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    I play on PS4 Pro console. I have the same problem. I finished the whole story. I reached level 466. And I can't run the Mastery challenge. When I approach Hildiran I can't press anything. And over and over again: Complete the storyline. And I have nothing to do anymore because everything is complete.

  • BlackOmegaUnit
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    @ubi-nacho I have this exact same problem and reading several threads across the internet, while it might not happen to everyone it is not an isolated event by any measure.
    Why did you limit the game to 20 saves to begin with? It cloud saves only the latest saves so that cannot be the problem... While in many ways this is my favorite AC game and I own all of them besides 2 side scrollers and mobile games, it is also by far the most buggy of them.
    It is almost like quality control just failed with this title. Also no new game+ makes this situation even more unbearable as I already played it twice, my first run I could not get to Francia + mastery challenge did not work and now just mastery challenge refuses to work.
    Most modern games have a lot of "self healing" mechanics that keep things like this from happening... Apparently AC Valhalla has 0... As an essential NPC can be dead even tho I cannot kill them.
    I play on PC, bought the game from Ubisoft Connect store.

  • Ubi-Froggard
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    Hey @blackomegaunit

    Sorry to hear you're also experiencing this. We are aware of it and understand it's not an isolated event. As we have mentioned, we will share any news on a fix when we can.

    I couldn't answer your query about save game limits unfortunately as this is something that is implemented by the developers, so customer support have no input into the design of the game. We have added new game+ to some of our other games, but this is usually something that gets added at a later date. I don't have any news on if it is coming to Valhalla at any point, but maybe this will happen like it has for others.

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