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  • Ashelsu
    26 posts

    @torfinr Reda still has the same contracts, and max amount of opals per week is 120 (if community challenge is completed, which is not always the case). This means you can only buy one item per week. Mounts and birds are ridiculously expensive, I think.

  • Raziel335
    3 posts

    Are we just going to have to suffer through the ridiculous amount of attempts it will take to do the Odin Mine Wolf Trial or do you think they will rebalance/fix it

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 81 posts

    So can you just remove the Mastery Challenge or change it into something completely else already, please? Do not improve it, remove it or change it into something else. Don't you understand that limiting us into only some specific moves or ways of killing is completely boring and frustrating and just bad idea in general? I tried the Mastery Challenge again and got immediately frustrated. I can't find any fun in it.

    Just remove this stupid BS, please:

    I don't wanna run around like an idiot to position myself correctly against enemy, so i can throw him in the fire or kick him off the ledge to fall damage kill or just stand in the middle of the fight with three enemies and just waiting for them to strike me so i could parry them. I just wanna kill them naturally. And i don't care about some hints how to do it correctly. Maybe i am doing it wrong, fine. But i don't like it. Even if i was doing it correctly, i still don't like this. I hate stupid conditions or limitations like that. Please, make the Mastery Challenge into something else.

  • Metroid_Meister
    40 posts

    @freestepper I feel your pain. I'm stuck on this one. I did manage to get a bronze but one thing is the enemies are way too overpowered. Also the parry is hard to pull off because the enemy attacks are so unpredictable.

  • pesto.
    124 posts

    On the parry just slow down, you have a very forgiving window with Valhalla so it’s almost (but not quite) so long that you could hit the defend button at the time the attack warning comes up and then just wait for it to come in. Your biggest enemy with parry is over-excitement and button mashing.

    If it helps practice on a fort and just pretend you’re the terminator walking in slowly, an unstoppable force. Wait for them to come to you and only parry and finish don’t initiate any attacks (unless they’re not running up to attack you). Be patient, take your time, there’s no real rush only a couple will come at you at a time (sadly, I wish you’d get flooded with more at higher difficulties). You’ll soon get the hang of it regardless of how many enemies are approaching you.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 81 posts

    @pesto You still don't get it. I can wipe whole fortress by agroing everyone in it on me by standing in the middle and let everyone run at me in the same time. They will all drop like a paper. The game is easy. Parrying is easy. Mastery Challenge doesn't make the game more difficult, it's making it boring and frustrating. It's a big difference. Disables you from doing normal and natural actions against enemies, making the fight look ridiculous and stupid. Even if i was able to easily get gold at everything on a first try, it's still stupid and simply bad content. I am looking forward for the level scaling that is about to come. That is the challenge i want. Or put some hard boss against me or something like that. That is what i call challenge. But don't limit us to only some specific actions. It's extremely stupid. I don't get how anyone can have fun from something like that.

  • pesto.
    124 posts

    @freestepper the post about parrying was to the post above mine having a hard time with parrying.

    I understand the issues with the mastery challenges, see my previous posts in the thread. All of them are quite possible to get gold in, they’re just not a fun way to do things. They’re about strategizing the right route (and usually there is only one solution) through to get the score once you’ve worked out how many times you need to do each one of the tasks, so in some ways a throwback to the old more rigid AC structure before Origins where missions could fail if you were spotted etc.

    In the particular mission you’re highlighting as I recall (it’s been a month or so now since I did it) it’s a case of prioritizing the fire kills from the off and in the second and third arena the fall kills as these are the only locations with high enough scaffold, don’t worry about parrying the ones you plan to kill by kicking off the ledges. You will not be done by the time you reach the final arena with the boss, so while avoiding him you have to kill his henchmen specific ways.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 81 posts

    @pesto In fact, i was thinking to highlight all of the tasks from all of the mission before i made that post, so that people would understand that i mean to say that they are simply bad idea in general, that these restrictions, no matter what they are in whatever mission are just bad idea in general. But i posted just one as an example, but i actually meant all of them. I just want that thing gone.

  • pesto.
    124 posts

    Well I don’t want them to remove the content but I also don't want more of it and I absolutely agree what’s there needs better design. The game theory might appeal to fans of “Mastermind” but personally I always felt unsatisfied and bored by that game.

    IMO More difficult and complex “end game” activity is a good thing, but as a player I want to chose my own path to success rather than be on rails. Leave that stuff for easy but beautiful QuickTime cinematic sequences. If AC had dungeons with super tough bosses in different rooms or high level forts with a timer before your target leaves the area, may/e chases across the whole map after an escaping bounty target, or even heist style multistage content with setups then so long as I have the freedom to chose my own path it could all be very fun, it is after all in other games that utilize the same mechanics.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 81 posts

    @pesto As i said in my OP, i thought the Mastery Challenge would be something like bloody palace in Devil May Cry. You fight enemies in every level and in every 10th level there is a boss. Honestly, i don't know why i thought it's gonna be something like that. It somehow seemed to me like that from the trailer and i got excited.

    And i don't like timers too. Just you and the enemy and fight as hard as you can and use everything you can and either he dies or you do. Timer is another unnatural restriction which in the world feels like it was made by developer god.

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