gold chests so i found plenty of materials.

  • brotn0
    3 posts

    Same problem at PS4... fabric bug and this bug steals me platinum trophy.

  • brotn0
    3 posts

    Same problem. 160 game hours, all arcs, map complete (except dobby altar due the fabric bug)... 2 bugs that steals me platinum trophy at PS4 after 160 game hours...

    Please... finish the games when you sell them

  • nurgle1138
    5 posts

    Having the same problem on PS5....upgraded the fowl farm, cattle farm and the other building numerous times, but it still says ‘2nd and final’ for all of them, and the level bar is hardly budging. It’s now January 16th and the fact that they haven’t fixed this bug in over a month is appalling.

  • aeternali
    13 posts

    Same problem.

    The game is a buggy mess, I just want to complete the story and end it all.

    I will NOT be spending any more money on this buggy mess.

  • Font81
    19 posts

    I believe i´m going to have the same problem. I´m still far away from completing the game.
    I´ve completed the regions: Rygjafylke; Grantebridgescire; Ledecestrescire; East Anglia, Sciropescire; Oxenefordscire ; Lunden, Asgard, Cent, Lincolnscire; Essexe, Vinland & Suthsexe. (only missing the daughters of lerion mysteries and the last wealth of Asgard because i´ve not gone to jotunheim)
    I´ve done only the raids of each region i´ve completed

    I have built all possible buildings in my settlement( including Hunwald House) so far apart from mayda´s house and the 2nd and 3rd expansions of the farms.

    As I finished Suthsexe a few minutes ago and had 240 raw materials and 8000 supplies, I decided to try to test this problem. At my room the randvi settlement status said i only missed the 2 expansions of the 3 farms.

    After upgrading 2 levels of the grain farm i still had the board available to upgrade yet again despite the animation of building complete, all other buildings the board disappears when completed, and at my room the status still said i was missing 2nd and final upgrade for the grain farm.

    it would be pretty bad if when completed the game the settlement could not reach level 6 and this issue is not on the Known issues list

  • CallumBhoy
    1 posts

    I’m having the same problem on PS5. Completed all the pledges and raids. Yet my ledger still shows the Cattle Farm, Grain Store and Foul Farm need the 2nd and Final Upgrade.

    Come on Ubisoft, sort it!

  • topologyguy
    2 posts

    I was also apparently stuck at level 5.9 but someone pointed out the Grimsby house off to the outskirts near the boat shop and building that pushed me over the edge to level 6. The notes in my room still say to upgrade the fowl and grain farm.

  • johno09
    1 posts

    I've upgraded everything in the camp i have also done every randvi settlement upgrade ive done every raid and still cannot reach level 6 settlement i'm stuck at 5 3/4 way there has there been a fix yet its been months..

  • centralperk08
    3 posts

    I dont have enough raw materials to upgrade the last part of the settlement, I have done all the raids, and collected all the wealth in England , Vinland, Norway, Asgard and Jotenhiem, Im 400 raw materials short but i have plenty of resources to spare, is there something Im missing or is this another game breaking bug?

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @centralperk08 Have you done any pledging main quests? A few of them reward you with raw materials, just enough to upgrade the Settlement to Lv.6

    And yes there are more than enough resources; I think I still have 2000 left after reaching Lv.6

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    you need to complete all alliances, all raids etc.

  • centralperk08
    3 posts

    @imaginaryruins Yeah ive completed all the story misssions, the dream missions in Asgard and Jotenhiem , Unless you get raw materials from completing the Disorder of the Ancients, which is also glitched, I`ve killed all the zealots and order members, stuck on 5/6 clues on the father , returned to Hytham but apparently im short of medallions so I cant progress that any further ( I know that it is a known issue and being looked at).

    The only things I have left to do are a few anomilies, and flying papers, then the fishing which again is apparently bugged also, oh and beat a few orlog players

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