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  • Doomsayr87
    1 posts

    I still can't do this. I've done everything looted all chests freed all prisoners. Everything and on my map it still has the raid symbol. Something this simple shouldn't be an issue. Ubisoft needs to hurry up and catch up with bugs before they start with the expansions and all that. So many times I've had to work around bugs in this game. Smh.

  • Iamdeewinner
    1 posts

    I opened the large chest in Wyther farm in river severn and got nothing no cargo gear or weapons. Anybody else have that problem?

  • InkdZomB
    1 posts

    Today while on river Severn area several times when I opened a chest no loot has spawned. Tried reloading the game and issue still happened.

  • Magpye
    4 posts

    @inkdzomb on replaying the raids on the river Severn, after opening the first chest in any location, Eivor say that’s everything and the crew start to return to the boat even though there are still some of the large chest still available to open. This is frustrating as I’m trying to get the bracers of Saint George armour peace which is the 2nd of two peace’s of gear that I need.

  • SaSuKe_One
    9 posts

    @magpye yeah,i was lucky and had no problem with it. But my girlfriend and all of my friends has this problem. That is soo annoying that they cant loot,because of the npc's wont help you open them. My friends opened the doors,killed all enemies and have plenty of space in their ships for loot. They have done everything to try fixing this. They have restarted,reloaded and loaded a earlier save the game,that didnt help! This need to be fixed,with a hotfix patch..

  • SniperSA69
    1 posts

    Run around to the outside of the building you will find 1 of your crew members pushing against the wall where the crate is. Head away from the building towards your long boat and blow on your horn to summon your raiders to get him away from pushing against the wall. After this go back to the crate and request help opening it.

  • andywan2015
    1 posts

    I can’t exit the raids! I complete the goal and am stuck sailing endlessly unable to leave unless I load a save and, of course, lose all progress!! Help!!

  • Atticus1495
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • jameshowe007
    4 posts

    @dazerker having the same issue at another raid, any fixes??

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 688 posts

    @garbo420 Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

    I'm sorry for the delayed response. There was an issue with Raid Chests not being opened correctly, however this was fixed in update 1.0.4. If you're still experiencing this, feel free to create a new thread with a video if possible.

    If not, I'm glad! I hope you enjoyed or are still enjoying the game!

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