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  • Freestepper
    Original poster 153 posts

    @longjohn119 It's not harder nor it's even difficult. It's stupid. Because they added rules that makes zero sense. Why would i want to throw people in fire or shoot pots to kill them, etc? I don't want this kind of boring BS. It adds nothing but frustration. Definitely not difficulty.
    Yes, the game is easy, yes Eivor is OP. Then add harder enemies. It is that simple. That's the challenge i want. Instead, they added stupid mode where you are restricted to use only certain skills and gear and plus you must fight like stupid jerk to get gold. So much fun, really.

  • Tascer
    23 posts

    @freestepper +1
    In a game you grow stronger with new gear and skills. It's easy? We'll that's the point. What they did is stupid.
    Why make something ridiculously stupid for everyone when only a minority cried for it. Why not implement multiple difficulty levels or give gold for 800/1000. If you wish, you can go for the full points. Everyone would be happy...

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @freestepper couldn't agree more 👏

  • Kormac67
    948 posts

    @longjohn119 A "real archery challenge" is being able to play without an aim assist.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @kormac67 using the bow is challenging enough itself 😆.
    I used a scythian barebow for a few years ,wich is a small but still quite powerful bow for horse archery,and is much easier hitting to the target on horseback in real life than hit a weak point ingame.
    I did try a raven challenge,they got supersenses I got spotted while hidden in a bush.

  • longjohn119
    937 posts

    @kormac67 Not in a 3rd person game ..... In a first person game I agree but 3rd person is not natural

    I don't use any aim assist in Skyrim because I go to first person ... Check out some of these long distance shots

  • longjohn119
    937 posts
    @kormac67 using the bow is challenging enough itself 😆.
    I used a scythian barebow for a few years ,wich is a small but still quite powerful bow for horse archery,and is much easier hitting to the target on horseback in real life than hit a weak point ingame.
    I did try a raven challenge,they got supersenses I got spotted while hidden in a bush.

    I have a custom crafted Lakota sinew backed bow made from Osage Orange wood (AKA Horse Apple or Hedge Apple) from Oklahoma. It's a short bow with buffalo sinew backing used by the Lakota for hunting buffalo from horseback. It's go a lot of pop at a short distance. I also have a custom crafted Dakotah woodland style bow which is a long bow used on foot for deer, elk, and moose. It's got a much longer distance and is a lot more powerful but almost impossible to use on horseback because of it's size (It's almost as tall as I am) Unfortunately I can't use either anymore because I separated my left shoulder twice and it can't take the stress. The draw weight is just too much

  • fedorpepel18
    5 posts

    The challenges are too difficult. I understand that they should be such as to satisfy the vanity of the couple dozen players who are able to pass them in their current form.

    But mind you! When these two and a half players play enough, something needs to be done about it. Because the player should be able to get at least a bronze medal for each test — after all, new ones can't be opened without this.

    It's too rich for two or three dozen buyers to develop a whole add-on, several weapon models, quest zones — which no one else will see except them. Doesn't it bother you yourself that you worked in such vain?

    In addition, most players feel sad that they are not allowed to see the whole add-on — but the game should bring joy, not sadness.

    I think that the right decision would be to give players the opportunity to choose the difficulty of the passage, as in the whole game. Of course, after a group of enthusiasts pass the challenges in the current pilot mode and brag about their achievements in their social media diaries.

  • longjohn119
    937 posts

    @fedorpepel18 Actually you hit the nail on the head with the problem of a lot of this game ..... Ubisoft takes the opinion of a few loud vocal players and thinks it is what the majority wanted .... So we ended up with a game with no loot and only a handful of armors that can't be mixed and matched very well, lame events that are unrewarding instead of better side quests, goofy puzzles to get into nearly every building, a nearly useless bird that can't flag/highlight anything ..... a lame version of followers with a dumb AI that isn't even as good as the ones in 10 year old Skyrim, a leveling system that doesn't make any sense, and bloated ability web that doesn't make any worldly sense instead of a simple well targeted ability tree like Origins and Odyssey. Runes that are so weak or just broken that you can't actually tell any difference with or without them to replace the engravings system that just worked

    All because they listened to a loud vocal minority and in the end didn't please most of them either ..... It's a problem with the entire Internet really, it amplifies a vocal minority and gives corporations and leaders the false impression they represent a majority of people when it's not even close

  • alandonovan
    7 posts

    I tried to raise a TICKET, but cannot, I wanted to LIVE CHAT, but cannot.
    I am very sorry to inform you that, despite high hopes, the new Mastery Challenge is terrible.
    I am aiming for 15 golds which is a reasonable expectation, as ACV is NOT a 'Souls' Game or Sekiro -Shadows Die Twice!
    You ask for perfection (1000/1000), which is a fine concept, but unfortunately, Eivor cannot be controlled 'perfectly' as the controls are not fine enough, not well implemented and clunky.
    Also, the AI enemies are inconsistent, perform incredibly annoying actions (like committing suicide!) and are too random in placement or movement.
    It is unlikely the Developers can fix these 2 MAJOR issues, but could build in a few 'spare' AI enemies to counteract their bizarre programming.
    I agree a FEW gamers have completed the gold challenges, but they are in the (tiny) minority, the forums are full of annoyed and frustrated gamers, me one of them.
    Once again a failed update, much like the fishing challenge and broken quests!
    Mastery Challenges could be great and rewarding, but not at the moment, the Developers need to rethink the implementation and give us improvements.

  • Ashelsu
    42 posts

    @freestepper After completing all challenges, I have 2 main problems with them.
    1. Bugs:
    - Enemies not spawning (especially bad in Wolf challenges, where you have to kill all of them in a specific way)
    - Random explosions (Templebrough Wolf is particularly bad, more often then not map starts with some jars eploding and killing enemies, thus you have to restart if you want gold)
    - Game doesn't correctly register the way you kill enemies (headshots and indirect kills). In Wenlocan and Callevah Wolf challenge the best way to kill them is fire arrows or dropping them from ledges. Everything else is not reliable. In Odin Cave Raven challenge, where you have to assassinate everyone from air, apparentely if you jump on the enemy, lying on the ground after sleeping arrow, it doesn't count as air kill. You have to wait untill the guy wakes up and is standing. You also cannot jump on crouching enemy for some reason.
    - AI irratic behavior (suicide, death by enemy archers, death by enemies archers expoding things etc). In Raven challenges sometimes enemies grow eyes on their backs.
    You don't need much skill to complete these challenges, but sheer luck and pray that all enemies spawn and you will not run in bugs.
    2. It just not interesting and fun. I had no problems with trying different gear and abilities, but the constant need to keep track of all conditions was really frustrating. You don't kill enemies the most efficient way, you fill the ticks. This sucks fun even during Bear challenges, which were my favorite.
    So basically, the idea was interesting, but the implementation is just bad. Maybe they should have play better with different modifiers.
    Before getting into these, I thought Raven challenges would be the most frustrating, because how stealth is broken in the game. But Wolf challenges were the worst and they need fixes badly.

  • xrayspex_73
    155 posts

    Yeah. The mastery challenges are terrible. I am not going to bother. I think I am completely done with this game until the Paris DLC.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @longjohn119 I never used a longbow,mine was quite easy to draw given that I am right handed and had broken my right shoulder in a horse accident. It was a quite silent bow, but I still had to get my horses used to its sound .

    Sadly I don't ride or do archery anymore cause I got a rare sickness plus my spine is really bad. I had to give up on my 2 favourite things in the world,apart from videogames .

  • lemmie88
    274 posts

    @xrayspex_73 @Garbo3

    I don't play Royal demands,useless and boring. This mastery challenges I had put all my hopes in just to find they are utterly difficult and frustrating.

    River raids. Same old.

    Bah,honestly,am done.

    Totally agree with you. I kept coming back hoping the new content will revitalize some of the fun and excitement from the main game. But honestly, the seasonal stuff and new content is bottom barrel, poo poo quality stuff in comparison. I think its time to face facts that it was a one and done. I didn't even buy the DLC because of how many new bugs people are reporting. It seems they're not even serious about support if you look at how many people still can't finish the main game, and now the DLC story too. Nothing against the support staff or devs, but its obviously not enough resources or skill devoted to existing problems. I honestly believe they only provide the barest illusion of support to justify the game as a vehicle for pushing microtransactions. I am done too. 😞

  • Littleweasel01
    61 posts

    i like the idea of the mastery challenges except for the conditions like getting kills a certain way and the fact that you are given a load out and do not even use your own load out.
    that there is zero room for error's if you want gold, there should have been some wiggle room for errors and still be able to get gold.
    i am guessing only a small handful of players will get gold on all the challenges and the casual gamers will not be in that small handful.

    imo the concept of the mastery challenges was a great idea, it was just badly delivered.

  • longjohn119
    937 posts

    @lemmie88 Yeah i'm in the same boat more or less between the damage to my left shoulder and a fused neck vertebrate my left hand is always numb and I've lost some fine motor control so I had to quit playing guitar too a couple of years ago after over 40 years and I can no longer play games with keyboard and mouse and am forced to use a game pad. I still have a killer grip and since my left hand is numb I pretty much destroy gamepads in about a year, either the left joystick or left joystick switch gets broken. That's why Aim Assist is a necessity especially in 3rd person games. Plus I like to use a bow in a traditional Sioux battle style. A warrior type bow is also a short bow with a light draw and you use nockless/notchless arrow and you use it backwards. By backwards I mean you put the flat end of the arrow against the string and hold it there in place and you move your bow with your left hand in the direction of where you want to aim and left go. It's tricky to pull off when when you get the hang of it you can shoot 3 of 4 arrows really quick. The way I hunt from horse back kind of simulates that style but you need some sort of aim assist to make it work .... Here is a video showing some warrior bow techniques

  • Superfly_Boss
    86 posts

    @lysvander Exactly. This was so frustrating constantly getting scores in the 900s for that challenge. Always an oddball that either killed himself or his death didn't trigger indirect kill.

  • pesto.
    217 posts

    @longjohn119 makes me realize I would prefer 60fps updates on origins and odyssey.

  • pesto.
    217 posts

    They should have made “mastery” just like destiny’s nightfall system, a weekly extra tough version of a story mission you’ve already done with modifiers or “challenges” as this mastery system has, but with a reward of maybe 5 opals for completion. Or even bring in dungeons as dlc.

    The more Ubisoft go down this route of games as service the more I wish AC had a multiplayer PVE mode. Unity wasn’t bad on that score, just not as good as modern looter/shooter games, not even the division or breakpoint. Bring that sort of system to AC with the RPG lite (or even go full rpg) and many different systems and events of Odyssey and you’d have a winner on a par with GTA online. It’s just fun to play with friends on long term games.

  • GhostAgent14
    126 posts

    I feel the same way about possibly adding PVE multiplayer to AC. In fact, in the Community Survey, adding multiplayer/co-op was one of my suggestions. I keep thinking it would be fun to run the raids in Valhalla as multiplayer, even though it's probably way too late to add that to it now.

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