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  • SpirantCrayon22
    Original poster 424 posts


    Well, I agree it's a small thing, but it's a completely insane small thing. I also agree that, with some of the stuff that happens in the game and in the support, it is all too easy to believe that many at Ubisoft do not actually play the game at all.

  • GhostAgent14
    92 posts


    Thank you soooooo much for that information!! I kept thinking that mine took so much longer to load up than before the update, and your test certainly confirms that. I also run a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD (I love that thing so much!!), and I kept looking at it to make sure the red light was flashing. I just kept thinking to myself, "Man, this game is taking forever to load up!" Lol

  • WildHunt
    85 posts

    Never let it be said that Ubisoft respects player time. Can someone at Ubisoft confirm this is a mistake?

  • Brewz.
    13 posts

    @g0dape LOL - going to steal that one.

  • azullFR
    1040 posts

    After 50 River Raids and no word about this problem for a lot of users....
    Patch that is disabling Weekly Connect Challenges......
    Genius company...

  • afewscarsmore
    75 posts

    @azullfr fisrt time here or with ubi games?

    no words = no problems

  • azullFR
    1040 posts


    first time beeing in Ubi Forums ( started with Valhalla )
    first time pre-ordered a game ( and last one... )

    several Ubi games owned, most of them were bought one or more years after they last update
    Buying AC Valhalla is not a great experience..... maybe I will fully enjoy it after it's fully fixed... in 3 years 😉

    Next Ubi game ? second hand market = cheaper, patched, no need to wait for Ubisoft "uncommunication", some tax for my contry and no royalties for Ubi :))

  • afewscarsmore
    75 posts

    @azullfr same thing
    after awesome odyssey preorder and support - valhalla is a total downgrade
    bought ultimate edition for 100 bucks: extra content by reda or ubi connect, road map is awful, too long for such a small content, bugs everywhere

    Ill let ubi play their games themselve with vagn, reda with helix store and unicorn fantasy gold armor sets

    next game (about which Im not sure now) will be only by discount after year-two

  • SpirantCrayon22
    Original poster 424 posts

    One river raid is fine, thanks, good for getting spear and sword kills, too. Cheers!

  • azullFR
    1040 posts

    100% agree ! 🙂

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