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  • Steve102781
    6 posts

    Mild Side activity spoiler...

    For the chest in Jorvik that requires three cultist keys, I am unable to loot the corpose at Ritual circle that has a key, the symbol is showing up but no opportunity to loot it. Tried restarting game and reloading saves, nothing works. Playong on Xbox One S.

  • Octophlaze
    3 posts

    Same exact issue for me. I can see the key but get no prompt to loot it from the corpse. I’m on PS5. This is the second key I’m unable to loot. The other is in Jotunheim where you have to shoot crates down off a crane. The key stays floating in air and I’m unable to loot it.

  • Octophlaze
    3 posts

    Actually after restarting the game, even though I was never able to loot the key at the ritual site, I was able to open the chest in Jorvik with the other 2 keys. The key is still bugged but this may be a work-around.

  • Cliana
    1 posts

    so i am trying to loot the key of a body for the jorvik chest were you need 3 keys at cused places i have tried averything i can think off to fix it like going back to earlier saved place redownload game and repair and restart gaem but nothing work please help?

  • pvocc
    9 posts

    @octophlaze I was having the same issue. This work around worked for me as well. Whew one less bug resolved.

  • Zooolz
    40 posts


    I also am unable to collect key on corpse at Ritual Circle.
    Thus, unable to complete Jorvik wealth ingots at bridge.

    Screenshots available.

  • Zooolz
    40 posts


    2 keys work - will open the chest.

  • Obi1kanobi1982
    8 posts

    i cant pick up the 2nd key for a chest in Jorvik, it doesn't even have the option to pick the body. any ideas

  • BoltingThrower8
    1 posts

    I had all 3 Cultist keys & saved my game at that point . The next day the keys were gone from my inventory & they are no longer at the cursed sites!! Now I can’t loot the locked chest & complete Jorvik !! Be nice to have a fix for these bugs !!

  • ubi-smash
    Ubisoft Support Staff 751 posts

    @boltingthrower8 Sorry to hear that you are having this issue with completing Jorvik. To help share this with the team, would you be able to capture any screenshots of the keys missing from your inventory along with one of the locations where the keys are no longer available to loot?

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