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  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 702 posts

    Hey guys! As mentioned above, some Tears do not appear until you are further along in the Asgard quest.

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  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @z0m81_ninja Thank you for contacting us, we can certainly take a look into that.

    Could you provide us with a screenshot of the door and the location on the World map? This will help us look into that and pass it on to the team.

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  • tofugood1
    2 posts

    im having issues with collecting the tear behind the yellow seal, please help. i have completed everything in asgrard story and all

  • tofugood1
    2 posts

    im having issues with collecting the tear behind the yellow seal, please help. i have been told i need to talk to a character at the stairs but he is bugged and wont let me speak to him. how do i complete this quest???

  • guest-h8ibGd46
    2 posts

    undefinedyou have to move them for a stone of ymir and they are stuck in eachother

  • Jay2587
    1 posts

    The cave with the Ymir tear stone is completely empty. there no chest in there or anything else but status.

  • whitewolf_699
    2 posts

    the tear stone in asgard on the western most island inside a cave is blocked behind a barrier after fighting the builder.

  • irishdragon303
    1 posts

    Beat everything in Asgard so the last legendary hunt has to be it unfortunately

  • marksmanx2
    3 posts

    After defeating Fenrir in Asgard, the yellow forcefield does not disappear, blocking access to the Ymir tear. All other Ymir tears have been found and all missions (wealth/ mysteries) have been completed. Please help.

  • Comeongeeze
    9 posts

    Side quests don't have people to talk to to start them

    Ysmirs tears not located at where map says they should be

  • Uniquities
    11 posts

    @comeongeeze all of these are because you need to progress into the asgard story arc. One of the ymir tears appears from a side quest, another from a main one.

  • jacobpercival79
    1 posts

    In the Asgard segment of the game the player needs to collect 30 Ymir tear stones In order to complete the offering mystery in asgard. For one to be able to collect them you must complete the Fenrir fight and a tear stone located under a large mountain can be obtined. However, I have completed thw entire asgard story and defeated fenrir however, there is still a translucent orange barrier preventing me from collecting this last tear stone and thereby the offering mystery, which I can say is extremely frustrating to say the least

  • marksmanx2
    3 posts


    I'm having the same issue. It makes me regret spending countless hours finding all of the tears. Can't get the very last one because of a bug. lol

  • Robertw1243
    2 posts

    me too did you manage to get it yet?

  • marksmanx2
    3 posts


    Hey Zom81,

    I found a work-around to get through the yellow forcefield. Use the elk mount to clip through the force field. Simply run up to the force field with the mount, get off and on the mount. You should be able to clip through the shield. Hope this helps. *Note, this should take a couple of tries.

  • Deprox93
    3 posts

    As title say, i finished the whole questline ( killed the black wolf, killed the construction manager etc. ) I also got the second quest from Valka to go to Jötunheim...
    I collected the whole map, 1 tear is missing now for me and there is no way to pass through the glowing wall...
    Me tried to come back there multiple times, restart the client, save and load, nothing worked for me.
    Help very appreciated!

    Cant attach file here, its to big.. -.-

  • ihaveHatchet
    4 posts

    Reload game save to when you fight boss then go straight to the arena bug happens if you leave Asgard then if you go back after you have already left you are stuck there and orange wall goes up over last chest cave entrance worked for me so many bugs in the game totally spoils the enjoyment of the game iv asked for a refund had enough of game breaking bugs

  • I60_AND_UP_SPL
    1 posts

    I have completed all quests in Asgard. Now I am trying to get all the tear stones. I have them all.. Except one, it seems to be stuck behind some sort of orange barrier on an un named island.

  • TheDonMeister
    1 posts

    @i60_and_up_spl Carry on with the seer questline, you can get in at the end.

  • Strayngel
    83 posts

    Again, you have to progress through the story missions for the chest in the cave to appear. Also, if there is a barrier, you need to manipulate the environmental elements to lower the orange/yellow barrier.

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