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  • Yesin069
    Original poster 534 posts

    There are probably major developement issues which arent communicated to us.

    Probably Ubisoft will show something on their Ubisoft Forward event and the next update will be 1.3.0 instead of 1.2.2.

    The summer season is just too close and Ubisoft will never ever release two patches in two weeks. Also they wont delay their events. They delay bugfixes or content but never the live-events or microtransactions (even if they are also as bugged as the other stuff, it just also costs real money or is time-limited).

    With that huge delay I expect a huge and great update. I am not talking about meaningles new River Raids in Ireland or the Mastery Challenges. This stuff will just be as boring as we expect. I expect some huge steps in polish and also NG+ to be satisfied with this update and the huge delay without aqny communication.

    Sadly the seconc DLC will probably be out in September. At that time both prior AC games where already finished and got all the needed content. In Valhalla we still miss some essential features that both games had and have to wait until september to get the only new content that is a little bit interesting.

  • afewscarsmore
    43 posts

    @yesin069 I enjoy River raids. Nice viking simultaiton.
    And Ireland is very beautiful, I'd like to have some raids there with green fields and fogs in dark lands.

  • Yesin069
    Original poster 534 posts


    Update 1.2.2 added to the database. Hopefully it will be filled with content and bugfree. Maybe they will release it this thursday to announce the good stuff on E3 and let us wait another 5 or 6 weeks...

  • Yesin069
    Original poster 534 posts

    Regarding there was no posted changelog for the update yesterday, the patch will be up next tuesday or thursday.

    The strange thing is, that on the 17th season 3 should start (summer event). This update will be called 1.2.2 and it should be 1.3.0. This means we should expect huge delays in every content for this game. The first DLC was delayed only 2 weeks but the second one will surely be delayed for more months. The Siege of Paris was slated to be released on in early summer but leaks talk about a release in septemberl, which is actually the end of summer and start of fall.

    Regarding the forced behaviour of Ubisoft patch cycles the summer season will start after 5 more weeks, which means a 5 week delay for a small event.

    I really hope they have some big stuff for this update and just delayed it, to show it off in E3 first. Sadly I just expect river raids in ireland and mastery challenge which both are just filler, nothing-content.

    Hopefully they really tested the hell out of this patch and fixed all major flaws in this game.

    After the next update i will hopefully be able to finish the main game and will put it down for the next 6 months and focus on other games. It just is a horrible experience playing this game in the "live-service-period". It feels like an early access beta that still gets finished. The only clever way to enjoy games like this is just waiting until it is finished and got the last patch.

  • longjohn119
    469 posts

    @yesin069 I think it indicates that Ubisoft finally learned it's lesson about releasing major content updates on top of extremely buggy code ..... That just makes the bugs that much harder to find and root out ...... Fix the major systemic bugs first and then release the new content ......

  • Yesin069
    Original poster 534 posts

    On Twitter they announced the Mastery Challenges, which will be released on June 15th, so this will be the release date of the new update.

    Now I am excited for the patch log because those mastery challenges look boring as hell. In games like Sekiro mastery challenges are fun because this game has a fantastic combat system...Valhalla clearly does not, so it is strange to focus a whole game mode on that mechanic, to make the problems more apparent.

    Bugfixes and quality of life improvements are the things that will hype me up, not a boring game mode...

  • Garbo3
    589 posts

    @yesin069 And I have been "told off" in another thread because I said that the update will be deployed on the 15th of June and I was causing confusion, mhm😕
    It really made me kind of angry,am normally calm,I replied confusion is caused by lack of communication and silence about the release date. We were all confused when 5 weeks passed and no update ,just silence.

  • Yesin069
    Original poster 534 posts


    As I said before: Any "decent" company would have told us what the hell was wrong and why we dont get any update on June 1st. They just let us wait to announce this "glorious" mode...

    I watched the trailer and it is pretty boring looking. AC never shined with combat but more with story, so free quests (like in Odyssey) would be the better way to release new content for this game. River Raids and those Mastery Challenges just show, that this new way of releasing game modes for this game isnt good at all.

    An announcement for NG+ would be better here...or an announcement that they reworked the whole UI and stealth in this game...

    This mode just brings new useles gear into the game that nobody will use because the starter gear is still more than enough for this game.

    They just delayed this update to release it after Ubisoft Forward to hype us up with empty promises. They clearly will never announce anything at that event that could hype me up. We already know from leaks that Siege of Paris wont have any hidden ones in it, so they still dont understand that we want assassins back. Maybe they announce the stipid third DLC will more Isu and mythological stuff, but this is also just nothing-content and filler for me.

  • bielik01
    57 posts

    @yesin069 this looks dope

    so much better than River Raids

  • Garbo3
    589 posts

    @yesin069 yes. Ribervraids for what?? I got 800 useless resources for river raids,and they are b o r I n g.
    I agree I would much prefer a game +.
    The siege of Paris is been delayed til September. Obviously Ubi has a problem understanding the calendar 😆

    I Just reinstalled red dead redemption 2. I finished game + on ghost of tsushima, how different the combat and stealth are,super rewarding. 0 bugs.

    Then I am a bit lost, don't know what to play
    Been checking but all games am interested in are multiplayer.

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