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  • topic_solved [REOPENED] Weapons / Shields have disappeared from inventory | POST HERE

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    @ashnavari86 I got few gamebreaking bugs since the game release. It felt bad because everytime I felt something was not right, I had to check online. Loosing my main hand today was something on another level in the wtfesque. I mean it is not worth a 2hour rollback, feels pretty bad tho not gonna lie!

    Yes there are tons of crappy bugs to fix, and after a 100h+ playtrough, there is no way for us to go back. They need to fix this in a way it doesn't corrupt our game saves. And there are also the uncapped fps issues, I mean it would not hurt puting a bit of fps smoothness for pcs, this game doesn't run properly at all if you don't manually cap your fps...

  • WolkSeb
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    I lost Housecarla's axe also one of my armor got duplicated. Please fix this and give me my weapon back.

  • Kakarot0114
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    I have found a very strange bug, in assasins creed valhalla. My items disappered, first the axe called varins axe it was on its default level and qualities, ididnt write to you then because I thought i missed something in the story. Then after this I lost my blacksmiths hammer which was on flawless already and on that level maxed out. I used it as my main weapon. I dont remember how I lost my varins axe but I remember clearly about the hammer. I was doing a quest, the one when you have to destroy the silos with Ubbe. I chose to do it silently and , i decided to put on my cloak. I picked my torch my holding T and threw it at the silo. after that I went for the next one and I got discovered , I had to fight, thats when I realized Im fighting with my fist while my left handed weapon was still there but my main weapon the hammer was gone. I switched hands and killed the enemies. I went back to the silo thinking I may have dropped it like a torch but I couldnt find it. Can you please help me somehow to get my weapons back? Thank you so much.

  • RazielCthulhuCZ
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    I lost my Housecarl axe and found it about two hours or more later... last save is couple of hours ago... it is possible to give us our weapons back ? Or at least, put already found weapons to vendors to possibility to buy them again ? Cause this game is about less but more important items/equipment as i can see... so lose one of the few weapons can really hurt 😕

  • TheOddballOwl
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    I just noticed that I lost my secondary weapon (the hammer you can get in Norway in the early game).
    I have no idea when it was lost or how, but it is no longer in my inventory.

  • Kakarot0114
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    I left out that I thought of going back in saves, but I play a lot and since then I progressed with the story a lot, i dont want to lose that progress.

  • ekkzqq
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    So about two hours ago I went back to Norway with sigurd, I went ahead and collected the legendary spear along the way. Played with it for about an hour or so and suddenly it disappeared and unequipped along with the rune and gems to go with it.

    tried going back to Norway to see if its back there but obviously its not. Any chance you guys can sort this out or I might aswell just not care to 100% the game after all

  • Rardain
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    Suddenly my Scimitar is gone

  • RegalStrike
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    Please tell me they will fix this. I lost my Mythical 2 handed sword, and if I load to save where it was it is 10 hours of gameplay gone. This is really frustrating. Have they announced anything about it to get this fix??

  • cosmincosmi2010
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    One of my wapons (father axe) disapeard from my inventory. After spending more than one hour searching online I didn't found any fixes for this bug. I saw that a lot of people have this issue. I was going to purchase some items from store but after this I'm scared that I'm gonna lose the items. How do I recover this item? Honestly I spend more time figuring out how to fix bugs than playing the game from crasher to quests not working npc bugging etc. Once again please tell me how do you recover the lost items. Thank you!

  • Raynorss
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    Hello when I have been freeroaming and doing random stuff, missions and combats I notice that suddenly I have no weponds in my hands anymore so I check my wepond inventory slot and I couden't even find the weaponds that I was using so I equipped new weponds and this time I was more vigilant over it then at an random time I notice the same [censored] again that my weaponds were gone, so to this shis I have lost my excaliber, varin axe and many more other weponds that I can't remember the name of lukely tho it seems to only be weaponds so far cus I have all my bows and armor sets still but this needs to be fixed and I wants all my lost weponds back.

    Love the Game much love and great work with it ❤

  • ajitcherian2
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    I have been playing Assassins creed Valhalla for a week now. I notices the issue that when I have equipped 2 weapons on both hands, and when I have to burn houses and I use torch, sometimes one weapon get dropped. and there is no way for me to pick it up.

    this has happened to me twice now. 1st.. I had equipped a heavy sword and a heavy axe. in a mission where I have to burn huts, I lose one axe, I could see it on the ground but no way to pick it up.

    2nd) this happened today. I have 2 daggers equipped.. mission is to burn huts.. again lost one dagger.

    even if I reload I don’t have the lost weapons. I have to load a previous save and play things I have completed again.

    I searched about this issue and so many people have reported this.  

  • Gurramamja
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    I've lost my two weapons recently and I can't get them back. They were mythical too, and it doesn't work with loading previous saves.

  • Ubi-Wan
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    @gurramamja Hello there! I'm sorry to hear this issue with your weapons going missing has happened. In order for us to take a closer look at things, I'd like to have you create a case with our technical support team.

  • Kakarot0114
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    Update. I decided to change my Jomsvikings look and both of my weapons are avaible for him. However I still dont have them.

  • DonSoft
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    Hi there,
    Can you give me back a new one or it will be refund it?
    Thank you

  • LilSpiritWolf19
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    So I'm going to after the Treasures of Britain and I have to break through an underwater barrier and well I was following a video and realized the guy had an hatchet/axe in his hand then I remembered that I had one on my back before but it wasn't there anymore and idk what to do to get it back but without it I can't break through anything underwater or attack in the water so I would love some help please.

  • primula-_-
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    I'm aware this is a common issue but i lost my sword when i switched to my torch

  • Ubi-Swaggins
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    @ekkzqq Sorry to hear you lost a legendary spear.

    The team are aware of this issue and are investigating it further.

    Once more information is available, we will share it.

  • former_user
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    Hey there, thanks for the report! We are aware of this issue, have investigated and were able to identify the cause. This will be fixed in a future update - please keep an eye on the forums for new information regarding this in due course.

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