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  • topic_solved [REOPENED] Weapons / Shields have disappeared from inventory | POST HERE

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    I have the same problem and to play 3h hours since my last savegame with the axe.

  • zimpirate1
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    It happens to all my gear.

  • cleider12
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    I also lost my weapons ... I have more than 5 play hours since the last save with all the weapons. I am done for this game ...

  • Saker3ze
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    so today i was playing the game and i had 2 spears equipped .. so i had to use a torch in a dark tunnel and after i threw the torch my maxed mythical fafnir spear disappeared from my hands and its no where to be found in weapons.. if i want to load the game i will lose 15 hours of play time which is alot for me .. please help and thanks in advance.

    i think this is might help understanding the bug https://www.reddit.com/r/ubisoft/comments/jsbpln/lost_a_weapon_in_valhalla/

  • DJRenegade
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    So I noticed tonight that my attacks seems weak, I then realised I didnt have my axe equipped in my main hand. When I went to my inventory to re-equip it, thinking I must have accidently un-equipped it, I noticed it was no longer there. Annoyed at losing my most upgraded weapon I shrugged it off and put it down to some crappy bug. When I went to equip another axe I then realised I could no longer equip weapons in that hand at all. I played for a good 10 hours tonight and did a lot of exploration, not a lot of fighting which is why it took so long to notice. I dont fancy losing all of that progress and have almost immediately lost interest in the game.

    Is there a fix for this? Will there be a fix for this?

    I have tried restarting the game but it seems the bug has become one with my saves 😞

  • Alek2011
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    Today while playing AC Valhalla and using the Draugr poison hammer paired with the blacksmiths hammer, I was battling enemies and in a cave. I had to use a torch due to light a few times and shortly after I noticed that my Draugr Hammer was gone and I was now punching enemies with my mainhand. I checked my gear and it was gone as if I had never even purchased it or fully upgraded it. I reloaded all of my recent auto saves and none of them had the hammer in them. I loaded a save that was 3 hours behind and guess what? My hammer was there.... I have read people saying it is a torch issue and it causes your mainhand weapon to disappear no matter which weapon it is. I am forced to now go back three hours and lose completing all of Linconscire. This seems to be an issue for more than just myself. Ubisoft I know your game is riddled with bugs but come on. I’m putting money into the game for dlc and then it disappears and better yet I have to go back 3 hours worth of game time to get the weapon back all in hopes that it doesn’t go away again. Players should be getting compensated for all the bugs we’re dealing with.

  • Hatty1993
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    G'day All,

    I lost both of the spears (Fyrd and another one) I had in my primary hand. Once during combat, I went to the escape menu while gaming and when I resumed Eivor was no longer wielding it and it had disappeared from my inventory altogether.
    Then later I was looting the Spartan Shield and while my weapons were on my back and i squeezed into a crack, my spear became lodged and I couldn't pick it up? This too disappeared from my inventory.


  • JayWolf_J
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    @rardain Yeah same thing happened to me after I discovered where the Excalibur was located. So what happened in my case was that I was dual welding Scimitar in main hand and Carolingian Longsword in off hand when I interacted with the Excalibur before I had all the tablets. After that I noticed that I only had one sword on my back, so I checked my inventory to see if it just got unequipped but it was completely gone from my inventory.

  • GoDodgersGo
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    I'm guessing this hasn't been fixed yet, happened to me recently, not sure when... I swear ubisoft makes the buggiest games! I'm waiting on another bug of theirs they seem to be ignoring. Have they even responded recently to this thread? Every fu*king game of theirs is infested with bugs and they don't seem to care! From Assassin's Creed, For Honor, Division 1 & 2... all them infested. Does ubisoft even have a QA department? If I don't get a satisfactory outcome to these bugs, I think I'm done with Ubisoft, too many good games out there to deal with this fu*king bs over and over

  • JaSamDzekiChen
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    Well i was climbing a ladder, and Eivor had a torch, soo when i pressed the button to drop the torch, he threw his axe, so now i dont have Varin's axe, can someone help?

  • JaSamDzekiChen
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    @jasamdzekichen couldn't pick it up at all btw

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    I lost this item from my inventory already a while ago and couldn't get it back so far. I thought that the title update might solve this issue but I am still missing it.
    Hope it gets fixed soon bc I really liked that axe.

    Also still have to huntsman armors in my inventory, but the update should have fixed that? It says "removed duplicate gear from inventory". Didn't work for me yet.

  • Bing0K1ng
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    This patch didnt bring back my epic weapon with 3 runes that suddenly went missing at +80% story and +100 hours play. Please fix it. Its a weapon given in the start of the game, so its obviously an error.

  • RaphaSampaio22
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  • RaphaSampaio22
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    @ubi-spud Hello BugSoft..Oops ... Sorry ... Ubisoft !! Have respect with us, consumers. We pay absurd values ​​in your games and you offer us games with grotesque errors. 
    And instead of giving us a solution, we are not told to go back to some save that we had the weapons. It can only be a joke!
    I have a lot more than 100 hours of game time and sometimes we don't notice it at the time. That means sometimes having to go back to saves from days ago. 
    I like to differentiate my plays with different weapons. Sometimes lost weapons are in saves more than 7 hours ago. Are we jokes for you? 
    More than 16 days after launch and we still have to face weapons disappearing from the inventory. Missed missions because of Randvi. 
    Poorly optimized games. Basic things that any idiotic developer knows can't happen in a game. Mainly one so expensive.
     If your game is not ready, DON'T LAUNCH THE GAME [censored]. HAVE RESPECT. Or will they only start to learn this when the company starts to be boycotted? 
    We can't take your carelessness anymore.

  • ayoNOEL
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    I lost my weapon that I bought with Helix coins as well. A weapon I paid for is gone because of a bug

  • ayoNOEL
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    I lost my weapon that I used Helix coins to buy and now its not in my inventory anymore. I cant contact Ubisoft Support because they are "experiencing technical difficulties". Doesn't surprise me that this buggy game has a buggy support team to match. I just want a refund of the whole thing. I want my money back for the Helix coins and for the game. The troubles I have experienced is not worth the gaming satisfaction that I would get playing.

  • Kimisito
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    Yesterday I started an invasion of a monastery, when I finished and returned to my ship I realized that the weapon! bear claw! It was not in my inventory, when I went to the store in the property! the weapon was present but in the game in the inventory it does not appear ... please help

  • Vexogram
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    My Doppelhander is missing from my inventory. After i claimed the Prime bundle. my doppelhander got erased from my inventory. is there a way i can get it back. i was using the dual wielding longswords for my build.

  • Vinitchz
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    So this is what happend to my blacksmith hammer...now I'm sad...is there a console command to get the weapon back?

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