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  • topic_unsolved [Feedback] Add the option to disable Anti Aliasing

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    Im playing it on max settings, the water thingy is wierd, it almost looks like a shader bug or something, as it appears as a very sharp noise in the distance, something like that happens when ocean shader displacement has issues/is not propperly created.
    I have worked myself on water shaders and have had similar visual glitches with not properly set up shaders.

    Also hard to see how other have this issue, as in youtube gameplays compression smooths that out.

  • exitwordlgamer
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    @palpyisback Yep, this happens with a few players, now devs are aware of this, so hopefully they will fix this soon, hopefully....

  • Troopercooper80
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    @marzipas Happens to me aswell, water can look downright grainy.

    Everything on high or low or some mix, doesnt matter.
    I reported this twice, all i got was a ubisoft CS stating 'he/she didnt see it so there is no problem and/or can i show a video of it?".

    Its reported all over the place.

    Edit : though i have to say, for you it looks even worse compared to my own ingame visuals, i dont even know how thats possible.

    Personally i think its an LOD bug.
    All i know is, origins and certainly Odyssey look way better.

  • irshansk
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    Please give us an option to disable the TAA antialiasing. I just can't tolerate it anymore - the game looks like big blurry mess on PC.
    Is there any hidden keyword for config ini file maybe?

  • Schother12
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    I agree, it's indeed very blurry with AA enabled and even with additional sharpening like reshade the result is not really great.
    To avoid this problems I have to increase the resolution through DSR to 5120 x 2880. This demands many fps which makes it not a proper solution.

    Please Ubisoft provide us a turn off completly option like it was there in all the previous Assassins Creed's already.
    I'd rather have some flickering instead of a forced blurry image.

  • Schother12
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    @sonycman set 100% or higher resolutetion scale. Game look perfect 2k 100% scale.

    It doesn't for me..i have a 4k screen and feel it still looks kind of blurry even at 5120 x 2880 resolution.
    Didn't had that issue in Odyssey @ 4k with turned of anti-aliasing.

  • sattium85
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    @schother12 I think they need to add DLSS 2.0 or AMD FidelityFX technology similar to the one already in Ghost Recon Breakpoint (the same engine).

  • msrockDK
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    Yeah me too. I'm very disappointed as well. I really wish they will let us choose " OFF " in a future update. Hopefully soon!

  • Schother12
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    I think that would be really great and I would appreciate it.
    However I guess it would already help alot if they just add a turn off option for the Anti-Aliasing as in the previous games.

  • Raski0611
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    Upscaling would be one Option(but high Performance Cost), one other Option is Download reshade and play around with Luma sharpen....Highpasssharp....etc.

    AC Odyssey with reshade was a must have for me for remove Blur and the yellowtint.

  • Schother12
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    @raski0611 Agree that Reshade, especially adaptive sharpen in combination with FakeHDR was a great thing to do even in AC: Odyssey. It looked even so much better with it.
    However in this case here even with mentioned Reshade options at higher resolutions or resolution scale it doesn't look as great as in the previous game as it's still kind of blurry or probably more lacking of detail due to the Anti-Aliasing unfortunately.

  • Nexus1411
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    Valhalla is a good looking game but the forced temporal anti aliasing solution blurs the picture significantly. I understand that this is the preferred AA method for new games these days and that most people will gladly take the blur in exchange for virtually no shimmering or jaggies. It has become commonplace for a reason. However, I also believe that disabling the TAA should be an option for those of us who'd rather deal with some aliasing in order to get a crisp picture. I play at 1440p and all games look good enough with just some injected SMAA, which was my go-to with Origins and Odyssey.

    I don't understand why the option to disable anti aliasing was taken away with this title. Please, consider letting us do it. I don't care if it needs to be through the tweaking of the .ini file, but as of right now setting anti aliasing to a value of '0' on there only sets it to its lowest setting instead of properly disabling it. I also know that using a sharpness filter helps with the blur and I am doing that right now, but that's just a band-aid solution that doesn't look as good as an unfiltered image would.

    I understand that this is obviously nothing compared to all the other issues that the game has right now, but I don't see many people talking about it and I'd like to raise awareness. This is extremely frustrating to me and I hope I'm not as alone as I think I am with this feeling.

  • Ywap
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    I think the game is too blurry with the AA options and i would very much appreciate if we were given the option to completely disable it.

    Also, full screen support for non wide screen displays would also be nice. 4.3 and 5.4 aspect ratios without black borders please 😄

  • Nexus1411
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    I feel your pain. But at this rate I fear they will never make it possible. Not nearly enough of us seem to care about it.

  • Nexus1411
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    Let me know if you find a way to disable it. I have been scouring the internet for a fix since the game came out and still nothing. No keyword seems to work in the .ini file. The game is SO damn blurry, which is a terrible shame.

  • Schother12
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    Just wondering if Ubisoft even recogniced or read these posts yet. Would be great to know if it's on their radar.
    Unfortunately I didn't hear or read anything about this from Ubisoft side yet.

    As these kind of option in most cases is probably a little thing to add it would be great if it could be done in one of the next patches.
    But even an information that someone is looking into it would be appreciated.

  • Schother12
    ubisoft:x-posts, 79

    Another patch, still nothing changed, still no communication.

    Honestly, this is a really big disappointment.
    Even more that there is no reaction to this topic and Ubisoft just keeps silent about it.

    Again, it's like we are asking for a very big thing or something new here.
    It's about something which was always possible in all the previous games and suddenly not anymore. Normally you could hope for upgrades or improvements in new games.

    Instead we recently got alot of downgrades quality wise. And now even settings wise?

    For Example: The Division 2 which in my opinion looks worse than the first part in quite some aspects, especially the NPC's.
    Some of them don't even move their mouth while speaking when optaining a quest..

    Also Ghost Recon Breakpoint doesn't look that great but is needing such high end specs if you want to play in high quality. Even the characters / NPC's here don't look that great for today standards.

    And even Watchdogs legion in which not only the NPC's look less detailed but also the animations look pretty bad compared to the previous games.
    To not just bash here..the Raytracing stuff looks really, really pretty there. Also I like their DLSS implementation which doesn't makes the image to blurry / ugly if you use the quality setting.

    However, that doesn't justify the bad animations (which actually was one thing Ubisoft was always great in the past) / lack of detail for the character models.

    Back to Anti-Aliasing in Valhalla - it's not like there is any good reason to not provide any option as it can't be worse than AC Unity which was flickering terribly without Anti-Aliasing.
    But even if, I would still prefer an option to decide on my own which one I prefer.

    So again, please Ubisoft give us an option to turn off the Anti Aliasing completly and / or get rid of this blur.
    I understand and accept that many people like or don't care about a blurry image, but I and other people do.

    I'm an Assassins Creed fan from day one and played all the games so far.
    But this blur really gives me a hard time to enjoy the game and I didn't play it yet mainly for that reason.

    Please don't ignore and let us down..

  • Lotan_
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    Several weeks later and ignored like the rest...
    Haven't seen any official response about this topic since release.

  • Schother12
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    I totally agree and posted already in other threads regarding this topic and even contacted the support.
    However the support only said they can't help or provide any info and it's better to post here in the forums.

    But even the past threads about this topic didn't receive any response or anything from Ubisoft side yet.
    I really hope to hear an official response regarding this soon.

    As I also find it very frustrating and really desperately wait for an option to get rid of this blurry image which is really stopping me from enjoying the otherwise nice visuals of this game.
    For people who don't care it might hard to understand but it's bothering me so much that I didn't start playing the game properly mainly because of that reason..

  • Lotan_
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    I sincerely doubt they'll reply, in the history of forced TAA games I've never seen any developer even acknowledging it as an issue, let alone fixing it.

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