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  • ChuckKatse
    243 posts

    Well I completed the 15 challenges. Got One Gold, several Silver and some Bronze. Mainly put up with the aggravation of the Challenges to see what reward if any you would get at the end when you returned to the Mastery Challenge Vendor and you walked up the hill and opened the sealed door. Well that was a disappointment. You retrieve an Orb and then give it to the challenge Mastery vendor and that's it. Oh and a message telling you to continue your training. I take it that meant to return to the challenges and up your scores for more vendor tokens. When I checked the Ubisoft challenges all I got was a completion of the event no reward. The Mastery Challenge vendor items were also a complete disappointment but what did you expect anyways.

  • pesto.
    103 posts

    Well it’s more story content, which I don’t mind, and you buy gear etc so there’s quite a good amount of reward really. I completed them all to gold a few days back but it wasn’t the rewards that felt bad (although I wish she wouldn’t keep repeating the line to go and train more at that point), so much as the actual challenges themselves.

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    If the Mastery challenges do not seem to be real replayable gameplay, just as the river raids which were a total disgrace, is there as we speak in the game something else to do than playing the main story + dlc story and then.... nothing?

    (I havent touched the game since the RR and despite having bought the DLC I dont have the strength to run into a new disappointment at the end of the DLC's story)

    I really hope some of you would say: "of course Torfin! Of course, they are activities like ****** and ******* that you can play and which keep the game alive!"
    But am I waiting for a messiah who will never come?
    Thanks for replying 🙂

  • afewscarsmore
    61 posts

    @torfinr well yes, there is one - in dlc we got royal demands - radiant tasks for stealth\ rage gameplay with some pointless rewards

    thats all we got replaybale for the whole game with england\ vinland\ norway\ realms maps - just small activity on small irenald map behind dlc paywall

  • GhostAgent14
    65 posts


    If you have the Wrath of the Druids DLC already, then I definitely recommend playing that. You get access to a map - that being Ireland - and it's fun to explore there. You also get the pigeon coop side missions in Ireland, and you can do all of those that you can stand. The rewards that you get from those can be traded to the vendor for silver and XP. There are also the weekly Ubisoft Connect Challenges that can sometimes breathe a little new life into the game. And there are the daily contracts from Reda. Although these are pretty quick, they do net some opals.

    One thing that I am doing to fill in the time until the next DLC is I'm going around the maps and collecting opals that are scattered around. I bought the map in the store that shows where these are. I'm not trying to push the store on anyone. It's just something I decided to get. I find going around and collecting those can sometimes lead to little adventures here and there.

  • ChuckKatse
    243 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • pesto.
    103 posts

    The issue for me is that all these forms of DLC follow the idea of “let’s add a sub game”, it’s like trying to tack on the battles of Odyssey later on without any context in the game and with having to travel to a different map.

    It just feels disjointed and disparate and highlights what’s wrong with any “extra map” DLC. It’s not relevant or connected to the actual world in any tangible way when it doesn’t feel an organic part of it, just a cheap bit of game engine tech demo.

    Raids in the main game made some sense, although they weren’t the big events they were sold to be, just slightly more rural forts. River raids conceptually feels like what raiding should have been like in the main game but someone couldn’t reconcile the idea of alert levels and rivers becoming hostile with using the ship to travel around the map (which honestly I rarely do anyway), so they tacked it on later in a way that feels just cheap.

    The Mastery challenge has the smell of something that’s going to be left as an unfinished dangling story. Purposeless except to fill up a quota of DLC and get a little extra loot. I really hope Ubisoft can start to add some continuity into this, so that it feels less like tacked on tat and more like something that adds value.

    350 posts
    And there are the daily contracts from Reda

    you mentioned those daily contracts from Reda.
    Still the same amount of contracts than before? I was hoping (how idiotic am I) for more contracts, maybe contracts à la Odyssey, but I guess I was just having a day dream, no? 🐷

  • Ashelsu
    14 posts

    @torfinr Reda still has the same contracts, and max amount of opals per week is 120 (if community challenge is completed, which is not always the case). This means you can only buy one item per week. Mounts and birds are ridiculously expensive, I think.

  • Raziel335
    2 posts

    Are we just going to have to suffer through the ridiculous amount of attempts it will take to do the Odin Mine Wolf Trial or do you think they will rebalance/fix it

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