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    @ubi-smash As soon as I got to the dock in Paris every auto save corrupts and any attempt at manual save corrupts. If I manual save, the game will create a cloud auto save and that data is fine and can be loaded but every other manner of saving corrupts instantly. As stated above, every few minutes you get a save failure message that makes the game basically unplayable. I'm sorry for the anger you're getting from people, I for one fully realize its not your fault but I also don't buy that this problem wasn't noticed before launch. That seems impossible given the number of people having this issue. The higher ups need to stop impeding the real artists and creators from doing their job correctly simply to fill their pockets (and I imagine, not passing any real part of that profit to people like you.) Thank you, @ubi-smash for answering us even if it is with a generic response and know that we the gamers know its those in power that are at fault for launching a product that y'all probably told them wasn't quite ready.

  • Valhalla2015
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    I’ve been getting this too. Normally, I get it when it tries to auto-save. I did just get it while paused on the inventory menu, though.

  • mikeferma
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    the error started after the last patch of the game BEFORE the Paris add on . In PS4 Pro , only in Raventhorpe , and sometimes only the error did not occur . In all other maps the error occurs. After the Paris kicked in and played a few minutes the game is just unplayable, every save goes error during play. In saves I have to remove all corrupted save and also in the load list. Only the cloud auto save are not corrupted . The long loadings still remain , the bug with the barrel sword from last year still is active , and now this one. Emergency patch of the game required....

  • thatpatrickkid9
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    Yep, got this problem too on PS5. Hope you patch soon. I have the same answers to all the same questions as everyone else... it started for me at the very start of the "Rot in the Slums" black box mission... This is the second DLC in a row with a game breaking bug. In WOTD I literally could not progress the story for a month (different issue, now resolved) and now with SOP, I constantly have to dismiss the "Failed to Save Game" error message that interrupts gameplay every few minutes. Since cloud saves work fine, I would love to have an option to simply not display that error message anymore, then I could play like normal and just work off of the cloud saves. But with the way it is now, it's so annoying, I can't get immersed, so I'm just not playing.

    Downloading the PS4 version, I'll see if that changes anything for me.

  • thatpatrickkid9
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    I don't know if anyone else has posted this potential fix.
    All I did was switch to the PS4 version, load the latest PS5 cloud save. I played a bit of a story mission on the PS4 version, and manually saved.
    I then switched to the PS5 version again, and loaded that PS4 version cloud save. And so far, no corruptions, but only time will tell.

    That's just what I did, I don't know if playing a portion of a mission is at all necessary or not.

  • headbanger866
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    The data corrupt bug just got a whole lot worse, it has now deleted all my saves. that's over 500 hours of game play, good bye Valhalla, that's me finished with this game.

  • thatpatrickkid9
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    @thatpatrickkid9 Update, it worked for about an hour before I was plagued with the annoying "Failed to Save Game Data" notification. I have come to realize that so far I have only had this problem when I have a quest/objective marker in the region of Paris. I do not know if there is a correlation. But even if that is the case, the DLC is called Siege of Paris, I can imagine there will be a lot of quests/objectives in the region of Paris.

    Tomorrow I will try the same trick I tried earlier, but this time I will save the game in the PS4 version when I have an quest marker in Paris and load that save in the PS5 version. If it works again, I will know the problem isn't with the location of quests. If it doesn't work and I still get corrupted saves maybe that will narrow it down for Ubi.

  • fishingmike97
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    i did that and still nothing. It happens every play session in England Norway Asgard Ireland every time it tries to auto save it just doesn’t save I try manual saves it says data corrupt.

  • fishingmike97
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    damn I’m worried about losing mine now

  • thatpatrickkid9
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    @thatpatrickkid9 scratch that, I have the problem now again when I don't have a quest in Paris. I'm just gonna play the PS4 version. Not ideal, but it's really only the frame rate that will bother me. But I can get used to it.

  • Garbo3
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    @thatpatrickkid9 I got the corrupted data and error to save twice,Francia and England and I play on PS4.

  • RiCat88
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    Just started experiencing this error this morning. I only use auto-save but I tried to manually save and now I’m seeing all my saves being corrupted. Thankfully, after restarting the PS5 I can continue with the last successful auto-save but I’m worried I’ll lose my whole save.

    Changing the video mode had no impact, as suggest in an earlier post.

    So disappointed that my weekend won’t be filled with AC Valhalla, but instead bitterness of yet another game breaking issue.

  • FISTER600
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    Ich würde es sehr gut finden wenn man in Assassins Creed in Zukunft Begleiter hätte zum Beispiel Tiere die man trainieren Leveln und auch aufrüsten kann mit Spezialfähigkeiten. Meiner Meinung nach würde es dem Spiel einen extra Ansporn geben und auf dem eintönigen Missionsfeeling etwas neues hinzufügen.

  • Bojan-77
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    Unfortunately I don't believe that they will solve it soon, the game is unplayable for me, and I warned them more than a month ago, now unfortunately the game crashes every time you try to change the rune on the armor, who doesn't have it waiting for you, PS4 Pro.... we need to be ashamed of the support and unfinished work send on sale, all new updates bring new problems, I won't repeat myself, but I haven't played a game like this before, it took them 6 months to solve the problem with the fish for the quest ...

  • Garbo3
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    @bojan-77 yep, never encountered such a bugged game,that is not tested and every time they add new content or a new update something else breaks before they didn't even fixed bugs going on since launch. So the list of issues keep growing and funny that some ongoing investigations since November are still going on,that's 9 months to solve a gamebreaking bug.
    So I am with you. Not big hopes that this terrible issue will be fixed any time soon. Unbelief.... Cant even save the progress in a game!! .is soooo crap developing that's kind of funny how bad Ubisoft has become. Never again buying a game from this Buggysoft 😒

  • PartyMcFlyy80
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    This post is deleted!
  • RiCat88
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    @ricat88 Update: I think fast travel is at least saving my progress. However, the failure so save pop up is still present.

  • thatpatrickkid9
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    @garbo3 you may be experiencing a slightly different flavor of the glitch than what I'm experiencing probably because you're on the PS4. Because it seems like my saves START corrupting whenever I enter the general vicinity of Paris (maybe it has to do with Paris being loaded). Sometimes the issue persists when I've left the problem area (even when I leave Francia and go to England), and sometimes my saves start working properly again once I leave the general area of Paris.
    So, I don't know what the problem is exactly but my bug seems to be directly related to Paris in some way. But, after a few tests and narrowing down the issues, I've personally elected to complete the DLC on the PS4 version, I have to deal with a lower framerate which takes some getting used to, but at least the saves never corrupt.
    I wish you had an easy workaround like I do, hopefully Ubi has a fix soon, best of luck man!

  • Garbo3
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    @thatpatrickkid9 Glad to know you managed to end the DLC. 😊
    For me started in Paris yesterday when downloaded the DLC,but today had it in both England and Paris.
    I just overwrite a good save until I encounter the issue again,is annoying as happened 4 times today but I still manage to keep playing.
    And hope you are right but given the experience with this game I am afraid it won't be sorted very soon. I will be happy to swallow my own words if I am mistaken.

    Am a woman BTW lol.

  • JoePiraino
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    Do you ever use rest mode whilst playing the game or do you always close the application first? I have used rest mode a few times while the game is running. Once or twice.
    Does the issue still occur after closing the application and relaunching it? Yes.
    Are you able to manually save your game? No.
    How often does it happen? Every time I launch the game.
    How much playtime (in hours) have you lost if any? No time lost. 211 hrs in and cannot play Siege of Paris.
    Do you own the Wrath of The Druids expansion? If so does this issue only occur whilst playing the Wrath of The Druids content or do you also experience it on other maps in the game? Yes, I experience it on all maps.

    Longtime fan of the series. I just want to play my favorite game.

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