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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Unable to fully upgrade Ravensthorpe due to missing raw materials / supplies | POST HERE

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    It would be cool if in a future update, available upgrades for the Grain, Fowl and Cattle Farms were clearly signposted for players (e.g 1/4, 2/4 etc.)

    Great idea and suggestion !

    glad you could finish ! 🙂

  • ArmyKnight75
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    Why is this still a problem. It is now March 21st and the game has been out since November I believe. My settlement completion bar is almost touching the end and all buildings have been built. I’ve even went around the map collecting every single little treasure that appears in the hope that it has something to do with the issue. What a waste of time.

    I don’t mind the occasional glitch, but when a company doesn’t fix/address the known issue and it results in me wasting my time it’s another story.

    Fix your [censored] Ubisoft!

  • dannyfriskes
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    i have the same problem on ps4, have done al the quest, all raids and all the upgrades are done. please fix this
    its the second big bug in this game i have encountered by now

  • usafirefly7
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    I ran into a raid where I couldn't get the mates to come with me to Open the supplies. Point is, can't fully build up the home base. Anyone figure out how to fully build up the home base?

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 931

    Hey everybody. Thank you all for your continued updates as the Game team is continuing to look into this issue of not being able to upgrade Ravensthorpe to Level 6! We have been continuing to include your information with the investigation. Just in case, smaller resources that are needed to upgrade settlements can be easy to miss. They are small chests located around rivers and raid locations which usually contain about 100 resources per chest. If you have not already, try checking around for these chests, as afterwards you should receive enough to upgrade the settlement.

    Also, completing only Raids does not provide enough raw materials to upgrade the settlement, however completing the Story Arcs should reward with enough. (Just keep an eye out for those chests mentioned above as well.) I know some of you have mentioned completing the entire game, and are still unable to upgrade Ravensthorpe, if you have not already please create a Support Ticket here and submit your save files. Then provide your ticket number here. You can also forward your most recent Manual Save to the cloud if you are not playing on PC or PS4. Just let me know when you have done so, so that I may forward it to the Game team.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5838

    @usafirefly7 I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced this.

    To fully upgrade your settlement to level 6 you must complete all of the raid locations on the map and complete the story as you also earn some raw materials for completing story arcs.

    Did you leave the raid location and return back then try starting to raid again? If you are still experiencing issues with this could you please provide a video showing the location on the map and what happens when you start the raid.

  • janolof230
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    Have to add myself to the list.
    I have upgraded Cattle Farm, Grain Store and Foul Farm 3 or 4 times each and have spent all Raw Materials.
    I'm sitting on many thousands of supplies.
    Are the raw materials also in the wild in small chests?
    Thanks, Jan

  • RebelSavage88
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    2021 and this is still an issue? Seriously?

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 6075

    Hello there!

    I've merged together several threads about players being unable to fully upgrade Ravensthorpe due to missing raw materials or supplies. Creating a single Megathread allows us to keep all information and updates from and investigation in a single place. I apologise for any confusion that may have been caused by this merge.

    If you're having trouble upgrading your settlement to Level 6, please note that you will be unable to attain all of the raw materials necessary by just completing raids. You will also need to complete all story arcs, which will either reward you with raw materials or by boosting Ravensthorpe's renown and overall level.

    If you are missing supplies, I would recommend searching for these in small chests around England. You can find these on your map as glowing yellow dots.

    If you have completed all story arcs and raids, and are still missing the supplies needed to upgrade Ravensthorpe, please can you send us a video that shows the following:

    • Your current in-game inventory, including how many raw materials and supplies you have
    • Your completed quest log, that shows all pledges have been completed
    • Your map, that shows all raids have been completed
    • Your current Ravensthorpe level

    Additionally, please can you ensure that you have an up-to-date save uploaded to the cloud. We can then pass these reports along to the development team for further investigation.

    @RebelSavage88 - I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to fully upgrade Ravensthorpe. Would you be able to confirm that you've completed all of the raids and story arcs? If so, please provide us with a video including the requested information so it can be used in the ongoing investigation.

    Thank you! 😊

  • The.Real.McCoy
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    @ubi-borealis So i submitted a ticket about this issue recently but was offered no real help... I just got Sigurd back from captivity, I have completed all alliances, completed all raids, have more than enough supplies, but i only have 80 raw materials. Only 80 but i still have at LEAST 2 upgrades needed to get to level 6. I am not getting any new quests, I can't finish the story line, I am completely stuck. Please. Help me. I am so frustrated, I have spent 160+ hours into this game and i can't even finish it?? IDK what to do.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 6075

    Hello there @The-Real-McCoy! Welcome to the forums 🙂

    I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to fully upgrade Ravensthorpe. We'll gladly take a closer look at this with you. Thanks for letting us know that you have completed all of the alliances and raid. I'm sorry to hear that you're still missing raw supplies. To help us to take a closer look at this, would you be able to send us a video that shows the following:

    • Your current and completed quest logs, showing that all available quests have been completed. We are looking for the "Reporting on ____" quests specifically, as these mark the completion of a region.
    • Your Alliance Map, that shows all regions have been completed and ticked off.
    • Your in-game inventory, that shows how many raw materials you have left.
    • Your in-game map, that shows all raids within England have been completed.
    • The current level of Ravensthorpe, and how many raw materials are needed to reach level 6.

    We can then forward this video alongside the rest of your report so the development team can take a closer look at what could be causing this issue.

    Thanks 😊

  • OmegaLaw
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    I have the resources, and upgraded and build everything, yet i am still stuck on level 5 settlement.
    I started a replay, making sure i do everything, in every little bit of map, and see if i get the same problem again. If not,
    i will you know, if i again am stuck on lvl 5, while having build everything and everything upgraded.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5838

    @omegalaw I'm sorry to hear that you were stuck upgrading your settlement to level 6.

    Did you upgrade the fowl, grain and cattle farms three times each as those need to be done to reach level 6 in your settlement.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5838

    I have created a new mega thread for a new issue that appears to have occurred since the latest update (1.2.2) where the smaller chests appear to only be dropping silver and not supplies.

    If you are experiencing this then please post on the new thread here.

  • SgtBreakaway2
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  • SecretVVeapon
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  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 4117

    Hello everyone,

    I am pleased to update you all with the news that as of TU 1.3.0, the issue with supplies not being granted in small chests should now be resolved for all chests opened in future. This should mean that the necessary quantities of raw materials and supplies can now be gathered in order to complete the various settlement upgrades in order for Ravensthorpe to reach Level 6 settlement status.

    The development team are aware that players who looted chests while the issue was in place may be left without enough supplies to complete the upgrades, however. This remains under investigation and the team are devising possible solutions for the future to rectify this. We will keep you updated with news as we receive it.

    For your reference as well, the availability of fabric in small chests will be addressed in a future update. Again, we will keep you all updated with the latest updates on this particular issue.

    Please let me know if any of you have any questions, concerns or feedback that you would like me to address following the above updates. Thank you! 🙂

    @zdoughty0310 - Please refer to the information I have provided above with regard to your issue! Thank you! 🙂

  • VenDyl
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    A few months ago, people began to actively pay attention to the problem of improving Ravenstrophe to level 6.The initial problem was that at a certain point in the game you stopped receiving supplies from the chests.In the last update, supplies appeared in the chests again,BUT ...
    The problem is that many have already passed the game and along the way collected most of the chests that should contain supplies.Many players simply cannot improve Ravenstrophe to level 6 even after the last update.
    I really ask the development team to pay repeated attention to this problem.Make it possible to buy supplies for silver, add supplies to empty chests again, or any other solution that will help players.
    Please, Ubisoft

  • only1goomba
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    As someone who scoured and opened every single chest in the game, I can say [on the PC] after an update earlier this week there have been many more chests added to the map that give out supplies.

    However I am now unable to get the Horse to run unless its on the road lol, man what happened to AC games smh

  • whiteshadows86
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    From I what I have read I believe the horse running glitch is tied to the new Heidrun Slam skill so not taking that skill should fix the issue. I personally have the skill unlocked and am able to run on my horse with no issues so looks like it’s not affecting everyone!

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